Red Boy Large Butt Plug

Based On 78 Reviews

Red Boy Large Butt Plug

Based On 78 Reviews

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Stretches you big time! (Tom)

Awsome sensation. This butt plug will make you feel fully invaded from behind, and owned!

Awesome! (Anal me)

Nice and big without going stupid huge. Fits well and is very comfortable I only wish it tapered a little smaller to stay seated more firmly.
My favorite toy by far

Perfect (Anonymous)

We purchased this because it was smaller then the last product we purchased and we are very happy with the size and the material that is made of.

Product description

Big, thick and seriously satisfying, the Red Boy Large offers up a classically swollen shape in an advanced level size. In sturdy PVC filled with a softer gel, the Red Boy combines precision firmness with a subtle flexibility that conforms to individual curves and contours.

Smoothed into a tapered tip, the Red Boy comfortably stretches the anal opening before widening gradually to its largest point. A slimmer neck helps hold the position once in place, making this plug a good choice for longer-term wear.

In body safe phthalate free PVC plus Doc's signature SilAGel, the red Boy cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lube.

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Insertable Length: 4.5"
  • Girth: 6.75" at largest point
  • Width: 2.25" at largest point
  • Color: Red

SKU: DJ-0901-04-CD | UPC: 782421588908 | MPN: 0901-04-CD (9)

SKU: DJ-0901-04-CD | UPC: 782421588908 | MPN: 0901-04-CD (9)

Ratings / Reviews

Big red one (Master Of Her Holes)

A healthy size plug for a good ass stretching. The bottom base could be bigger.. Great toy though.

Pretty darn good. (Anonymous)

This is a good butt plug. The surface accepts lube well and stays slick, and the core gives a good amount but not too much. Perfectly happy with this plug, especially for the price.

Wow! (Patrick)

Just bought this a couple weeks ago and the first time I used it I fell in love with it

Perfect Plug (Brandon)

I love this plug. It's very comfortable and the material is perfect for getting nice and slippery. I Want bigger now though. Definitely recommend

Dagoboy (Dagoboy)

I got mine today- the service was great! This one is a lil bigger than advertised which is a plus. Could not wait, so I washed it and warmed it and let the fun begin. It filled me good while stretching slow then when it popped in I had to hold back from shooting my load. I hit it hard for a few minutes and could not hold back any longer. This one is well worth the money and the great service.

Decent (NM)

A basic large butt plug. The shape doesn't allow it to stay in place once inserted, so it's not ideal for just popping it in and going about your day. The suction cup base appears well designed. While I haven't used it, I'm confident it would hole securely to a smooth surface.

I love this (Gary)

It took me weeks to beat the Red Boy..I've enjoyed every second of it..I call mine Dan..He fills in when the real thing isn't available..Definitely a good buy..

Love it (Mathew)

I love the feel and the stretch but I want to find d something wider to stretch my bum hole

Crazy good (Sunshine)

The plug was larger than expected but provided a good stretch and a large challange.

A little big but comfy (Anonymous)

It has some firmness but a soft middle to it and lube stays on it pretty well. Tapered toys are great for stretching til your limit or past and feeling it fill you.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Took a bit to slide in but felt amazing. Holds very well inside you and is super comfortable to wear

Feels great now that I've worked up to it. (Cinereous)

Never have I felt so full and satisfied, I highly enjoy taking this big plug inside of me, even though it is quite the task to work my hole up to it.

not as big as I wanted (Anonymous)

Good plug, more for an intermediate user. Definitely seeking bigger as I am advancing to a more serious stretch.

So good I can’t keep it to myself ! (Tabitha)

Awesome ! Amazing ! A must have for butt plug lovers!

The unique material ensures ease of insertion, and the firmness delivers a perfect stretch & comfort.

And the price simply cannot be beat.

This is my 6th one as people keep taking it for themselves ....Dude-Buy your own!!

A decent size, but slightly long (Anonymous)

This plug is a good size for intermediate play, but slightly too long for continuous wear. The tapered neck is narrow enough to stop the plug but large enough to maintain a comfortable spread while the plug fills you up.

Material is smooth and is easily washable.

:) (William)

I love this plug!!! Second fave after the pump up colt

sweet toy (Korben)

I feel full and very sassy when I have this one inside me. I love the way it makes me feel. A good size, but comfortable and fun to wear!

Soft and Satisfying (Anonymous)

While certainly not for beginners, it's not so big that it can't be inserted for daily use for those with a bit of experience.

It has a soft core that makes the body pliable and more natural feeling unlike other solid plugs. The outer surface is silky and doesn't get too tacky.

The base has a relatively wide neck which definitely helps with post-plug gape, but it comes at the expense of being securely fixed in place when inserted - it's not a big stretch to push it out over the ridge. The bottom also serves as a suction cup, so that's a bonus.

My only gripe is that the base, even at its narrowest, it a bit wide and got uncomfortable after a work day's worth of wear.

Almost perfect (Chris)

My favorite buttplug!
It is large - not for beginner.
Slides in easily with lube, providing you can accomodate it... :-)
I would give it 5* if the neck could be slightly higher: it tends to get out by itself, not much space to "grab" it.

Nice and large (T)

Plug is on the larger side for sure but not too bad once you get worked up with it.

The base is wider than most plugs so it's slightly less comfortable than most plugs but not too bad once you get used to it.

Love it ! (Tabitha)

This is my fourth time buying it. Why?Because it’s so good that people take it when I’m not looking! (I rave about it )
It’s the perfect size, shape, and material. I have many butt plugs and none of them feel this good.

I love how firm it is without being too hard. Cleans easily and is very durable. Highly recommended !

Ginger red for the gingers end (Dan)

Love it! Makes me want bigger.

you get what you pay for (Anonymous)

Rating for size is irrelevant as you just got to know the size you hole can take. The shape feels nice and filling. The material is cheap and kinda smells bad. Holds nicely in place (until you start putting bigger things in ;)) The base isn't the best, but still comfortable because it's flexible. Not great for sitting with.

Great product (BB)

Excellent plug. On the larger size so not for novices. Slides in nicely and feels full once inserted.

's nice and filling (Rose)

A bit hard to get used to at first, but it works great. I love it!

very large (Catherine)

Not for beginners! Took some time and patience but I got to stretch my bf'd ass enough to be able to fit this completely inside him. Very fun and easy to clean.

Red butt plug (Lynn)

Great for pleasing myself in the shower
I will be bying more.

Liked it bigger (jan)

Width is great, length could be double. I enjoy a constantly moving action so this plug just does not work well for long depth.

Perfect size! (T)

I love wearing this plug around the house and outside doing a few errands. Absolutely the perfect size for me, I don't get that ill feeling after wearing it for an extended time. I almost forget it's there it's so comfortable lol. It's doesn't like to stay in when I've been using my bigger toys before using this plug but I still love it and definitely my favorite plug.

A pleasant challenge. (Pet)

I have many plugs, and this is one of the larger in the collection. I am fairly experienced, and I must say that this one made me feel kinda proud when my girlfriend popped it in. The thick neck is a nice change from most plugs. While making it more difficult to keep in, it creates a nice stretch on the sphincter due to the broad shape which fills me well. I found this one best when sitting on it while on the bed. This allows for a little wiggle room without slipping out.