Reverse Tightening Gel 2oz

Based On 23 Reviews

Reverse Tightening Gel 2oz

Based On 23 Reviews

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Hot and tingly! (Anonymous)

I love love love the tingling hot bite this gel provides.

Love this (B)

This gives me the perfect hot feeling inside my pussy! That's all I really wanted it for once I read previous reviews.

Hot Enhancer (Anonymous)

Great product at a great price! It definitively gets hot in a good way and enhances sensations. I wouldn't say it tightens but it def feels great and I really like to use it. Only a tiny amount is necessary so this product will last a really long time. Would def recommend .

Product description

A tingly, stimulating gel that works to tone and temporarily tighten vaginal tissue, Reverse helps bring you and your sexual partner closer (literally). With ginger, cocoa, cinnamon and pepper, the gel tingles intensely upon application, which causes an increase of blood flow to the vaginal walls, helping them plump up and feel tighter. To apply this odorless, tasteless, natural-ingredient packed gel, just dab a small amount to a finger (either yours or your partner's), and rub it thoughtfully into the inner vaginal tissue.

  • Size: 2 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Unscented

SKU: DJ-1312-20-BU | UPC: 782421003425 | MPN: 1312-20-BU (98)

SKU: DJ-1312-20-BU | UPC: 782421003425 | MPN: 1312-20-BU (98)

Ratings / Reviews

Fire! (Taz)

This gel is outrageous! My oh my! I cannot begin to tell you just how great this gel is! We used a little at a time, slowly adding a little more throughout our night of unforgettable smut! We found true insanity for hours! I think we finally passed out enthralled and tangled atop one another! Really! This gel felt so good while we both grew so sensitive to touch, that when I awoke I jumped up and started to run before I returned to my senses! We have been married for years and have never reached such a level of insanity while we both had orgasms that actually frightened me! I trembled for hours during and after!Great job!

miss (Anonymous)

I loved it. It works great.

Really works well!!! (Leona)

Works as advertised, very pleased with results. Nice tingly heat and temporary tightening effect

Wow!! (Emy)

This product definitely works.Between this and Kegal balls I would say that I am tighter than ever.It’s even got my partner going crazy !!! I highly recommend this product if you wanna add a edge to your sex life.

Oh my !!! (Sexymama)

All i can say is WOW!!!
Drives me wild and husband loves it!!
Fun for couple or solo play! Wew!!!

Even fun to apply then go out... wew!!!

Amazing (Pamala)

This stuff works ! Love it !!

Great if used properly (April)

I tend to have issues with this stuff not working, so when it said only use a little, I didnt...too much can definitely tingle TOO much like it states. But using the right amount makes it feel pretty both parties I am told

Love this (Elle)

this works very well. it does have a very strong burn if you use too much but half a pea sized dab is perfect for me. My husband also notices the burning but he enjoys it so its a win all around. I wouldn't use it as lube

Super happy and tight (; (Happy Customer)

The product does what it promises. Slight heat but that is because it's working magic. These products work by slight irritation and swelling. Think of it like lip venom for your kitty. I highly recommend it

Wow (r)

This product does warn you that it gets HOT. I find that other tingling and warming gels don't have much sensation for me....I'm also quite sensitive to many products for ladies...I did use this as a lube instead of just a clitoral enhancement (heat of the moment, couldn't find the lube) and I couldn't tell if I was having a sensitivity or if this stuff is just REALLY HOT.
howeve....It DOES do what it advertises!!

Fantastic (Shorty)

This product is great had a blast playing with my husband. Happy times ,works great and did its job perfectly.

Definitely works... (Anonymous)

This product definitely works but if too much is used - it can have an intense and almost painful tingle. Use sparingly.

Wow, this stuff is amazing (Anonymous)

Love love love this stuff; yeah it definitely tingles but in the most pleasant way, so stimulating when I came I felt like my orgasm continued on and on.. Highly recommend

Works (Anonymous)

It works great, but just put a tiny bit cause if you put to much it burns.

Hot and spicy (Anonymous)

It's burning sensation makes sex more fun and enjoyable.

It works (Amy)

This is amazing works wonderfully recommend to only use a small amount as it does have quite the tingle but if u use the correct amount the tingle doesn't last to long and it feels great

Hot Stuff (Anonymous)

Effective but gets REALLY HOT, only use a itsy Bitsy bit

Awesome stuff! (Anonymous)

does exactly what it says! Minor burning at first but that actually increased stimulation! Will always buy this!

Works (Anonymous)

This product works but at a price it does burn use a little bit just a tad and DO NOT get any on your clit!

Spicy (ReviewKitty)

there is a warning on the label, but this can get HOT. It is the most amazing addition, and keeps you off balance. I like the bite of pain, and as a plus, it really brings your G-Spot out to play. We LOVE LOVE LOVE it.