Sex & Mischief Adjustable Handcuffs

Based On 35 Reviews

Sex & Mischief Adjustable Handcuffs

Based On 35 Reviews

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Worth it (Lauren)

Soft, easy to use yet still strong. Can be used in a wide variety of ways. Way better than metal cuffs. Worth the price for sure!

Love it! (Anonymous)

Works great! Doesn't come undone no matter how hard you pull!!

Fun! (Megan)

Great for fun and rough play! Super strong and easy to use. Very comfortable and does not come undone in the middle of the fun. ;)

Product description

Truss up your desire's object with Adjustable Handcuffs, a simple, user friendly wrist restraint set for bondage beginners, dabblers and enthusiasts. Made from extra soft fabric, the velvety feel of the Cuffs against the skin is sensual on its own, and coupled with the sturdy construction that keeps you (or your playmate) securely in place, the pleasure potential is off the chart. Simple Velcro closures let you attach, adjust and remove the Soft Cuffs in a snap, and the hardy clasp and simple adjustable slider holding them together is equally easy to manipulate. There's lots of room available to adjust the sizing, making this must-have lovers tool suitable for anyone.

SKU: SS-100278 | UPC: 646709100278 | MPN: SS100227 (54)

SKU: SS-100278 | UPC: 646709100278 | MPN: SS100227 (54)

Ratings / Reviews

Comfy (Anonymous)

Love these. They were super easy to use as well as comfy. Would recommend again and again !!!

Exciting (Anonymous)

Simply wonderful. Very comfortable and brings a lot of excitement to the bedroom.

WOW (JandE)

My boyfriend and I decided to purchase these for some light bondage, and these are soft and comfortable, an also, he and I are one the plus size, and both of us can use these as ankle cuffs.
FABULOUS! Will buy more!

Adjustable strap = good (Stephen)

the cuffs that use a clip just werent cutting it. the adjustable strap (and the buckle release on the strap) combined with the velcro cuffs really made this a good purchse

LOVE. (Kylie)

Bought these to replace a pair of fuzzy metal cuffs that we didn't really like, these are great. Absolutely love them. Easy to use and super comfortable.

Hand cuffs (Brad)

Hand cuffs worked great loved how they were adjustable and easy to use and can use to wrap around a pole, whish it cane with a snap hook to mount but all in all a great product

Perfect!! (Kylie)

Bought these after we tried a pair of fuzzy metal cuffs and weren't huge fans. These are perfect, super comfy and don't come undone easily. I like that they are adjustable so they can be used to keep your partner's hands at their sides comfortably. They're great.

Comfortable! (Anonymous)

Comfortable straps that can be on for a long time that don't dig into the skin like cuffs. A little bit easy to get out of if you have a handsy gf that likes to escape from restraints and join in on the action

Great ! (Xavier)

I prefer the Velcro handcuff because they are more comfortable and sometime stronger. Those are just perfect for long plays :)

A must buy (Anonymous)

I will 100% recommend these to anyone and everyone. No matter the wrist size these cuffs fit perfectly and comfortably. They’re adjustable for when you want to tie her up to the head board or when you want to tie her hands behind her back and do her from behind

Recommended (Anonymous)

Good and affordable cuffs. They are adjustable and really easy to use. Recommended.

Adjustable cuffs (Anonymous)

Comfortable and adjustable size is perfect.
Great value.

Great restraints, easy to use, quick to apply (Anonymous)

These are soft comfortable and surprisingly strong. Quick on and off (for safety or to change positions), these are a great alternative to rope fir people who aren't into it but aren't too keen on "heavier" style cuffs. Two sets of them also has it's uses (use your imagination ;) overall good buy and would recommend

Love it! (Anonymous)

My husband and i bought 2 sets. They're fantastic! Very comfortable to have on, we both agree ;)

Very good (Martina)

Length is adjustable and it's comfortable good value

Delicious! (Laura)

These are amazing! I bought them as something to beef up my bottom line for free shipping and it was the best decision! I have quite large wrists and these fit with room to spare. So comfortable, even nice and tight!!!!

So soft! (Anonymous)

These cuffs are fun and quick to use - no awkward long pauses while trying to figure out how to tie / clip / etc. They're also incredibly soft! Definitely recommend.

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

Comfortable, and easy to use. These cuffs are simple, and a good choice for beginners. I'm pleased with what I received for the price I paid :)

Great for learners (msrawr)

We are just getting into this and these are great for experimenting! Easy to use and comfortable. Wish they came in a multi pack!

Fun cuffs (Harv)

Simple but comfortable to use.

Xxx (Anonymous)

Works awesome!!!!!

Bringing out your inner kink (Anonymous)

I like these handcuffs a lot better than metal ones mostly because you can tighten them as much as you want without having anything dig into your skin and the available space between them is perfect if you want to wrap it around a bed post! I would recommend these over and over

Absolutely wonderful! (Lily)

These are so comfortable and they can be adjusted just right! Of all the ones ive tried, these are so comfortable!!

Comfy and restrictive. (Anonymous)

Tried these out with my boyfriend and we were both really happy with the product. Very easy to use, comfortable to wear and surprisingly strong. I am on the small side, and the adjustable nature of the cuffs works really well as it can fit me without me being able to wriggle free. I could also see how it would be good for people with larger wrists as well. The strap shortens to a pretty nice distance, but the only downside is that they can't be adjusted further apart, All in all great purchase!

Comfy (Anonymous)

Very nice product. Not irritating or anything. Fastens very nicely with velcro

perfect cuffs (Anonymous)

These are great for those just starting out with cuffs ... they aren't intimidating and are not hard on the skin. Very comfortable!

So Much Better (Kris)

Like most people, I started out with metal cuffs. I'm claustrophobic, so when metal cuffs keep tightening, I would flip out.

These are absolutely perfect. They stay at the size you put them.

That's also worked for me using it on men, because they tend to have much wider wrists, and these are easily adjustable.

The extra benefit is that they are VERY easy to rig into bondage set-ups!

Wonderful Beginner's Cuffs (Cei)

These cuffs get the job done well! Even with intense tugging and pulling, any attempt to escape out of them was for naught. They're extremely comfy as well. One thing worth mentioning is that they were slightly narrower than pictured. Also, since my wrists are quite tiny, there was a bit of velcro left over because I needed it fairly tight. All in all, a fantastic buy!

Great for beginners and the experienced! (Teryn)

These cuffs are gorgeously comfortable in tons of positions, the velcro is strong enough to take the struggling and pulling, and they're a great price! My partner and I enjoy these all the time, and I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for comfort and maneuverability!

Great Cuffs! (Bo)

These cuffs are great! They are comfortable and soft, easily adjustable for length or wrist wise, very durable. I would recommend these to any one! I love these cuffs - these are a must have!