Sex & Mischief Beginner's Handcuffs

Based On 23 Reviews

Sex & Mischief Beginner's Handcuffs

Based On 23 Reviews

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Exceeds expectations (Anonymous)

Fun and comfortable to use, we really enjoy them.

Comfortable; feels great on hands (Anonymous)

They are perfect just for quick use; don't leave bruises on your wrists at all

Great (Anonymous)

Easy to put on/take off, great for beginners.

Product description

Adding to their impressive repertoire, Sex & Mischief brings you a sexy set of Handcuffs to thrill bondage beginners and bdsm dabblers, they were made with lots of pleasurable positions and situations in mind. Attaching the the super soft, velvety cuffs that hold your playmate tight, there's a user friendly lobster clasp that sets them free quickly. Simple Velcro closures let you attach, adjust and remove the Cuffs in a snap, and there's lots of room available to adjust the sizing, making these must-have lovers tool suitable for anyone.

SKU: SS-100285 | UPC: 646709100285 | MPN: SS10028 (40)

SKU: SS-100285 | UPC: 646709100285 | MPN: SS10028 (40)

Ratings / Reviews

Comfortable (Anonymous)

Love the metal clips.

Kinky kitty lovessss (Anonymous)

Soooo good

for beginners (or travel) (charlie)

i have a set of really nice leather restraints, but i also have these. while they aren't the highest premium quality, the price is right for what they are. if you're not sure you're into bondage yet these would be a great starter set of restraints. i personally use mine when i'm traveling since they pack down small and i don't have to worry about losing them.

Comfortable and soft (David)

Really great for bondage for beginners, really soft and velcro is always great

A true turn on (Anonymous)

Love these cuffs. Soft and allow a lot
of flexibility. Easily hook up to other
restraints. If you want to dabble with
handcuffs, these are the ones to use!
Can't wait for a second set for my mate.
Kinky things await!

Still trying (Anonymous)

Wife says we haven't used them enough yet to give them a perfect rating, but we'll keep trying.

Simple, Safe, and Easy to Get In & Out of (Christopher)

Handcuffs are fun, no matter what anyone says. Playing safe is important too. Unless you crave the cold metal on your skin, these lovely cuffs are a great addition to your arsenal. They can be easily attached to stretcher bars, hog ties, chains, if you can think it, you can have it. Easy on, easy off, no scaring necessary. For beginners or experts alike, and beautifully priced.

Quite Good (S.)

I like the clasp part, easy and fast to move to attach to something else. Completely adjustable cuff part, velcro holds well but can be removed fast if need be. Secure without leaving marks. They aren't high end in any way, but they do the job.

Great for Beginners! (John)

Great product, great value. Me and my gf were starting to explore BDSM so we started with these. They keep you restrained but are still comfortable. If you really wanted to get out by yourself you can which is a good thing I think.

Practical (Anonymous)

Excellent cuffs for beginners. Can be tight or loose if you want your partner to be able to wiggle out. Comfortable on the wrists.

NICE (Dan)

smooth and very comfortable,nice designand both can use it

Soft, Simple, and Silky...What Else Can You Ask For? (Day4Night)

This product keeps things simple, and sometimes the simplest of things make the most of anything. If you want the excitement of soft bondage play, without rope marks left afterwards, this is the product for you. The excitement in the eyes of my play friend when she saw it for the first time was all I needed to know she wanted to try it.

Made things fun!! (Anonymous)

Definitely spiced things up in the bedroom, would recommend to anyone

beginners (Tyler)

My girlfriend and I bought these to start out and they are comfortable and seem pretty strong but will definitely need to upgrade in the near future. Great for beginners

great starter set (Anonymous)

i don't know if the would hold up to anything heavy but great and safe for light play

Great cuffs! (Anonymous)

Great, only wish they were made to fit smaller wrists. When I use it on my gf who isn't even petite, it was kind of too big for her so it may not always be secure. Just fine on my wrists. But i guess they are beginner cuffs.

Good Product (Anonymous)

Safe, easy to get out of (when need be), but secure and durable for a beginner set.

These are definitely for beginners! (Melody)

I would not trust them if it was for an intense play since they don't seem really strong...but they are really comfy and perfect for those who begins! They looks good since the look is the same as the classic fetish handcuffs...

Excellent (Anonymous)

I love these so much, we both can use them and theyre so much more comfortable than the metal ones

As Advertised (Anonymous)

Simple cuffs, look good, work well. Good buy for the price.