Sex & Mischief Mahogany Flogger

Based On 42 Reviews

Sex & Mischief Mahogany Flogger

Based On 42 Reviews

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flogger fun (Anonymous)

Wanted to try a little something different, so I bought this for the bdrm. I introduced it during a naughty and nice massage and again in bed. I enjoyed the excitement of receiving and my wife enjoyed giving. It turned us both on. No real pain at all, the material was just right for pleasure.

hurts so good (Anonymous)

i was a little skeptical when the husband brought this out... thankfully he knows what hes doing and it gave a good sting. i would definitely recommend this!

Beautiful (VN)

Sexy and fun

Product description

A sexy, serious looking whip from Sex & Mischief's irresistible collection of S & M staples, the Mahogany Flogger, aside from having a name that rolls off the tongue (try it!), is a no-nonsense cat-o-nine-tails style treat that will deliver enough sting to please the connoisseurs, but can also feel as gentle as you desire- it's all in how you choose to use it. A sturdy, precise handle is made from firm, shiny lacquered wood, it fits perfectly in hand and provides a good grip thanks to a grooved shape and long wrist cord. The long, swishy tail is made up of 15 thin strips of faux leather with enough length for enthusiastic flicking, teasing and whipping. Total length is 30 inches (76.2cm).

SKU: SS-100438 | UPC: 646709100438 | MPN: SS10043 (0)

SKU: SS-100438 | UPC: 646709100438 | MPN: SS10043 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Love it (Anonymous)

I love this. It's soft and more gentle. But it can sting and make you red if used with enough force. I love it.

Good (Matt)

We love it. It's mAkes a great sound, it looks nice. Good quality materials. Have no complaints. It's been a great flogger for us

Excellent (Coco)

Omg I love it. A must have for anyone wanting to spice up things in the bedroom.

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

I’m pretty experienced when it comes to impact play, but I wanted to add an inexpensive toy to my collection that would still get the job done. While this isn’t the most luxurious flogger, it still is great if you’re just starting out with impact play or if you just want to add a new toy to your collection. My boyfriend loves the marks it makes on my ass, and it feels great! Definitely a must-have (especially for the price!)

Awesome (Anonymous)

What an awesome toy to play with. We have the fifty shades mini flogger and this packs a bigger punch for sure as it is at least twice the size. Nothing like seeing your lady holding this thing in her dom wear with you tied up. Instant arousal. Let the games begin!

Very pleasurable stinging sensation (David)

Feels amazing being struck all over with this flogger, great for beginners and can really sting when used with more force for people who have more experience

Whip me harder? (Craig)

She loves taking it, I love giving it. From gentle tickling to stinging lashes, it did the trick for her, and I. Quality is ok but it likely won't hold up to hard use. Perfect beginner toy.

Impressive (GLORIA)

Great quality for the price!

Good quality for a starter! (Anonymous)

The wooden handle on these floggers is really nice. I purchased two at the same time, and I will admit two is better than one. Holding both together in the same hand makes for a harder thud--and much more pain, which is what I am looking for (a single one just wouldn't cut it). Beautiful product!

Fabulous Flogger (Mika)

I used the flogger gently and sensually, running it between his legs, while alternating with some slaps and he loved the two sensations. This flogger may be smaller but it packs a wallop, if you want, and does the trick!

Decent Flogger (Anonymous)

I had fun with it. It felt nice to be used on me. My boyfriend says he would have liked a heavier flogger. Bf says it lessens the force not amplifies it. Still fun to use tho.

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

This floggger is great for beginners, its sexy and feels good. I do find the tassels a little long, and can see myself wanting somthing with more force. But still fun, love the way it feels on my skin!!

Amazing! (Kieran)

Haven't felt this good in a lot time, this flogger really does the trick & gets you off insanely fast! Would recommend

LOVE (Anonymous)

This is a great product for a great price. Perfect length, easy to hold :)

Excellent! (Travis Keller)

Nothing makes me feel more like a slut than a good whipping from my master. He has a firm hand on the handle and gives me great pleasure with it. Each strand of the flogger stings so badly, I love it!

.... (Anonymous)

You can tease and you can dominate. Handle is great to have a grip. Tassels are a great length

Entry to flogging (Anonymous)

Pleased that it came in a set of 2. Good for learning without breaking the bank. The falls are soft and the handle is long enough to use.

Works well (E)

Really nice feel, leather is great. Handle is plastic but still has nice weight and is great grip. Stings wonderfully but not too much pain - but definitely it's all in how you use it.

Nice feel on the skin (Catherine)

Nice feel on the skin, doesn't hurt too much. I love to use it as much as having my bf use it on me. I also love the elegant look of the flogger.

Sexy! (Catherine)

Good quality for the price. Nice handle, very confortable. Great feeling on the skin. Would Recommend!

great (Anonymous)

The wife loved it. Likes the feel of it in her hands when she wields it.leather feels great on the ass.

Wonderful flogger (Travis)

This this is great. Weighted properly. The sting from normal hits is just sexual with no pain, very easy to tickle with, and if you snap it like a towel you can bring a quick shot of unexpected pain to ramp up the mood. Gf absolutely loves it.

Versatile Beginners Flogger (Anonymous)

This flogger is easy to use and has a great balance between sting and thwack. Just adjust speed and angle for a different sensation. Still light enough for beginners to allow you to build skill before possibly moving to heavier and more dangerous toys.

Love It! (Anonymous)

This flogger is great! My Submissive and I have no complaints. Great for teasing and stings ;)

I loved it (Anonymous)

I loved it for both him and me. Lightweight and great for gentle or rough play. We have no complaints.

Good looking. (Ana)

This flogger is really beautiful. It can be soft and gentle but, depending on how you handle it, it's still capable of some nice stings.

Enjoyable to use (M)

Works wonders for beginners. Light marks, nothing that stays for more than a few hours (mileage may vary).

Fantastic Fun (Proudest Monkey)

This flogger is a great place to start for some sweet stings. Comfortable handle, light weight, easy to control. Offers a nice snapping sound too. Looks great hanging in the playroom!

Sting (Anonymous)

Loved the easy handling of this flogger. works great to tease and provides the perfect amount of sting when flogging is required!

Fabulous (R)

Very beautifully well made Flogger for the price.