Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

Based On 26 Reviews

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

Based On 26 Reviews


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WOW (Anonymous)

They hurt soooo good!
I love how they make my nipples tighten up!


This was my first purchase and experience with shock therapy, it truly is an experience I loved. My nipples have always been a triggering factor for me, but this device takes me to such a much higher level of excitement. If your considering purchasing this item, believe me--you won't regret your purchase.

Exciting (Leona)

Works well, sensations are wicked!!!

Product description

For true connoisseurs of nipple stimulation, the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps are sure to shake up playtime. From Fetish Fantasy's electro collection, these classically styled clamps are anything but ordinary, although they're definitely versatile and can be used without the shock value. Soft tipped clips gently but firmly attach to the nipples to provide an exciting feel of constriction, while metal contacts placed throughout allow for the flow of electricity throughout.

Stemming from a unique handheld control pack the range of stimulation is impressive, you'll be able to vary the pulses from fast to slow, and also the intensity of the shocks from a gentle tingle to a sharp, throbbing tap. As a fantastic bonus, the control pack itself doubles as a handheld massager that can be used anywhere on the body, the oval centerpiece acts as a ground, so that any other part of the metal top that touches skin will transfer the shock.

As with any electro toy, the Clamps should not be used by pregnant women, people with heart conditions and pacemakers, or anyone with health issues. Do not use while driving or operating machinery.

SKU: PD-3723-02 | UPC: 603912285154 | MPN: PD3723-02 (7)

SKU: PD-3723-02 | UPC: 603912285154 | MPN: PD3723-02 (7)

Ratings / Reviews

Quite the shock (Anonymous)

Great stimulation and powerful electro, though the clamps aren't very sturdy and might break, however you can just tape them to the area.

Shocking!!!! (Anonymous)

If your looking for an inexpensive shock toy this is it. It is very powerful and will really get your nipples tingling. Great product.

Nip and Tuck (Mr D)

Didn't know what to expect at first and was a bit apprehensive, but it certainly surpassed my expectations. It is intense even at a low setting, and I like rough nipple play. So I do use it sparingly, but when it beckons I can't resist. Seems well-made for a simple piece of technology. Pleased with my purchase.

erect nipples extreme (gorgon6969)

When I got this toy it was so intense at low settings I tried it on higher, but backed off. In 2 days I got to its highest setting and wow. Instant hardon. I use it lots. Its on my nips right now as I send this review. It has two cycles then shuts down . I reset and in my hottest sensations. I have a penis head pump I use on my nips and it makes my nips super big.. The clamps are tight and stay on . I want another shock nip toy and double joy. Well done on this super toy. Highly recommended.

Intensely satisfying ! (Paul)

Always been a big fan of nipple play.
This just took it to a whole new level for both of us. Makes for intense orgasms.

Wow!!!!!! (Leona)

Ok, I was nervous to try this but other reviews were so good I had to. First time electro anything, boy this is an awesome toy!!only mistake I made was when I was first getting used to it I thought slow setting would be milder than fast but it's the other way. Start out on fast setting. Had to order the electro sex gel to get the most out of using the handheld part. Not necesary for nipple clamp part at all though. Now I want a wand too but these nipple clamps are going to stay a favorite

Shocking (Gregory)

2this is a fun toy to play with. Not overboard. I am thinking of getting a second one for ahhhh a different area

Wow (m)

What is not mentioned in the other reviews is that these things run a program each time the are switched on after which time they shut down. Guessing to conserve batteries.
I thought mine was defective until I figured it out, as the intensity and pulse duration would vary with time. Once you get a feel for the pattern anticipating the changes is amazing,
Just don't make the mistake of increasing the intensity in a low spot as the next rapid peak in the program will bite you.

Nipple clips could be a bit more robust and the power adjustment wheel is a little slippery for making fine power adjustments, and believe me, you want to be able to turn it up slowly Love it ordering a second unit today ;: O

Very strong - use gel! (Tyler)

I bought these and was surprised at how strong they were, especially compared to the pads. Couldn't use them. Then I bought the Electro-Sex Gel - immediately much more bearable. Definitely use with the gel if it's too strong.

A must have! (Cladina)

So much fun to operate!
Compact, discreet in my purse, perfect complement to games.

Good For E-stim play (Anonymous)

This is a good toy for the bedroom if you are more into BDSM. The only draw back was the clamps aren't that strong and easily slip off your nipples. Other then that it's a good buy,

Intense!! (Simon)

First time using shocking toys... WOW!
My gf had a blast using it in me!
Good first toy to start with electricity!

Amazingly intense!!! (LS)

These are amazingly intense for such a small little toy. I was skeptical at first, after looking at them while unpacking them. I am happy to say I was definitely caught off guard with how intense they are. I wouldn't recommend these for beginners, though, my girlfriend enjoyed them on their lowest setting while I used our wand vibe on her... a couple minutes in, and she was having one amazing orgasm. Definitely a must!

Shocking good (M)

Definitely agree with the reviews that you should start on the lower setting and work your way up. First time that I've used nipple clamps and they're great. One drawback is having larger breasts the clips sometimes fall off. Overall I'm happy with the clamps.


This item was very enjoyable, in a hurts so good kind of way.
One drawback is that if you are large breasted the clips that attach to the nipples could be more substantial and tighter.

Very impressed! (Alan)

I have been playing with my nipples for about 10 years. This takes it to the next level. After I got over the fear it was extasy!

Very very strong, wish there was more control (Anonymous)

The lowest level is very strong for someone just getting into shock play. Would be nice if there was more of a control range so that the intensity could be started at a lower level to work up from.

Shocking (jess)

I was a little surprised at the intense sensation, they were my first electro stim toy and definitely pack a punch.
I'm not able to wear them very long
I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable introduction to electrostim

Powerful for Pain and Pleasure (Kelvin Lust)

This device is not for everyone but if you have nipple clamps or tried building your own electro/shock nipple toy then this device is worth every penny.
The design is sound and sturdy with no chance of over shock or other nasty occurrences. Runs off a 2032 3v DC button cell battery that lasts a very long time. If this goes on sale, snatch it up.

TITILLATING! (Anonymous)

First, the batteries are surprisingly long-lived! This was my first encounter with electroshock, and it was quite intense! This is a powerful device, and low setting with fresh batteries takes a while to acclimatize to. The price is cheap for what you get. 5 Star

My favorite! (Anonymous)

I like to pair them up with some rubber O-rings. I've also noticed after a little while, my pecs started getting more muscular. It's sorta just like those muscle pads, but only it concentrates on just one spot.
I wouldn't reccomend using them constantly, though. They do have a lot of power for a small battery, and they can really make your nipples jump... literally.
Feels so freaking hot, though. Really good for when I don't want to play with myself for hours and cum quicker.
Follow the directions, though. Best for any electronic stimulating device.

Wow (Anonymous)

Like the previous poster, you don't need to worry about the Shock Therapy line being under powered. The impulses start out very strong when the unit is first turned on, but then weaken a bit. Just roll with it. I was eventually able to crank it up to max.

On the fast setting, impulses become a rapid buzzing sensation after a minute or two, which is very interesting.

Uses a 3v lithium button cell. No idea how long these will last.

DOes what it says but.. (Anonymous)

Easy to use... except i wouldnt recommend it for beginner, eve set on the lowest , it is unbearable for me. I'm a beginner at eletrostimulation but not a beginner at nipple pleasure and torture. This thing is hardcore but the clip are soft enough for beginner at pinching... just don't turn it on!