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Supple, snug and excitingly textured,this trio of skin-safe TPR cock rings from represents a fantasticset of enhancement tools with nofrills to distract from the undeniably pleasurable results. Helping tomaintain a firm erection while keeping stimulation under control, thechosenring applies unrelenting pressure to strategic points around the base of the penis and testicles, if desired. These ultra plush rings have an extra stretchy, less intense feel than someother rings, adding just a little extra, natural feeling assistance tosexual situations.

Completely body friendly, andvirtually odor free, each piece in the set is compatible with any type of water or silicone based lubricant desired. Fits most.

SKU: CE-1429-00-2 | UPC: 716770021151 | MPN: SE-1429-00-2 (34)


SKU: CE-1429-00-2 | UPC: 716770021151 | MPN: SE-1429-00-2 (34)

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Based On 43 Reviews
Island Rings


Added these inexpensive rings onto my purchase to qualify for the free shipping. Wasn't sure my husband would be into them but we both love how they keep him rock hard for a long time.

Island Rings

Great for the new & inexperienced

My boyfriend and I decided to introduce a cock ring into our sex life, so after researching online, I thought this product would be the cheapest (while still having quality, thanks to the reviews) way to try it out.

It's really worked wonders! My boyfriend always worries that he finishes too quickly and sometimes has issues with staying hard, but the smallest of the three rings (which only goes over the penis) has made a remarkable impact on his performance and confidence.

We use either silicone or water-based lube to ease the cock ring on, and he shaves, so there's no risk on pubic hair getting caught, and he takes it off when he's ready to finish. Be sure to clean the cock ring after use with soap and warm water! We are going to continue using this product and I hope my review has helped someone take the plunge and buy it themselves.

Island Rings

Loving this Product!!

This product is great as a stand alone or used with a penis pump. The 3 different sizes give you unlimited play. They are stretchy, will fit any size penis and the fact that they are clear will allow you to be discrete with your partner if you do not want them to know. I would recommend adding this to your cart!

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