Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Based On 129 Reviews

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Based On 129 Reviews

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Loved it! (vincent)

I have bought a lot of palm masterbaters but this one does it amazingly! The different chambers tickle my knob and WOW, what an orgasm!!
Great product!

This toy is amazing (Darcy)

It's got to be the best one I've owned and last a reall long time. I would defenatly buy another.

Superb (Junior)

Makes my girlfriend and I our FaceTime sessions way more exciting. Need to buy, you will not regret...

Product description

Selling like crazy since day one, the Super Head Honcho, aside form an ultra pleasurable triple suction design and easy handling, also boasts an endorsement from hailed sex educator Sue Johanson.

Designed for incredible solo sessions and hand-job help, the Super Head Honcho's portable shape fits comfortably in any sized hand. Front and center of the exterior, there's a playfully detailed little opening complete with soft lips. Gripping snugly right from the start, a triple noded interior sucks and massages all the way through to an open end. Increase inner suction by covering up the back hole with a finger, or simply squeeze the plushy material.

In body safe TPR, the Super Head Honcho cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Rinse the inner cavity by running water through. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant.

  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Length: 6"
  • Special Features: Open Ended

SKU: CE-9573-10-3 | UPC: 716770051264 | MPN: SE-9573-10-3 (106)

SKU: CE-9573-10-3 | UPC: 716770051264 | MPN: SE-9573-10-3 (106)

Ratings / Reviews

Pleased husband (L)

I bought this toy for my husband to change things up a little. He's never really been into male toys and has found them a little strange, but once we tried it he fell in love! It's a little short for him but no performance issues. Great buy for the price!

He loved it!! (Anonymous)

I bought this for my boyfriend & he absolutely it.

nice feel (Anonymous)

so far from all my purchases this is my favorite BJ device.

You won't be disappointed! (Alan)

This toy is a game changer for the fellas. My wife bought this for me and IT DELIVERS! It would be really hard to convince me that it can be beat especially with the price of this toy. AMAZING buy and fun for anyone!

B/F was thrilled (ScotsGirl)

My b/f was hesitant to try it but once he did he was pleased with the feel and ease of using it! Easy to clean and dry. Just make sure you use a lot of lube so it slides easily!

great toy (Heel lover)

This is the first masturbator i have ever purchased, but this is fantastic. Needs some lube and its good to go. Perfect for edging and training to last longer. The sucking noise is not annoying as its not really that loud. The open end is great for cleaning purposes. Highly recommend!!

Tight, the real deal (Joey)

Tight, sucking, and like the real thing. Finish quickly or enjoy it slowly. Love imagining it's the real thing, feels so good.

Warm it, Lube it, Stroke it! (Sean Gonzo)

Feels great warmed up in hot water and used with lube. I prefer coconut oil. Gets me really hard and good for a strong orgasm. I've bought several. Only downside is it will tear eventually.

Orgasms from heaven (Pleasure seeker)

This masturbator gives a sensation to your penis that is pure pleasure I am extremely satisfied with this purchase :)

It works. (JoeG)

If you have sensitivity with the harder or firmer materials used in some strokers then this is likely one you will like the best. The material is very soft and if you want a tight feel you will need to use your hand to create it. Feels more life than most. Cap the end to make it add suction. Worth having in your collection for the price.

Mind Blowing! (Anonymous)

I have literally never cum that hard before; and its consistent. Every single time I use it, it's like I'm being reintroduced into masturbation.

was very happy (Gerald)

Loved the softness and suction would recommend it to frinds

love it (Gerald)

The suction was great the softness and how tight it is drives me crazyy

Pleased (Anonymous)

Bought this for my boyfriend while he works away, and he loves it. Definitely worth it for the price.

My Husband Loves It! A Long Distance Essential! (Samantha)

My husband and I are in different colleges across the country and we'll only be able to see each other once this semester and then for summer break- so you know tensions are high. I bought this as a surprise for him and he is in love. He said it's wayyyyyy better than his hand and as close as he can get to the real thing from so far way. He also said it's easy to clean.

Great toy (Hands on)

Very realistic feel. Much better than using the ol hand .Good buy

Awesome product (Jennifer)

I got this for my boyfriend and he just absolutely loves it! Def great for some foreplay or when you alone and in the mood

Good for the price (olwhatshisface)

This works as intended, feels good and gets you off. I still prefer my fleshlight as it feels considerably more soft and realistic than this. That being said, for the money, this is a good buy

Not worth more than 12 bucks. (Billy)

It is not a bad sleeve for a guy just starting out in the world of masturbators. Easy to clean, affordable and durable. The sensation is fair. Although not a mind bending experience, it will get the job done better than the hand.

LOVE IT! Buy 2! (Gonzoholic)

Bought one a few weeks ago... Love it! Just bought another one to have as a back-up because I love it so much!

It works but.... (Anonymous)

Could they make it any harder to get into this sleeve? The orifice is super tight. Once you are in it will get you to your goal. The material is sticky feeling and picks up every speck of dust. If you powder it the stickiness goes away but you loose the transparent quality.

Great Toy (Anonymous)

My first toy for me. My wife has a few. This is great for nights when the wife is out of town or not interested. I've had mine for about 6-7 months now and the only problem I'm having is that its splitting pretty severely at the entrance. It still works though.
I recommend this to anyone. Works great and reasonably priced.

MaxOut (Anonymous)

I am very satisfied with this product and feel amazing.

Worth every penny (Anonymous)

Bought this for my boyfriend who loved it.

Great toy (Anonymous)

My husband really enjoys when I use this on him - it’s so easy to use and is perfect for when I want to make him feel good but I’m too tired for sex . Highly recommend !

Great Product (Chris)

Super happy with this product. Was skeptical about buying a product like this, but I was more than pleased with it!

The Best On The Market ("Vick")

This product has got to be the best of its type on the market. I cannot conceive that any other product of its type can be improved upon, without the use of batteries. It gets the job done. I especially like the way that it fits snugly over my member.

lube (Anonymous)

really hard to put in if you dont have lube... since my cock is pretty big i had trouble putting it in without lube haha, learned my lesson.

Give me Head--Super Head Honcho (SatisfiedGuy)

Bought this masturbator for my own Wife and I headed to mountain cabin for a weekend. After supper and by the fire, we got busy with a glass dildo I bought for her and the Super Head Honcho. We had used other sleeves before, but it had been a long time. After some inspection and cleaning we lubed the entrance with some "Glide" lube. She pushed the "honcho" down onto Mr. Happy and I was well pleased! The fit was very nice. The various pleasures nubs felt awesome! The various chambers inside created a pulsation effect that was super HOT! Popping out the other end of the sleeve was AWESOME. I even managed to get Mr. Happy into Mrs. Happy with the sleeve on. Albeit only the head entering Mrs. Happy, but I think the wife liked the sleeve pressing up against her hoo-hoo while getting a little entry action. Going solo with it while watching the wife do her thing, I was able to manipulate the gripping pressure, the rate of stroking and the depth of strokes easily and with great pleasure. It was very easy to work just my cock head or go the full length and pop out the back. This is not a replacement for the real thing, but it is definitely a go-to for add-on fun in the bedroom. Well made. This sleeve works as designed with a robust intensity level; however, it is jelly-like and should be used responsibly. It will not hold together if you don't use lube or you jack like Sasquatch with it. Clean up was super easy. Shower gel and water! Easily flipped inside-out to wash and pat dry.

To let folks know if the sleeve size might be a right fit: I am about 7.5-8 long and about 1.5-2 wide. So, that is about 4.75 - 6.25 circumference for Mr. Happy.

Amazing (Pete)

I saw this at a trade show but they wanted 3 times the price. I checked the Internet and found it on Pink Cherry. Awesome with a good water lubricant! A real relationship saver when the wife is tired. Mine is used constantly and it is 1.5 years old. Store it in a zip lock bag with baby powder - it keeps the silicon from breaking down!