Sweet Sting Riding Crop

Based On 19 Reviews

Sweet Sting Riding Crop

Based On 19 Reviews


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good quality (Anonymous)

very good quality for the price..... had a snap to it....she loved it....

Whips it good (Anonymous)

Works good, didn't break like the last one I bought that was flimsy. Good looking crop. Despite the brand name, I'd give this a recommendation.

Parfait (Martin Junior)

Bonne qualité et ne glisse pas entre les mains

Product description

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection

At the touch of leather, I quiver and gasp. He flicks the crop and it hits that sweet spot with a sharp slap, until finally, that's it- I can take no more- and I come, gloriously, shouting my release.

A luxuriously playful bondage essential from the official, E.L James approved Fifty Shades of Grey line, the Sweet Sting Riding Crop is long, ultra maneuverable and undeniably satisfying, perfectly fulfilling your yearn for some of the more serious dominant and submissive fantasies.

Classic in form, the Crop is lengthy at 23 inches (58cm) and sturdily springy, offering a slim, wrist-strap adorned handle to your command. The tip, in signature silvery leather, is small and precise, folded into a traditional shape that delivers more concentrated focus on specific areas of the body. Despite the stinging potential, the Crop can tease and titillate with equal ease, simply drag the aromatic leather lightly over the skin of the lucky recipient of the Crop's ministrations, before turning the tables of sensation with an energetic flick.

SKU: FIFTY-819503 | UPC: 5060108819503 | MPN: 40182 (0)

SKU: FIFTY-819503 | UPC: 5060108819503 | MPN: 40182 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Does the job! (Cheryl)

A great addition to our toy box!

She loves it (Anonymous)

sed it for the first time last night and she LOVED it had a blind fold on her and she didnt know if I was just going to rub it on her or slap her with it drove her crazy came from just tapping it on her clit

Great product. (Anonymous)

Decided to get this crop and it's fantastic, both me and my boyfriend really enjoyed it. We got more than one item in our last purchase and this is our favourite. It has a good swing and crack to it.

Perfect (Anonymous)

This is a great toy. It is great for teasing and can be soft. It also bites a little bit and can be used to create some sting. A well made and good quality product.

.xxx (Anonymous)

Really good, we like it!

50 shades of red (Anonymous)

The title says it all

Parfait (Martin)

parfait, plaisent et bonne qualité

Awesome Product (Anonymous)

The wife and I love this product, Amazing deal for the price

Not bad (Anonymous)

Smaller than i was expecting, but better made than any of the store bought ones i've gotten. Over all we're happy with this crop.

Love the handle! (Dan)

Despite being an active Dom for 10 years, I've never owned a riding crop. I must have looked at dozens of them over the years. This one stood out at me. I compared it specifications with a few others. But nothing compared to the rush of feeling it in your hand! It's sturdy, has a well constructed handle, nothing is "flimsy" and the fabric tip is well stitched. I'm very pleased with this crop. oh and i'm a short man so the length is just right for my reach and size of my hand. It's a nice addition to my "Fifty Shades of Grey" flogger!

Love this one!! (Cassandra)

Smile on my face as soon as I see this one come out!!! If he let's me see it ;) Its a great quality for the price, got good spring to deliver a good smack with slight arm movements. Handles really nice for use as he tells me. Can lightly stroke it and drag it across the body then surprise with smacks. Love this one! One of my favorites!

Choose this crop! (Ashley)

I purchased this crop, reluctantly as I had considered going with a pricier version. I am very pleased with this beauty of a crop. The price is fantastic and the quality surpasses expectations. It's both firm, yet flexible and makes the most enjoyable sound. It's precise and great for light teasing right to harder snaps. Great detailing and looks/works great with other pieces from the collection. Enjoy!

You'll be satisfied (Anonymous)

A good price for a quality riding crop! It's delicate enough to play gentle, but still strong enough to play hard.
Me and my bf we love it!

well made and well priced (Kim)

well made and responsive. give a soft slap or nice sting with the flick of the wrist. love it.

Good crop for the money. (Brent)

Very sturdy build with real leather. The shaft is very springy which offers a nice snap with very little arm movement!

Great Buy!

Delivers what it promises (Haley)

beautifully crafted, firm and flexible. I can't get enough. even incorporate it into solo play