The Lasso Cock Tie

Based On 13 Reviews

The Lasso Cock Tie

Based On 13 Reviews

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This thing is great (Anonymous)

The lasso is wonderful. Very easy to put on and take back off and to adjust whenever you want to. No one should buy a different cock ring

Great product (Anonymous)

Great product, I like the fact I can control how tight it can go. Easy on and off.

love from Indonesia (ike)

I had one before and it was the best.adjustable for the snug and tight , it died of old age...

Product description

Supremely versatile, the original Lasso cock tie can be worn however desire dictates, from simple base-of-the-penis constraint to cock and ball constriction, even as a testicle-tugging ball stretcher. Opening up wide via sturdy plastic hardware to fit around any size, the Lasso closes as loosely or snugly as needed.

Made of a silky smooth latex, the Lasso keeps you reigned in comfort. Use a good water based lube in combination with this ring to keep the material at its best.

* The Lasso contains natural rubber latex

SKU: CE-1408-01-2 | UPC: 716770004512 | MPN: SE-1408-01-2 (24)

SKU: CE-1408-01-2 | UPC: 716770004512 | MPN: SE-1408-01-2 (24)

Ratings / Reviews

Works great! (Anonymous)

Nice that it's fully adjustable. Other cock rings can be hard to get on cause they can be too tight but with this one it's easy plus for extra you can get your balls in it too.

She Likes (oilguy)

Works for both of us. Don't forget the haircut

Great (Anonymous)

Much better than one-size-fits-all rings. The only downside is that it looks like medical-grade tubing, so it isn't very attractive.

Best (Anonymous)

Best ring I've tried and the price is very good. It won't untie. Just make sure to not pull the rubber out because it's hard to put it back in.

Excellent (Annonymous)

Tried other rings, this one is much better as is adjustable. Use a little water-based lube on it to make the collar easier to slide and put it on before getting hard. With practice you will discover how to set it by the length of the ends sticking out past the collar and as you get hard it snugs up nicely. Easy to adjust while wearing and remove if required. Wife likes the extra firmness which counts for a lot.

Stay hard with comfort (Paul)

This is my favourite cock ring. More comfortable than most. Rubber is stretchier than silicone--remember to use water based lube with it for longevity.

Best Cong Ring (Scott)

Forget all the fancy straps and buttons and snaps and whatever. As far as cock rings go, this is the ultimate adjustable cock ring, that works the way you want it to. Simple design that fits everyone, and works.

Cockring or Lasso (annonymous)

Couldn't make up my mind, so I chose the Lasso. Makes for a good toy for the cowboy in all of us men. The bead easily adjusts and stays where you put it, maintaining throughout for you to enjoy.

lassoWoW (the wife)

We've tried other rings but they won't be used anymore...this is THE ONE.  taking him in my mouth was like never before and then entering me later was again like nothing Ive felt for many years.  length and girth.  wow.

Does the job (hard up in BC)

This cock loop is easy to put on. I usually pull it over my balls and cock so it constricts my cock and extends my erection much longer than before. My wife is now used to me reaching for this little helper. Its also good for solo fun as its nice to feel that hardness longer. One thing though, it helps if you have a hairless  cock and scrotum as it can pull the hair out --ouch!