TitanMen Master Tool #4

Based On 34 Reviews

TitanMen Master Tool #4

Based On 34 Reviews

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Love it (StretchMe)

Love that stretching feeling! Takes a little play time to get past the third bump, but it feels amazing when you can finally pop it right in!

first love in morning (j-p)

easy freindler fit well

Really big! (Anonymous)

The 3rd and largest knob is bigger than the circumference of my fist.

Product description

An intensely curvy, thrilling, satisfyingly sized edition of the Master Tool collection, the Master #4 is, like the rest of this man-loving line, extraordinarily durable, comfortably suitable for long term wear, and made proudly in America.

Shaped into a bubbly set of three gradually larger bumps, the deliciously stimulating widening and tapering  of the shaft  stems from a smooth, glossy, spherical head that's positioned to tickle the nerve-ending packed prostate perfectly once fully inserted. The Trainer edition is sized for expert level manageability- precision tapering, gradual widening and a nice slim neck combine to make the 4 easy to insert, simple to maneuver, and comfortable for longer term wear, thanks to a nice flat base.

Made from a safe PVC with an all-over slick gloss, the surface of the Master gets fantastically slick with the addition of lube, both water and silicone based formulas will be compatible. Under the smooth, firm outer layer lies a core of Doc's signature Sil-A-Gel, this antibacterial jelly lends subtle flexibility to the texture of the Tool. Phthalate free.

  • Length: 6.5"
  • Insertable Length: 5.5"
  • Girth: 8.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.5" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-3200-08-BX | UPC: 782421013677 | MPN: 3200-08-BX (29)

SKU: DJ-3200-08-BX | UPC: 782421013677 | MPN: 3200-08-BX (29)

Ratings / Reviews

Monstrous Yet Awesome (Selvin)

As I only occasionally engage in anal play, the third and final bump was challenging for me to insert, but it feels amazing even if you can't get the whole toy inside. I love it and highly recommend it to the adventurous.

Awsomely full (Lee)

At first the third and final bump was a challenge. Now with a little lube goes right in and fills me up nicely.

To get that last bump i lubed up this tripple header with plenty of lube and my ass.

Now I use at least 2-4 time a week.

Almost (Anonymous)

While I havent mastered that final bump (getting very very close), this is still a great toy. cant wait for the "dubble wammy" as some have called it.

Amazing.... (Yup)

This is a fantastic butt plug that really fills you up. It's not so big that you can't keep it in and do normal activities but it certainly will stretch you if your not use to big toys. It's so good I have it in at least 2 hours every day.

Wow (Anonymous)

Huge, not for beginners

Big (Kerry)

Benough for regular use. And it stays it by itself.

Amazing stretch (Rick)

It took a few play sessions to get past the 3rd bump, once once it popped in it was incredible. Working on being able to keep it in longer.

Offfftaaa (Richard)

Take your time with this one. Lots of lube and gentle motions til it's in, relax awhile then ride it according to the wife.

One of my favourites (Tony)

Love this plug! Each next step just feels great and an awesome toy to warm up and stretch with , highly recommended for a must have toy

play things (Anonymous)

Awesome stretch!!! 3rd bump is great

OMG (Anonymous)

WAY too big. Misread the dimensions. And once you buy it...description and look is too close to the trainer #3. Easy mistake.

What a stretch!!! (S)

First 2 bumps go in no problem but to go all the way in....wow takes a bit of work.

Ok (Hrny4shemale)

Fun stuff

Ok (Hrny4shemale)


Wow (Anonymous)

Juste trop incroyable il est énorme ses un vrai défi mais la sensation ses vrm super tres bon matériaux aussi

Amazing Stretch (YASS QUEEN)

The stretch from the third bump is perfect, it takes some work to get ready to take it but once you're there it's amazing.

Awesome stretch! (Tris)

This toy stretches me pretty good, i like how shiny it is also lol. It feels really big inside you when it's all in. Definitely not for beginners but it's a good toy to practice slowly stretching yourself. I love using it . This toy will stretch you and test you limits.

Excelllent trainer (Anonymous)

I want to be able to accommodate my husband with no discomfort (or he will stop). The intro anal plugs were too small and provided little stretch. This takes me from cute to expansive. I almost took the third bump tonight on the third try. It is amazingly easy to insert (so far), provides a nice stretch, and is easy to clean up. Now I just have to get hubby interested and not afraid he will hurt me. Thank you Titanmaster!

This is GREAT (Anonymous)

I was looking for something to provide the stretch I need to accommodate my husband. He doesn't want to "hurt" me so I am taking care of the stretch so he will feel freer to just have fun. This is a great tool and I almost have it done after 3 tries. The bumps are progressive so you can work into them and you are still getting a major stretch while you are resting between bumps. The texture feels good and slides in smoothly. The best big toy I've tried so far (one more to go).

3 Bump Effect (Anonymous)

I like the soft feel of the PVC material. Provides enough of a challenge to make it an enjoyable toy to play with. Definitely like feeling the graduated bumps and the full feeling I get in the bum while using Tool # 4.

I love it (Frederik)

This butt plug is the best for to go to another step of dilatation and the bumps helps for this. Smooth texture, the best sensations.

So Nice . (AnalCrusader)

We Bought this to stretch me to the point my wife can fist me. It goes in Quick and is a little on the small side and it is still a jump to her Knuckles . It is Awesome though It slides in very smoothly and she can work it in a circular motion to get that full stretch . She has fully fisted me a few times since getting it but the nice thing about this toy is despite being big it can slide in and out with little discomfort. I can play on a work night and feel like I am being fisted by a smaller handed woman and not need the recuperation time the next day . It is worth every penny and is rapidly becoming one of my favorites .

Insane Stretch (Doug)

Wow this feels amazing. Takes a little coaxing to get the third bump in....but once it pops through it is insanely intense. Definitely worth the buy.
Hurts when u remove. But I'm finding it easier to use as I have gotten used to it.
The base has a tear that was there from the beginning. Like there is a covering on top of a more solid inner piece. I was leary at first of it falling apart. Bit seems to be very solid.
I'd love to try more of these toys....with a bit more size to them.

First Toy and not the last (Anonymous)

This is my very first gift i made to myself. And i must say it is beyond all expectation. Arrived way before the date i expected it to come. Easy to clean, and store away. but the most amazing thing about it is the reason we all buy it for. and it delivered in a way that truly leaves me without words. One thing is for certain i now believe this was not only the right choice to make. But it is now time to go for bigger that is the only regret i have about this not big enough (girth)

Nice! (T.)

Great stretching toy, not for beginners. It has a strong smell but it goes away like for all of the pvc/sil-a-gel toys. Good quality, I don't see how I would break it.
Also, the squishy feel of the material is very sexy. Beware of the last bump, it's the hardest. Use lots of lube. Compatible with silicone lube.

So far so good.... (Ger)

An excellent looking and well made toy. I can't wait to use it but have to progress and work my way up to it. It's a 'big' motivator... woo hoo her I cum...!

HUGE (Anonymous)


Wow Awesome (Gerry)

I bought one of these several months ago and it took several tries to get it all in but what a fantastic feeling when I did. I have now added 4 socks and a condom bringing it to 9.5 inches in girth. Great plug and a great idea to increase the size and the pleasure!!! I am enjoying every minute when it's all in. I highly recommend this plug.

very big = big pleasure !!! (Maxime)

I'm used to regular dildo and i wanted something bigger.
My first impression was wow this thing is so big.
I did 3 run so far.
The first bump is easy...go in no problem. The seconf need little work and time but the last is pretty big.On my last run, after maybe 40 min, i was able to get that third bump in. What a feeling/pain !!!
Ass stresch big time...love it.....milking like crazy !!!
Can't wait to try it again.

Prostate crusher! (Bigass)

Got this super quick as usual. I already had the Master Tool #5 which I love but was intrigued by the shape and the review of inspire-u claiming a double whammy. It was also dirt cheap, which was an added bonus.

Well, I can confirm, this is not only a double whammy, but a double whammy SQUARED! I've only had 2 runs with this so far, but this thing milked me, hands free. It popped in with the most wonderful pleasure/pain sensation.

Be warned, this is NOT for beginners. While I consider myself intermediate-advanced, this still requires over 30 minutes of warmup for me.