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My first vibrator and it's a fantastic one !! Love that it's waterproof.


love it

I was clinging to an old vibrator that I've had for years but thought it was time to upgrade. And this was definitely an upgrade! It exceeded my expectations-it's small, soft but not too soft and super powerful. I love the different settings - it makes for fun and different times. I haven't tried it with my partner yet but I am excited to! Would highly recommend!



This is the best vibrator I have ever used. The silicone is nice and smooth, the shape is a perfect for clitoral stimulation and it fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It has a wide variety of functions and very strong vibrations. You will not be disappointed. Totally worth the price!

Product description

As featured in

as seen in Cosmo Subtly suggestive of a curvy, full coverage tongue and perfectly, strategically hollowed at its silky body-contact point, the  petite, beautifully contoured, power -packed Touch vibe delivers absolutely breathtaking clitoral stimulation ranging through eight distinct, dreamily customizable functions. Along with the smooth, deliciously matte, easily maneuvered form that was created to fit amazingly accurately into just about any pleasure pursuit imaginable, the sumptuous Touch more than lives up to the world-renown We-Vibe name.

Designed for the most precise external stimulation you could desire, this curvaceous little massager, following in the couple-centric We-Vibe's footsteps, is a wonderful choice for shared pleasure during sex and foreplay, but holds tons of appeal for adorers of toe-curlingly strong, pinpoint-accurate solo stimulation, too. Shaped into two smooth, sleek swells with a softly pointed, subtly scooped-out tip, the Touch fits easily, comfortably and naturally in hand, letting you (or your lover) control the placement and pressure just right as you revel in the indescribable power and silky smooth touch. For couples trying out toys in the bedroom for the first time, this is perfect, the petite natural form can fit between two bodies discreetly, letting two lovers share sensation for more of a 'together' experience than some other toys are able to offer. 

As for the eight modes of vibration, they're nothing short of miraculous, making the rounds of four steady vibe options, at 3000, 36000, 4200 and 4800 rpm's respectively into pulsating and escalating patterns of Tease, Wave, Pulse and Cha Cha. The sheer force of the motor is mind-blowingly authoritative, the Touch, when switched on, practically spins in hand, so you can only imagine what all that power will do when nestled against the body's sweet spots. A soft interface underneath controls the vibration, a simple push gets things going and cycles through the stimulation options.

Environmentally conscious pleasure lovers will adore that the Touch is newly USB rechargeable, powering up easily with a innovative magnetic clip base that attaches effortlessly to the control interface subtly located on the underside of the vibe. Simply plug the opposite end into any available USB port or compatible USB adapter. A tiny LED light will flash orange while charging, and will stop when the charge is complete after about 90 minutes. The Touch will please for up to two straight hours on a single charge.

No matter how you choose to love your Touch, pure enjoyment will be completely worry free, thanks to the body safe, non-porous, absolutely hypoallergenic medical grade silicone material comprising the unique little shape. Silicone is extremely durable, amazingly temperature receptive, and very low maintenance, cleanup is a breeze, plus, silicone can be fully sterilized. Water-based lubricants are the recommended companion to your Touch experience, silicone lubes should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and products. Waterproof.

Please note: Manufacturer does not allow any further discounts on this item.

  • Length: 3.9"
  • Girth: 4.6" at largest point
  • Width: 1.75" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Multi-Function, Non-Phallic, Temperature Sensitive, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof
  • Color: Purple

SKU: ZWEVIBE-015609 | UPC: 839289015609 | MPN: 25115 (105)

SKU: ZWEVIBE-015609 | UPC: 839289015609 | MPN: 25115 (105)

Ratings / Reviews


This thing is amazing and worth every penny. Comes in a very nice box, and includes a silky storage bag. This was my first rechargable toy and I have to say it's great! It's very quiet but still powerful, I highly recommend the touch vibe you won't be sorry.


#1 Toy in the Collection

In the last six months, we have invested quite a bit in our toy collection. We were a little late to the sex toy revolution with high grade materials and quality. Of all the toys she owns, this is by far her favorite. It's powerful and very rumbly without being overpowering like the WeVibe Tango can be for her sometimes. If my wife was going to be on a deserted island, she would want this vibe and that Tantus ripple. I'm not even sure she'd want to be rescued! You can't go wrong with WeVibe, they are first class all the way.



J'adore ! Les diff rents modes sont parfait. Orgasme a coup sure !


Orgasms everywhere

I initially got this vibrator to use solo and its been one of the best sex toy investments I've made. I mainly use the 3 constant vibrations and they work like magic every time. I have now started using it with my partner and its helped me orgasm beyond anything I thought was possible! Seriously this and a little System Jo water based lube. Works every single time. I've also been buying these little guys as gifts for my friends, great beginner vibrator and continues to please my partner and I daily.


Every day

I use this baby EVERY DAY. Charge it whenever and its amazing. So powerful and quiet! I love the 6 different settings. I was recommended this product by a friend and its the best buy I ve ever done.


A must have classic

This is my 3rd we vibe product. Must say this one is my favourite of all of them. It s been the same 8 settings forever but they are unique and there s one for every mood. My gripe is the first 3 settings all feel too similar to me. Can t wait to use this with my man. I highly recommend everyone own one of these. PinkCherry seems to have the best prices.


Excited to use more!

First off I must say, the We Touch Vibe is absolutely adorable! It is smaller than I expected, which I am very happy about because it is discreet and not super in your face scream I am a vibrator! type. It is smooth, small and sensual.

I made the mistake of using it right away when I got it, and realized immediately I should charge it up so it is stronger. Wow that made a difference.

This vibrator excited me because I am new... and late to masturbating at 24! I bought another vibrator a year ago, and it really was just too intimidating. So if you are new to it, then go ahead and buy this one!! It s a no brainer and really allows you to explore so you can find out what/where you like!

I put on some Lerotica and did the deed last night and was totally surprised, because it made me squirt! Never happened when I used my other vibratory ... I think this is going to be an amazing purchase for a newly single me and I think with the right guy it could be totally used with a partner as it is not intimidating at all!

The rumbles are strong, great wave setting, and it s overall great! Only reason I gave it a 4 is because the charger is absolute garbage. I had to balance it and check on it every once and while to see if the magnets were still making it charge almost every time they were not! We Vibe should REALLY redesign the charging of this vibrator.


Strong but Silent

I ve had this toy for a few months and I absolutely love it. It s the perfect size as it just fits in my hand, small enough to use with a partner without getting in the way. I was surprised by how quiet it is too - the vibrations are a low rumble instead of a high buzzing like other toys I ve used. I have tried it in the shower and it worked just fine. I find it lasts me a few uses on one charge but I wouldn t say it s the longest-lasting battery in the world; just don t forget to plug it in before you use it again!


Loyal to lelo

My first toy by lelo was lilly. After many years I left the battery wasnt what it used to be, so upgraded to touch. This is bigger then the lily but easier to charge. So far pleased with the power and battery. Since it is bigger expected that the battery life isnt very long compared to the little lily. Still reccomend.



I've had my We vibe Touch for 6 months now and I'm still amazed, using it whenever my clitoris needs attention.
The motor has one of the most powerful, low-pitched and quiet vibration I know of. In my opinion, it's even better than the Tango because of the squishiness of the silicone, adding a soft touch to it and a little flexibility to the tip. (It also doesn't roll off the magnetic charge, due to its shape) Like most quality toys, it comes with a warranty and it's of course waterproof. You can go through all the functions or simply hold the only button for 3 seconds to turn it off quickly. If I had to find one downside to this toy, I would say I just wish it came in another color than the eternal purple.. They do have a blue version, but it's extremely rare. Definitely worth the price though!


Favourite vibe

Favourite vibe hands down! I prefer clitoral stimulation and this is perfect. Lots of settings. I like a good vibration but nothing too powerful. The first 2 settings get me off no problem. The texture is nice and smooth and the toy cleans easily. Love that it's waterproof and rechargeable. The charge lasts very long, I've never had it run out on me! It's on the pricier side but certainly worth if you want quality!


One of my favorites!

I wore out my last one (it can barely hold a charge now). I was definitely interested in purchasing a new one. Some vibrators are just too strong, even on the lowest setting. It only has 4 regular settings, but that's usually perfect for me. The Touch Vibe is a keeper.


Excellent jouet, ma blonde l'adore

J'ai achet ce jouet pour ma conjointe et je dois dire qu'elle adore tout simplement la sensation donn e. Elle obtient un orgasme tr s puissant avec.

La vibration est tr s puissante et le touch donnent vraiment de bonne sensation et nous n'avons pas encore termin d'explorer tous les modes de vibration.

Il est galement tr s facile recharger. La connexion est de bonne qualit . L'ensemble du jouet est d'excellente qualit comme tous les produits We-Vibe.

(I bought this toy for my spouse and I must say she simply adores the sensation given. She gets a very powerful orgasm with.

The vibration is very powerful and the feel really give good feel and we have not yet finished exploring all modes of vibration.

It is also very easy to recharge. The connection is good. The whole toy is of excellent quality as all We-Vibe products.)


We vibe

This is a sustainable long lasting and great options for this product.



This little purple thing is the The multiple settings are amazing... I personally like the straight forward vibration but it's so amazing that it has 4 settings for just that!! Charges quickly, super quiet, small so good for use during sex... works like a charm and definitely gets the job done again and again!


Excellent toy!

It's a great vibe, has a great shape that fits well in my hand and the settings have a bit of power to it that I can appreciate. The only complaint I have is that the battery life is maybe max 2 hours per charge. And I've already had it die on me a few times unless I charge it each time.



This is a great little guy for my husband and myself!


Hits the spot

Literally hits the spot, amazing vibration and feel...yet quiet. It won't wake the neighbors unless you do.


Amazing product

This has to be my favorite toy yet. I love the shape and the grumble of the vibrations. It's perfect for solo or partner play and shape allows it to be used in many different ways.

I had two similar toys previously and both stopped working within months. I've had the We-Vibe for about three months now and it's still going strong.

Easy to charge, wash, and use. I have recommended it to friends and would buy again.


My Favourite Toy

This is my third Touch Vibe, and I love it! The battery lasts a long time, it's reasonably quiet, and I love that it is body safe and completely waterproof. I like having one at my house, one at my partner's and an extra for travel!


Not as great as the reviews

I did a lot of research before buying this after the old pocket rocket started to fail. The covering is nice and smooth, it has a bunch of settings that get stronger if you need it and some patterns of vibration that I don't like or want. I hate that you have to go through all the settings to turn it off. It's good but not "sex in The city, lock yourself in your apartment all weekend like Charlotte to use it" amazing.


Great for external stimulation!

This little guy is powerful and always ready to go. I love that it rechargeable and compact but still has great settings for anyone's needs. My only Con is that for someone who needs lots of clitoral stimulation you may only have 1 or 2 settings strong enough to give a great, fast pulse for stimulation. If you are more sensitive, it is great on all settings!


This is my favorite toy

This is hands-down the best purchase I have made so far to my toy collection. It's velvety-smooth, body-safe, provides deep and rumbly sensations and is even waterproof (not just shower-safe but can even submerged in a bath)!
Please, if you're looking at this and wondering why the purple potato got so many good reviews, it's because it is the best thing since sliced bread. I have friends who have this and love it as well and if anything happens to my vibe I won't hesitate to replace it.
If the price is making you hesitate, answer this: would you rather a slightly cheaper vibe that is probably buzzy and may not get you to orgasm, or would you rather invest in something awesome that is guaranteed to get you off (I seriously haven't found anyone who doesn't love this thing) and is a solid investment AND you don't have to change the batteries for? Lastly, with the storewide discounts often on sale here, it is the best deal for this vibe by roughly $30. Hope this helps!


Tub O fun

Very well built with nice comfortable finish. Not as strong as a wand vibrator but powerful for it's size.

The charger connection is a bit finicky but works well once connected.


great vibe

Its a good little vibrator, very quiet, good power. The plug in is a bit finicky because it doesn't actually plug into the thing, it lightly magnets onto the cord, but that's really the only complaint with this product. Otherwise, its great!


a delight!

i was initially nervous about getting a vibrator that didn't plug into a socket, because in my experience battery-powered vibrators are weak, make my hands numb, and go through battery charges at and alarming rate.

not so with the touch. its vibrations are deep and rumbly, more penetrating than what i'm used to from other battery powered vibes. even the lowest settin makes my toes curl.
the battery lasts about two hours before needing to recharge, but it turns out i rarely need more time than that with this vibrator. recharging it is simple- it uses a usb- and it's refreshing in that it doesn't really peter off in strength of vibrations before dying, it just goes kaput all at once.

it's easy to hold, doesn't make my hand numb, is very quiet, and doesn't get very warm with use. the only complaint i have is that the controls are a little inconvenient- the button is opposite the "business end" of the vibrator, which can be annoying to press depending on how you hold it. also, to use the different settings, you click the button to cycle through all of them one at a time. there isn't a "go back" option- you have to click through all the settings again if you overshoot. this is a little exacerbated by the "turn off" command being to hold down the button for two seconds, which my vibe often interprets as just a regular press.

all in all, this is a fantastic vibrator and well worth the price.


My hands down favourite!

I love my Touch! I've worked in a sex shop before, so I don't have a shortage of toys, but this one is almost always my go-to. It's amazing to use with a partner and great solo in the tub or wherever you happen to be. The very tip makes for an intense pin-pointy sensation and if you press the scoop part against your clit it makes for a "deeper" sensation more like a rumbling vibe.
Definitely worth the investment!



I usually need a pretty strong vibrator to orgasm and even though this vibe is pretty small, it definitely lived up to the We-Vibe name. The texture is great too, I found the old one a bit too rubbery but this one is great! Would definitely recommend.


No complaints

Definitely recommend this product! For smooth motions, I use coconut oil so it's definitely made the whole experience enjoyable.



I purchased the original We-Vibe Touch and loved it. My only criticism was its rubbery material. This redesigned version with a smoother finish is fantastic! Much softer on my skin, dust doesn't cling to it and it's just as powerful as the original, if not more! Worth every penny! I highly recommend this product!