Water Slide Personal Lube in 8oz/236ml

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Works really well!

Would recommend this product.


the lube I use the most often

I really like that it is non-sticky. I use it for vaginal penetration and for male or female masturbation. It easy to clean the lube out of your skin. This is the lube I use the most often with my Gf.


Great product

Can't say anything bad about this product . works very well, very long lasting.

Product description

A completely innovative, ultra versatile lubricant from Earthy Body, Water Slide is a pure, natural addition to almost any sexual situation, adding extra, incredibly long lasting moisture where it's most needed.

Clear, non-staining and odor free, Slide can be added into your lovemaking routine effortlessly, it feels completely natural and in fact helps intensify the body's own lubrication, as the unique carrageenan (derived from seaweed) formula re-activates itself when it comes in contact with natural moisture. Aside from carrageenan, this lubricant contains purified water and natural propanediol- the paraben, glycerine and petroleum free formula is ideal for even the most sensitive skin, and is compatible with all toy materials and latex condoms. No animal testing. 

  • Size: 8 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Glycerin Free, Paraben Free, Unscented, Vegan Friendly

SKU: EB-004847 | UPC: 879959004847 | MPN: HPL008 (71)

SKU: EB-004847 | UPC: 879959004847 | MPN: HPL008 (71)

Earthly Body
Ratings / Reviews

A perfect lubricant

I purchased Waterslide Lube for dual purpose use, first as a bio lube to use with my wife and second for use with a variety of Pink Cherry toys. I have finally found a perfect multi use lubricant! It provides nothing less than the real feel during intercourse. It is exceptional for use with male masturbator toys, again providing real feel slip and slide pleasure. I recommend Waterslide Lube to everyone.


Great product, Amazing service

Ordered several times and am very pleased with the Customer Service. Quick delivery, free shipping over a certain amount .
As for the product, first rate lube, we have tried many others and always come back to waterslide. Safe and effective. Love it .


My Go To

I initially started out with a small bottle of this and found I enjoyed it a lot. Made it easier for any kind of penetration and I've found myself recommending it out to multiple people.
The pump makes it easier in the middle of sex, not going to lie.

Only con is my partner hates the taste of it.


The Best

Not sticky, goopy, or slimy feels very natural. No odour, and not much taste, but still a bit bitter.


Keeps It Wet!

I've tried many lubes over the years and this one is my favorite by far. No greasy or weighted feel like some of the others. Feels natural and keeps it nice and wet! Try it, you won't be disappointed.


Best product I have ever tried!

I am super sensitive due to allergies and fibro and after trying at least 35 different types of personal lubricants, this is my top choice. It's not greasy, doesn't get that sticky tacky feeling, and is easy to wash when you get it on cloths and sheets. I have moved to the Earthly Body line for everything from personal lube to skin lotions and bath products.



Works great


The best lube, period

Just a solid product. I've tried many others but this one is hands down the best. Long lasting, non irritating and a little goes a long way. I bought two bottles to make sure I'll be set up for a while! This stuff is hard to find in drug stores and is often sold out online so if you see it available, get it!


Best masturbation lube

It's so hard to explain! Other lubes I have tried seem to make things TOO slippery, and I can feel any friction.

Waterslide has the perfect balance of slippery, and friction. You feel like your equipment is slippery, not the lube.


Does the job, indeed.

Works well. I've never been the biggest fan of lubes, but my partner changed my mind. This stuff does the job, very well indeed.


Not great, but worth try

I've used better lubes, but this one definitely seems like a nice fit for couples...toys, 50/50. Nice price and worth a try for anyone looking for a water based.


Great lube

The best lube we ever use:) Not sticky and work well. If you have one to buy, take this one!!!!


Best lube I've ever used

This is slick without being sticky. A little goes a really long way, and it doesn't dry up or turn sticky with exposure to air. I bought a sample bottle the first time around, and it lasted almost a year because one drop is all you need.

As someone allergic to just about everything, I can happily say I didn't have a single reaction or side affect.

This will be my lube for life.


Best natural lube

Into favourite lube I've tried, order it consistently. Long lasting, mild/nice flavour, slick/not sticky.



After many different types of lube I finally found one that doesn't burn, itch or make me swell during or after use!
I won't use anything else!!
Love this product!


great lube

my GF is sensitive to lots of lubes and complains they burn, this one ... lets me just keep laying the pipe hard.


Slip sliding away..... as the song goes..!

Works like a treat and a great dispenser too.


Does the job.

Works great, and I prefer a pump bottle which this has.


I won't buy anything else!

This lubricant is the only one we buy!

Indeed it does need to be reapplied every-so often, but it's worth it. It's scent free and has never caused irritation for myself or my partner.

Glad to see it comes in a larger format!