XOXO Paddle in Black

Based On 34 Reviews

XOXO Paddle in Black

Based On 34 Reviews

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The paddle is amazing (Anonymous)

Love this paddle makes the impressions better than expected. :)

Fun time (Anonymous)

Husband and I wanted to try something new. Works great and is a nice change from the whip. Great price and it seems to be of good quality. Recommend!!!

XOXO (Anonymous)

Great paddle for a great price!

Product description

'Of course it's not just about the 'impression' my paddle leaves behind. The feel of the grip in the palm of my hand sends a thrill through my body. The sound it makes when it contacts my willing partner and the sound they make while receiving my attention, makes me hot with desire. The patterns the X's and O's form on the skin are erotic and become and ever-changing work of art to my eyes. The connection and power I share with my lovers remain in my mind much longer than the hugs and kisses stay on their skin.'

Firm, easily maneuverable and perfectly weighted, the XOXO paddle is a fun little addition to any playful bondage collection. Delivering light teasing smacks as well as firmer, stinging slaps, the perfect X's and O's cutout may just leave its mark. The core of the Crop is a firm, hardy ABS plastic with just enough flexibility, it's covered at tip and base with sexy leather-look vinyl fabric. Nickel free.

SKU: SS-100636 | UPC: 646709100636 | MPN: SS10063 (16)

SKU: SS-100636 | UPC: 646709100636 | MPN: SS10063 (16)

Ratings / Reviews

Kinky fun (Erin)

I love this paddle! It's just stiff enough to get the sting I love but not to much that it hurts in a bad way. Seeing the XOXO pattern on our skin makes it even more hot!!

Sting-tastic (E)

Her red bum only wanted more. ;)

hurts so good (Anonymous)

my partner enjoys spanking me so i figured hed have a blast with something like this and he did lol it does take a bit of force if you want the imprint left on your skin but once it is left behind it becomes something sexy to look at and a little memory of just how rough he can get

Spank-tacular (Bobby)

Bought this for the wife and I to play with and she loves it! And I can spank her ass quite a bit and there is no bruises. I would definitely buy it again!

Cute & Effective (ROK)

This smaller paddle does the trick while little a cute little imprint on the ass of whomever you use it on. No complaints here at all despite preferring to dish out punishment with my hands.

So Good It's Gone! (Kat)

This paddle is super sturdy and utterly satisfying. Challenging each other too see who could leave the "XOXO" is a great ice breaker for a hook up! It worked so well though that now the paddle just so happens to be missing. For this price and quality I don't mind reordering to have it in my life again.

Nice marks (Arthur)

Wanted to get a paddle as my lady friend said to me" if you are going to smack my ass, you better mean it".
So this was 1 of 2 items from Sex & Mischief and this was no disappointment. Was a little smaller than expected, but it did leave nice marks with the XOXO and the sound of it alone makes her wimper... great product

A Delicate Touch (Princess)

It's a very sweet paddle, nice to look at, light, I would for sure recommend for someone maybe a little afraid of to much pain, it's very gentle I find even when hit pretty hard, so for someone who would love to experience some sort of paddle play but feels worried, you should try this out. I am not disappointed I did ^__^

Good product (Bessie)

Loved the sting it packed. Just right

More intense than it looks (Anonymous)

Doesn't hurt as much as I had expected/hoped but is still very satisfying. Huge turn on! Awesome way to mix it up. Highly recommend trying it with some restraints!

Nice (Anonymous)

This gives just the right amount of sting for beginners. It is nice addition to our collection.

Xoxo (Tiffany)

Love love love this paddle, feels great in the hand and I take pleasure leaving xoxo on my playmate. A must buy for your collection.

fun to use (Kimberley)

We found this one to be great because it doesn't hurt just stings a little, and my partner thought it was really hot when the XO marked started showing up.

fun fun fun (Anonymous)

This is great for producing a lovely smacking sound without a lot of pain. I have a riding crop that is lacking in noise and this really makes a nice sound. Thought is would be a little bigger though.

Haven't tried it hard enough to leave "an impression", but I'm sure it would work just fine.

love it! (Kittie)

I am in love with this super cute paddle

Amazing!!!! (H)

I love this so much!! It feels great and it makes little X's and O's if you are slapped hard enough! Definitely a favourite in our bedroom!

Amazing (Thumper69)

This is a great paddle. I love that smack as I use it. Very well made and at a great price.

XOXO (Anonymous)

Great paddle, my partner and I love it. You have to hit pretty hard to leave an impression however.

That's a paddlin'! (Anonymous)

Great little paddle, works as advertised, and a good price. No complaints at all.

Perfect for my tooshy (Laura)

Have never used a paddle, but wanted to give it a try as I enjoy being spanked. Added this to our order as it was a good price and thought it would compliment our bondage kit. The paddle is perfect and even when being used hard has just the right amount of pain to be pleasurable. Really enjoy using it as a starter paddle, may up grade soon.

Great (Anonymous)

Good for the price and leaves lovely marks

Worth it! (Anonymous)

Smaller than I'd expected, but it's a new favourite, especially for the price!

Pretty good (C&K)

3 stars, but bumped to 4 stars due to the low price...
Not a huge amount of "feel" and the materials feel fairly low quality so I'm not sure how long this will last us... that said, for such a low price, it's well worth having in your range of toys.

Fun garantied (Anonymous)

bought this with my boyfriend wanted to try something new. We love it, Nice size, its cute and we dont regret our buy!!

Nice (Anonymous)

Decent quality and has a nice snap to it

Love the Paddle (Anonymous)

This is a great small paddle, well made, and the XOXO pattern is a cute little addition!

omg it hurts so good (Mary)

Absolutely love the sting of this paddle.

Good (Anonymous)

This product is worth it, very happy!

XOXO Paddle in Black (Anonymous)

Good and low price

Fun (Anonymous)

Good and solid at a good price