XTend It Kit Realistic Penis Extender in Brown

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wife enjoyed it feels real for her

I liked that it gave the feeling of someone new for her while it is still me. ;) it dose fit good and won't slip off. It will also make you last longer a lot longer.


give her that full feeling

i bought this extension to replace the plastic feeling ones we had. the wife instantly loved it. it feels more real then cyber skin and is a little softer. with this i was able to just fit it all in her. gave her that full bottomed out feeling, but is soft enough to feel great when it bottoms out. she has hard screaming orgasms on this one. its a keeper. warning: you will be tired and worn out before the night is over.



It feels so real and my husband really enjoys using it as well very stimulating for both us. A must have for the toy box.

Product description

Offering three possible extension options along with a touch virtually undetectable from true skin, Doc Johnson's XTend It Kit provides an effortless way to increase pleasure using a thicker, more filling length.

Conforming snugly and securely to the penis, the ULTRASKYN sheath rolls on smoothly to fully surround shaft and head- before inserting the cock in question. A default tip automatically lends a firm full inch- steadying the XTend over the natural head of the penis. Included in the Kit is a 2 inch insertable extension that can be slipped inside with a little help from the included powder, totaling 3 inches of extra reach when all's said. Those 2 inches can be halved for an added 2 inches total, simply snip the extension down the middle at the pre-measured seam. Full usage instructions inside.

Easy to clean and maintain, the XTend requires a simple scrub in warm soapy water after use. Always enjoy a great-quality water based lube with this and all ULTRASKYN  toys, it'll help keep the revolutionary material strong and lasting. Phthalate free. Made in the USA.

SKU: DJ-0730-02-BX | UPC: 782421022754 | MPN: 0730-02-BX (22)

SKU: DJ-0730-02-BX | UPC: 782421022754 | MPN: 0730-02-BX (22)

Doc Johnson
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Very good product she liked it and rode it. Good feel for her an for me. Pros. I came too because I could still feel the friction , she liked the feel. Cons. The head is built in so there is a slight gap between you and the head. But once your in its great


Loved it

Flimsy at tip and the two add in are to narrow. It looks like a two headed Monster cause ur dick head is bigger then it s. She loved the hell though so that s all that matters!!!!



My girlfriend lost all motor functions when I wore it and used it on her. She used to have control over me simply with her clenching, now the EXTENDINATOR allows me to last much longer (pun intended) which gives me the play time advantage.


Great fit

These are excellent. The only one you can custom fit and tailor to your liking. The tip takes a bit to warm up, but you can work around that. Recommended.


Kinda fun

Its a good product depending on what you want out of it. Its soft and feels great with no smell. But its so soft that you cant go very hard with it. If you wanna go slow and feel bigger try this. If you wanna feel big and go hard try something else.


We both liked it.

We were really impressed. It is really soft and doesn't feel cold and rubbery. The inserts are useless. But she came quick.


looks and feels real

Looks and feels as close to the real thing as you can get


Wife and I love it

Works great and wife loves it.... look forward to trying others in the future.



Got this to change things up for my wife she loves it and it's easy to use. She also puts them on some of her toys to make them longer or thicker or softer.


Great Product

Fantastic product. Ultra realistic size and shape. Take extra caution when taking it off however..I removed it after the first use and accidentally dug my nail into the inner wall causing a small tear. If you are anything other than albino i recommend the brown over white as it matched my skin tone perfectly. Wife loved it


Good, product, but not perfect.

This is actually my second one of these. My first one was the black version and it was good, but didn't last very long. It started to crack and split on the inside even after following the care instructions. Looks like this one is also showing the signs after a couple uses. They're not designed to last forever, but I'm hoping to get a bit more fun out of it. The first lasted maybe five uses before the inner lining split too much. The wife likes it and it does feel very real. It warms up nice and is very realistic. It also has a nice weight to it. The only complaints are the lack of longevity and the slight plasticky scent. I recommend this product if you find it on sale.


Great addition to the tickle trunk!

Wife really loved the extra size. A lot of fun watching her body react to being nicely filled up. Added bonus was that hubby still got some stimulation in the process. Very realistic feeling.



This was amazing. Easy to use, easy to set up. Feels good inside, and more importantly, the woman will feel your body temp. which makes the extent. feel warm like you. Wife loved it, using it again!