Myth Busted: Male Ejaculation is Needed for Pleasure

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PinkCherry Myth About Male Ejaculation


Exactly how do men feel pleasure during sex? If you think male ejaculation is the only way, think again. In fact, most men can feel extremely satisfied from other methods that don't require ejaculating. And men who orgasm without ejaculation can be multi-orgasmic, maintaining their sexual energy, desire and confidence for longer periods of time. Anal stimulation for men is just one of the many alternatives that can provide immense and intense levels of pleasure.


We're debunking the myth that suggests male ejaculation is the only option as we explore the truth about anal orgasms for men. Knowing more about this fun form of sexual play can spice up your time in the bedroom and give you more options to keep things hot and heavy with your partner. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about anal stimulation for men

Male Ejaculation vs. Orgasm

It's time we let you in on a little secret — having an orgasm and ejaculating are two different things. They're often confused as the same because they typically occur simultaneously for men. In fact, many men who associate the two as one in the same will stop trying to orgasm if they have trouble ejaculating. But, regardless of whether a man ejaculates, nerves will normally carry signals of arousal and pleasure to the brain. 

Additional Ways to Feel Pleasure Without Male Ejaculation

We're here to tell you non-ejaculatory time in the bedroom can feel ah-mazing. If you're looking to turn up the heat and then some, we recommend the following methods:


  • Sensual massage. Never underestimate the power of touch! Take time to really discover your partner (or yourself) and learn what spots feel the most erotic. With a sensual massage, you can take your partner to the edge as you explore (and conquer) them. We recommend starting at the top and working your way down, down, down... 
  • Withholding. Learning to control male ejaculation can be quite the challenge, but it's oh so satisfying. The trick is to perform Kegel exercises in the bedroom. When you feel yourself getting close to finishing, contract your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle and squeeze your penis. Get ready for shortened breath, pulsing heartbeats and the point of no return. The best part? You can repeat this method over and over for multiple orgasms!

What Is an Anal Orgasm for Men?

An anal orgasm for men is just what it sounds like — an orgasm achieved by anal stimulation like touching, fingering, licking and penetration. It's also the most popular way for a man to feel sexual pleasure without ejaculating. A common misconception is that anal stimulation for men is only meant for sex between gay men. And we're here to tell you that if you think that's the case, you're missing out on a butt-load of pleasure (pardon the pun). Anal pleasure isn't limited to sexual orientation and can (and should) be enjoyed by anyone wanting to go in the backdoor. Just be sure to lube up!

The Prostate

Also referred to as the P-spot, the prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut located just below the bladder. You may know that it creates seminal fluid and helps sperm prosper after they're released from the penis. A fun fact that's lesser known is the prostate can actually produce powerful anal orgasms for men

How Do You Find the Prostate?

The prostate can be located internally or externally. While both ways can feel mind-blowing, it comes down to you and your partner's comfort level. 


The anus provides the most direct way to the P-spot. It's located about two inches inside the rectum, which is approximately the length of the average pointer finger's knuckle. 


As a less penetrative option, this method can be a great alternative for you or your partner. Located between the scrotum and the anus, the perineum (or "taint") can help provide amazing anal stimulation for men and can pleasure the prostate indirectly. You'll know you've found it when you feel a soft, slightly pointed surface that feels like the tip of a nose. 

Guide to Anal Stimulation for Men

Ready to get started with some backdoor fun? Well, you can't just go in there all willy-nilly. We've got some tips and best practices to help you get things going safely and comfortably to get the most out of anal orgasms for men.

1. Get Consent

If you'd like your partner to join in, it's crucial that you make sure they're on board too. As with any other form of sex, never just assume you have permission unless you've talked about it. Nobody wants anything just sprung upon them back there, trust us. 

2. Check Your Hands

We're all about getting down and dirty in the bedroom but, when it comes to good prostate health, you can never be too clean. Before sticking your hands anywhere, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and file your nails. Doing this will help avoid the spread of germs and illness. Plus, it's honestly just common courtesy.

3. Gather the Right Gear

There's no limit to the level of fun you can have with anal stimulation for men. The following materials are perfect to have on hand when you want to get frisky round back.


  • Wipes. These will help you freshen up before and after anal play. 
  • Barrier protection. If you're considering the penetration route, we recommend putting on a condom (or latex gloves if you're using your fingers). Doing this will help further prevent the spread of bacteria. 
  • Lube. Forget the phrase "Less is more!" When it comes to anal stimulation for men, the more lube, the better. 
  • Anal toys. Sex toys for men aren't a necessity to get things steamy but they can definitely add to the fun. Whether you want to bead it up or take a different approach, anal toys can really help you get things going. 

4. Set the Mood

It's best to play with the prostate when a person is fully relaxed and aroused. You can get to this point with a sensual massage, hot shower, foreplay or anything that turns you or your partner on. Have a sex playlist that makes your partner absolutely melt? Turn that bad boy on!

5. Have Fun

Start off by externally massaging the prostate with the tips of your index and middle fingers. We recommend rubbing, stroking and pressing the perineum. You'll find different pressures and speeds will cause different sensations. Along the way, you can pleasure other parts of the body by stroking the penis or lightly squeezing the balls. After this foreplay, apply lube to your finger(s) and proceed to slowly insert a finger into the anus by an inch or two. Move it in an upward motion toward the front of the body and locate the prostate. Once you've found it, curve your finger in a repeated "come here" motion. This will help to fully engage anal stimulation for men and make them putty in your hands.

Achieve Anal Stimulation for Men with Help from PinkCherry

It's true — ejaculating can be a great way for a man to experience sexual pleasure. But it's not the only way. When you explore anal stimulation for men, you open up a world of toe-curling, mind-blowing sexual experiences. PinkCherry is here to debunk sex myths like this one and more to help you ahieve incredible anal orgasms for men. Our male mastubators and sex toys for men are the perfect tools to keep things exciting and take you or your partner to the very edge. It's time to get it on with the help of our top-quality products. Shop our selection today! 



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