Bead It Up: How To Use Anal Beads The Right Way

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Bead It Up: How To Use Anal Beads The Right Way 


Before exploring this new area, many people find themselves asking "does anal sex hurt?" The short answer is, not if you're doing it right. While we wouldn't necessarily say that there's a "wrong" way to play with anal beads (as long as it’s consensual and a ton of lubricant is involved!), you might be curious about how to properly use anal beads for your sexual pleasure. Truth be told, with the many benefits of anal sex, as long as the stimulation feels good to you and anyone else involved, that's as right as it can be! That said, we do have a few tips to help you "bead it up" for the best butt play possible. So, as you read this guide, make sure you leave your mind — and your back door — open!


Which Anal Beads Should You Choose?

Choosing the "right" anal beads typically comes down to personal preference. Some people like a vibrating anal beads. Some like small anal beads, whereas others prefer large anal beads. Others like to go big or go home. But you won't know what really gets you off until you play around with these anal toys. For most, it's a good idea to start small and work your way up. Many sets come equipped with gradually increasing sizes, often on the same strand! So get comfortable at the beginner level using the smallest bead, then move up at your own pace.

When picking out your first set of anal beads (and any beads that may come after) stick to high-quality phthalate-free materials like silicone, elastomer, and PVC,  like many of the butt play essentials in our anal sex toy selection. You want them to look sexy, of course, but before getting intimate, verify that there are no jagged edges or other defects that could hurt you upon anal insertion. And always make sure there's a loop, handle or stopper on the end for safety. Pulling anal beads out is a ton of fun unless there's a doctor on the other end.


How Do You Use Anal Beads For The Ultimate Orgasm?

Okay, it's time to learn how to insert anal beads. Whether you want to go it alone or jump right into butt play with a partner, it's time to open up that back door. As with any first-time experimentation, it's important to stay relaxed and in touch with your partner when learning how to have an anal orgasm. If you get uncomfortable, don't be afraid to say so! No one knows how to use anal beads by instinct — it's a delicate, and sexy, learning process. 


Don’t Skip Out On the Lube

So, is anal sex safe? When it comes to using anal beads safely, you’ll want to keep things slippery. Like any anal sex toy, you want to use plenty of water based lube with your beads. Thicker lubes made specifically for anal play tend to stick a little better, but always check the ingredients to make sure the lubricant is compatible with your toy. When learning how to prepare for anal play, make sure to lubrcicate all of the beads, as well as your entryway, well-lubricated before diving in. Trust us — hitting a dry spot is no fun.


Put Them In Slowly

Like we said before, you want to insert anal beads starting with the smaller beads, but you also want to start slow. Ease the first bead in, and soak up all the sensations that come with penetration. Keep your anus or rectum spread as you slowly insert another bead and maybe another if you're feeling saucy. And while the anal beads might be the focus, don't ignore your other erogenous zones.


Leave Them In

Using anal beads is a marathon, not a sprint. Once you've got them in, it can be a lot of fun to leave them there. While the true pleasurable sensation is yet to come, you can build so much sensual anticipation by leaving your anal beads in while you masturbate or engage in intercourse — the new sensation might even make it feel like the first time!


Come As You Are

The best part about using anal beads is pulling them out. That's when you'll get the full rush of powerful and pleasurable sensation that comes from tickling those nerve endings in the anus. And just like you put them in slowly, do the same when you pull them out. It's not a lawnmower after all! Fast and aggressive won’t work here. But when is the best time to do it? Easy — right as you climax. Whether it's done by you or your partner, pulling out anal beads during an orgasm can take you over the edge and up into a new sensual stratosphere.


Keep Those Beads Clean

As with any anal sex toy, once the butt play is over, you have to keep things clean. Always follow the cleaning instructions for your particular set of anal beads. If you’re not sure what they are, many materials can be simply washed well using lots of warm soapy water. Silicone, glass and stainless steel butt toys can be boiled or wiped with a mild bleach solution for a reliable clean. Whichever method you’re using, it won’t hurt to add a quality anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure you've removed any remaining dirt or harmful matter.


Start Your Anal Bead Adventure

Now that you know how to use anal beads, it's time to pick out a set and start playing! Lucky for you, PinkCherry has a wide selection of anal beads to choose from, whether you're a beginner looking for an anal training kit or a butt play expert looking for something more advanced. We even have a collection of vibrating bead anal toys if you want to feel a little rumble down under. So,  shop our collection of anal sex toys now, and find out why so many people swear by these probing anal pleasures!



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