Myth Busted: Can You Orgasm Without an Erection?

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PinkCherry Sex Myth About Orgasm Without Erection


Sex is meant to be one of the most enjoyable experiences on earth. But if you occasionally struggle with keeping it up in the bedroom, it can be discouraging when it's gametime. Whether this impotence is caused by erectile dysfunction or you're simply having a bad night, it may seem like having an orgasm without an erection is impossible. However, this type of thinking can mess with one's head and further discourage yourself from achieving that blissful, coveted climax.


So, can a man come without being hard? Absolutely! As a part of our Myth Busted series, this article will debunk the theory that you can't have an orgasm without an erection

Why People Think You Can't Orgasm Without an Erection

This myth has been around for quite some time, and, to be honest, it's not hard (no pun intended) to understand why. After all, porn and pop culture have led us to believe that sex must always end in a grand finale that causes our penis to be rock hard and ejaculate in pure ecstasy. And, when we can't get it up or keep our erection going strong throughout the bedroom tango, we often give up because we genuinely believe that we cannot come. So, why wouldn't somebody believe that you can't orgasm without an erection? Unfortunately, when we think this myth is the truth, it instills thoughts of stress and embarrassment. With that inner turmoil, we may no longer have the sex drive or confidence to finish strong while hooking up with our partner. 

How Can a Man Come Without Being Hard?

While it may not be in the traditional sense of climaxing, a full-body orgasm is still possible with the proper tools and techniques, whether they're with a partner or going at it solo. These orgasms can be just as intense as what you experience after thrusting or tugging away at your penis for a long time, possibly more. Here are three ways you can have an orgasm without an erection:

1. Full-Body Erotic Massage

If you can't get hard, your partner can treat you to an intimate, full-body erotic massage to get things going. Sometimes, this may lead to you pitching a tent, but if it doesn't that's perfectly okay. First, have your partner lather you up with some massage oil (or latex-friendly lube if you plan on having sex) and then have them work their way up and down your body, focusing on the erogenous areas. They should consistently change the firmness and speed of their touch and aim to massage where you're feeling the most pleasure to get the best results. After an intense session, that male full-body orgasm will take hold of your physique and make you feel complete euphoria, whether or not you ejaculate.

2. Indulge in Anal Play

Did you know that great anal play can potentially access your prostate (also known as the male G-Spot or P-spot) and lead to a male full-body orgasm? We understand that some may be turned off by the idea of anal pleasure, but it can make a significant difference in how much satisfaction you can get with or without an erection. At PinkCherry, we offer a phenomenal lineup of toys for anal to help anybody get off. While they all offer different kinds of benefits or features, the important thing for beginners is to take things slowly and use plenty of lube. If it feels weird at first, don't worry — this is normal and anal stimulation may take some getting used to. Check out our Beginner's Guide to Anal for some tips to get started.

3. Experiment with Other Sex Toys

If you don't like anal play, there are other sex toys for men to help you achieve an orgasm without an erection. For example, you can order toys to stimulate your nipples or tease your testicles to excite you and lead to a male full-body orgasm. And you can even purchase penis extender or  penis pump to enhance your erection and build confidence for your next hookup.

Achieve a Full-Body Orgasm with Sex Toys from PinkCherry

We know that you may be feeling frustrated, but there's nothing wrong with short or long-term impotence. Ultimately, you can still have an orgasm without an erection, but it will require you to relax and lose the stress if you can't get it up. PinkCherry has a solid selection of male masturbators (including pocket pussies and auto strokers), penis enhancement products and other items to help you and your partner experience an incredible orgasm every time. Get the sexual satisfaction you both deserve by shopping our selection of sex toys today!


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