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Celebrate Steak And Blowjob Day With PinkCherry


Let us introduce you to the wondrously decadent (and delightfully dirty) holiday you never knew you needed: National Steak and BJ Day — yes, it is, in fact, a thing. Steak and Blowjob Day is celebrated a month after Valentine's Day on March 14th. The idea is simple: After satisfying their partners on Valentine's Day, men get "rewarded" with a day that is all about them. It's simple, straight-to-the-point and pretty fantastic if you ask us. 


So, to make sure your Steak and BJ Day is one to remember, we're walking you through how to cook steak to perfection and offering a few key blowjob techniques that will leave your partner blissfully satisfied and "cumming" back for more. 

How to Cook a Steak That Will Have Him Salivating for More

Tenderize his loins this March 14th with a perfectly cooked steak. Our No. 1 rule: Keep it savory, simple and extra juicy. Wanna amp up Steak and Blowjob Day? Slip into a sexy role play outfit while you're cooking, and he won't be able to keep his hands off you. 

1. Prepare The Steaks

First, you'll want to allow your thawed steaks to come to room temperature. We suggest letting them rest on the counter for at least one to two hours. We'll season the steaks a little later. 

2. Preheat The Pan

Next, heat a griddle, frying pan or heavy skillet over high heat. It should smoke just a small amount once it's adequately heated. Keep in mind that if the pan is too hot, the outside of the steak will burn before the inside is even done. And if the pan is too cold, the steak will be tough. Searing heat is necessary for creating that delicious crust you love on your steak. 

3. Get Your Searin' On

Right before you place the steaks into the preheated pan, heavily season one side of each with good old salt and pepper. Place the seasoned sides directly onto the pan. If your steaks sizzle, it's a good indicator that the pan is hot, heavy and ready-to-go. 

4. Get Cookin' Good Lookin'

At this point, you'll want to cook the steaks to you and your partner's liking. Keep in mind: cook times will vary based on the cut and thickness of your steak.


  • Rare: Cook 1 to 3 minutes per side.
  • Medium Rare: Cook 2 to 4 minutes per side.
  • Medium: Cook 3 to 5 minutes per side.
  • Medium Well: Cook 4 to 5 minutes per side. 
  • Well-Done: Cook 6 minutes per side.


Before you flip your steaks, you'll want to season the unseasoned sides. And about halfway through cooking, spoon a few tablespoons of butter and herbs onto the steak. This makes a hot baste for finishing the steak. Continue flipping the steak until you've reached the desired doneness. Gently press the steak with the tip of your finger — preferably in a super seductive way if your partner is watching — to test if they're ready. A rare steak should be soft, well-done should be firm and medium should be somewhere in the middle. 

5. Let the Steaks Take a Breather

Once your steaks are done, remove them and let them rest. Allowing the meat to rest properly is just as important as the cooking process as it gives the steak that moist and tender taste all the way through. Place the steaks on a cutting board or rack and cover them with foil. Remember, it's always better to over-rest steaks than to under-rest them. Plus, this downtime is an excellent opportunity to start engaging in...other Steak and BJ Day festivities.


  • Rare: Rest for 6 to 8 minutes.
  • Medium rare: Rest for 5 minutes.
  • Medium: Rest for 4 minutes.
  • Medium Well: Rest for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Well-Done: Rest for 1 minute.



Blowjob Techniques That Will Leave Him Completely Satisfied

Let's be honest — we could all use a few pointers when it comes to going down on our partners. There's always room for improvement, and we're not ashamed to admit it. The following are just a few blowjob techniques to keep in mind this March 14th to make sure your partner is getting the most out of this most sacred of days. 

1. Enthusiasm Is Everything

A good blowjob requires passion and enthusiasm. Your partner can definitely tell when you're sucking to get it over with instead of to get him off. Have fun with it and don't overthink it. Simply gazing into his eyes as you blow his...mind can provide an incredibly hot visual he'll never forget. Stay focused and concentrate for the entirety of your time down south. Remember, just the fact that you're being selfless and taking the time for your partner is inherently sexy. 

2. Keep the Teeth at Bay

The one thing that can take a blowjob from incredible to disastrous is letting your teeth take control. When performing a blowjob this Steak and BJ Day, teeth aren't invited. Pretend you're eating a Popsicle with sensitive teeth. You'll want to use your tongue, as well as your upper and back palate, to create a soft cave devoid of the imminent threat of being bitten. To really tease your partner, slide your tongue around the head of the penis, around the ridge and under the shaft.

3. Lube Up


Cotton Candy Flavored Blowjob Lubricant


If you want to make fellatio a bit more enjoyable for you and your partner, don't forget to use flavored lube. The tasty flavor means you can provide an even more passionate blowjob while the lubricant delivers a wet and pleasurable sensation. The best flavored lube can truly enhance the experience for everyone.

4. Get Handsy

Don't feel limited to using your mouth when performing a blowjob — get your hands in there! Stroke your partner's penis when you need a little breather, or hold the base of his member with one hand while you focus your sucking on the tip. 


A simple trick is to make an "O" shape with your hand around their penis, directly under your lips. Then, shifting from slow to fast, move your hands and mouth together in one rocking motion. And don't forget about the balls on Steak and Blowjob Day! While you're sucking on your partner's penis, gently play with their balls or use a vibrator for a totally different sensation. 

5. Get Deep

If you can, try to get your partner's penis or strap-on as deep into your mouth and throat as you can. Take it slow and breathe. If you can't get it all the way in, don't stress. The ridge just below the head of the penis is the most sensitive, so as long as you focus on that, they'll be happy. 


Once you reach the finish line, begin to increase the speed of your mouth and hand. He will literally feel you pulling the orgasm right from him. At this point, begin to make swallowing motions by pressing your tongue to the shaft and relaxing your lips. Moaning sounds are always a plus. 


And that's it — the big finish! 


Happy Steak and BJ Day from your friends at PinkCherry!

Riding this holiday solo? You don't have to sit out on the fun! Sear up a steak and use a mouth masturbator for your very own special evening. And don't worry, ladies, Cake and Cunnilingus Day is April 14th, so your oral holiday is just around the corner!

Celebrate Steak and BJ Day with the Help of PinkCherry

This Steak and Blowjob Day, make sure you're well-stocked with the best masturbators and lingerie to make it an evening he won't soon forget. March 14th is all about him, so shop PinkCherry for high-quality sex toys, lubes and more at affordable prices. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out. We want all of our customers to enjoy and finish strong — every time. 



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