Christmas Sex: The Best Way to Make Your Bells Jingle

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PinkCherry Merry Christmas Sex Toy Guide


The holiday season is upon us once again, so it's time for your days to be sexy and bright! Yeah, we said that right. Christmas sex is a fantastic gift that you and your partner can both enjoy, leaving you feeling merry long after St. Nick wraps up his yearly route. But we know your brain is already fried from coming up with gift ideas for your cavalcade of coworkers, family, friends and white elephant gift exchanges, so we have a sackful of Christmas sex positions for inspiration (and enjoyment). 


The Advent Calendar

Who says you have to wait until December 25th for Christmas sex? You can make a month-long sextravaganza with an advent calendar filled with Christmas sex positions to try each day...and some chocolate, too.  

Of course, it doesn't have to be sex positions exclusively. You could also include foreplay or just built-in time for other holiday fun: try doing a sensual massage, baking cookies together (adding extra fun with the frosting) or cuddling up on the couch for your favorite Christmas movie. You could even get those chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Or the crackling fireplace special on Netflix. Whichever way you choose to step up your advent calendar, you're sure to have a month full of joy!


The Candy Cane


Nothing makes a spirit bright quite like Christmas BJs! Give your partner's penis (or vagina, but penis works better for the sake of the metaphor) some oral attention with the festive Candy Cane move. But how do you add that great candy cane flavor to give your partner a peppermint pecker? Easy! Pick up some flavored lube and slather it on for a sweet treat that'll keep you both coming back for more. 

PinkCherry carries all sorts of festive flavors that are perfect for the occasion: Raspberry Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, & Salted Caramel! We have plenty of fruity flavors as well if that's more your taste, from juicy Strawberry to poppin' cherry. We're sure you'll find something that'll tickle your taste buds...and a whole lot more.


Santa's Lap (Dance)

Hop up on Santa's lap this Christmas and he's sure to take you for a wild ride. Whether you're going for foreplay or the main act, a lap dance is sure to heat things up quicker than a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Sit your partner down and straddle them sweetly or grind into them while facing the same direction for a more traditional dance. You can always do both positions for an extra special experience!

You can even make your performance all the more special by wrapping up in some festive lingerie. Thigh high stockings, plenty of red and a Santa hat to top it off will make for the perfect Christmas sex ensemble. 


Reindeer Games

What exactly are reindeer games? In the case of you and your partner, it's a festive name for classic doggy style. So turn your partner around and get down to it! They can be on their hands and knees or laying down flat on the bed, couch or wherever your games may take you. Throw on some antlers or a bright red nose to really lean into the roleplay.

Don't have a penis but still want in on the fun? Add a strap on dildo to your wish list! PinkCherry carries strap ons of all shapes, sizes and colors, so as long as you ask nicely, you're sure to find a special something in your stocking that you and your partner will enjoy from now till New Years...and beyond!


The Stocking Stuffer

Take your classic missionary up a notch with this very merry Christmas sex position. While your partner kneels in front of you or stands at the edge of the bed, put up your legs so they're on their shoulders. To make yourself feel extra snug, you can also put both of your legs on one side. In this tighter, closed position, remember to use plenty of your favorite lube to keep things gliding like reindeer through a frosty moonlit night. 


All Wrapped Up

Playful Furry Cuffs with Keys in Pink

In the mood for a little bondage play? Have some ribbon left to spare? You've got yourselves a night of fun that just might land you on the naughty list. Use the ribbon (or a great set of cuffs!) to tie your partner's wrists together or bind them to the bed — just be sure you haven't tied them too tightly, and be communicative of any discomfort that may come up. Then, it's time to have sexy fun until the sugar plums start dancing in your head.


Misfit Toys

We-Vibe Moxie+ Wearable Clitoral Vibe

This one is our personal favorite: choose any of the Christmas sex positions above and add some sex toys to the mix! For example, you can stuff your stocking in more ways than one if you add anal beads to the equation. And light bondage play can get even more fun with couples vibrators, which can be controlled by one partner while the other is bound and receiving pleasure so grand they just might start carolling. You can even give yourself some holiday cheer with vibrators, dildos and masturbators! Whether you're with a partner or on your own, the opportunities for great Christmas sex are as unique and numerous as the snowflakes falling outside your window. Have fun with it!


Get Your Christmas Sex Toys from PinkCherry

Santa's workshop doesn't hold a candle to the volume and variety of adult sex toys to be found in PinkCherry's wide selection. Wondering which ones might be best for your Christmas sex adventures? Check out our article on sexy Christmas gifts so you and your partner can have a not-so-silent night. Be the ultimate Santa to your special someone today.






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