Do Penis Sleeves & Extenders Work?

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Do Penis Sleeves/Extenders Work


Whether you or a partner are dealing with erectile dysfunction, want some extra length and/or support during sex, or just like to experiment, a penis sleeve or extender sex toy might be what you’re looking for.


There are all sorts of sleeves and extender sex toys to choose from, and many of these sexy accessories have found their way into bedrooms far and wide. At this point, you’re probably asking: so, do penis sleeves and penis extenders work? Let’s learn more about them.


While the terms “penis sleeve” and “penis extender” may be used interchangeably, both devices are slightly different by definition. Here’s how to tell the difference between the two the next time you plan on purchasing one or more for your next romp between the sheets.


Do They Actually Work?

If you're asking "do penis sleeves work?" or "do penis extenders work?" The good news is that, yes, both work well. However, it depends on the purpose that you want them to fulfill.


Is your goal to please your partner? If so, then yes. Do you want to overcome erectile dysfunction without resorting to medications? Perfect! They’ll work nicely for that, too.


The dual goals of penis sleeves and penis extenders is to harden and strengthen the penis, while at the same time, adding necessary penile length that is oh-so-pleasing. They can also serve as a penetrator (in the case of strap-ons) for people who don’t own a penis. 


How Does a Penis Sleeve Work

So what is a penis sleeve? Also known as a cock sleeve, a penis sleeve is a sex toy that covers or stands in for a penis. There are several different types, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you or your partner. Although most wearable penis sleeves are different in design, many have one thing in common - a soft, stretchy material that can be easily and comfortably slipped over your or your partner’s penis to add girth for sexual intercourse.


How Does a Penis Extender Work

If you’ve ever wondered how to extend your penis, look no further. A penis extender, or cock extender, is designed to do what the name implies: extend the penis length through various means. You can add on inches with a full sleeve or sheath design that fits over the penis or choose an enhancer that fits around the base and makes an erect penis harder than usual. Many of these extenders closely resemble penis sleeves.


3 Reasons Why You Should Try a Penis Sleeve/Extender

So, why should you try a penis sleeve or penis extender? There are many reasons why you should add a sexy sleeve or extender to your sex toy shopping list. Not only can these wearable sex toys help solve erectile dysfunction issues, but they also help you please your partner (in more ways than one) as you experiment sexually.


Here are three reasons you may want to indulge in a penis sleeve or penis extender:

1) Say Bye Bye to Erectile Dysfunction Effects

Struggling with a flaccid penis during foreplay or sexual intercourse? Rather than rely on medication in order to overcome erectile dysfunction, you may choose to use either a penis sleeve or extender as a temporary solution. Some of these very functional sex toys/tools can help you or your partner keep an erect penis for longer. Others completely cover sensitive penis areas, so the chances of a too-fast finish are lessened. Of course, erectile dysfunction can sometimes be a symptom of something more serious, so we also encourage you to check in with your doctor as well. 


2) Your Partner Is Sure to Enjoy 

Thanks to the many different options available, from penis sleeves with built-in vibrators and plenty of stimulating bumps and ridges, to strap-ons, it’s easy to find the best combination to please your partner. After all, sharing is caring!


3) Why Not Have a Little Fun in the Bedroom?

Sex is supposed to be fun! Even if you’re not dealing with any medical, physical, or biological reasons that would necessitate the use of a penis sleeve or extender, you can still bring one or two into the bedroom for a change of pace. Give these sex toys a whirl, and you might just find that your sex life is better when both you and your partner test out something new. 


Go the Extra Penile Mile 

As you can see, penis sleeves and penis extenders serve a very important – and erotic – purpose in your sex life. Not only can they make a penis appear and feel longer, or serve as one altogether, in the case of a strap-on, but they also provide plenty of enjoyment for your partner as well. It all comes down to choosing the one that fits you best and has the features that your partner enjoys.


So, indulge (or strap on) a penis extender or penis sleeve, and have your partner hang on for the ride of their life. For tips and tricks on using these sex toys, check out our blog on how to use a penis sleeve and extender.

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