How to Use a Penis Extender/Sleeve

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How to Use a Penis Extender/Sleeve


Do you feel as though your penis size is inadequate? Or are you simply wanting to experiment a bit in the bedroom?A penis sleeve or extender is definitely something to consider.These adult sex toys do all of that and more, as they are designed to handle multiple purposes and help you out in those hot and heavy, oh-so-sexy moments.


So, what is a penis sleeve? Put simply, it’s a sleeve or sheath that fits over your or your partner’s penis.  A penis extension sleeve has a ton of great uses, the most obvious being  it’s ability to add penile length and girth.  Once in place, it can help increase an erect penis’s length to create a larger looking and feeling penis. The age-old question of how to extend penis length may have just been answered! 


Besides helping with penis enlargement, an extender sleeve can also help with erectile dysfunction (no need for meds), or it can simply be a fun sex toy to use for extra stimulation. 


But how do you use them? We’ll show you how to get started, beginning at the beginning with the question: how to put on a penis sleeve?


How to Put on a Penis Sleeve

When it comes to using a penis sleeve and getting the most out of it, you want to learn you must know how to put on a penis sleeve properly. This way, you are one step closer to answering your burning question of “Do penis sleeves work?” You cannot just slip it on over your anatomy and hope for the best. That will lead to chafing and pain, which will prevent you from enjoying sex. Instead, you need to make sure that you protect yourself when wearing it and your partner. 


But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips for sliding into your penis sleeve and enjoying the ride.


Use Lube

You want to make sure to use lube both inside of the sleeve before you insert your penis into it, as well as on the exterior of it. The lube on the inside is designed to allow it to slip on easily. It also prevents any chafing from occurring during sex. Remember that even a properly fastened penis sleeve may move around slightly while you wear it, and any up and down or side to side motions may cause it to pull and tug at your skin, causing microtears and other damage if you do not have lubrication in place.


Fasten the Penis Sleeve in Place

On top of using plenty of lube inside of the toy, you also need to fasten it properly in place. The last thing that you want is to accidentally leave the penis sleeve in your partner due to it having slipped off during sex. That can hurt you and your significant other. The best solution is to choose a penis sleeve with loops that fasten over the testicles, holding it in place. Make sure that these loops are tightly fastened before you start getting hot and heavy and lost in the moment.


How to Use a Penis Sleeve

At first, glance, using a penis sleeve seems easy. After all, it is kind of like a natural penis, right? You simply insert it into your partner and go. In reality, however, things are a bit trickier than that. You need to make sure that you are not hurting your partner or yourself with improper movements, and, at the same time, you need to keep the sleeve from slipping off mid-coitus. So, how do you go about staying safe but also having fun? We recommend:


Setting the Mood

Whether you two enjoy music, a certain sexy space in your home, or specific details, like satin sheets and pillowcases, set them up before you begin your foreplay. It’s all about setting the mood and getting both of you ready to indulge in some sensual pleasure.


Focusing on Foreplay

Before you insert your sleeve or extender-covered penis into your partner, take the time to get warmed up with some foreplay. This is not only fun for you, since you get to pleasure your partner, but you also can get some needed attention yourself. On top of that, this warms your partner up and gets their sexual juices flowing, so sex is not painful, no matter the size of the penis sleeve.


Moving Slowly

Once you are ready to insert your penis into your partner, take your time and move slowly. Do not try to ram your penis into them quickly, as that can lead to tearing and pain. The trick lies in inserting your penis inch by inch until it is fully sheathed in your partner. Go slowly and listen to the sounds that they make. If it seems as though it is hurting them, back up slightly and try a different angle. Don’t be afraid to go smooth and slow and tease them a bit.


Trying Different Positions

Speaking of different angles, you may find that certain positions, such as them on top or both of you lying on your sides, leads to varying levels of pleasure. The more you experiment, the more likely you are to find a position that works and brings you both optimum pleasure.


Top Pleasure Tips for Using a Penis Sleeve

Now that you know more about penis extenders, let’s explore a few tips to know how to use a cock sleeve to fully satisfy your partner and yourself. Some of the top suggestions include:


Choose a Penis Sleeve That Allows for Plenty of Sensation

While the lumps, bumps, and ridges built into the sleeve can provide plenty of sensation for your partner, what about you? Picking a toy made of a thinner, more flexible silicone allows you to feel what is going on from the inside as well, allowing you to reach a satisfying climax (and that’s important).


Don’t Be Afraid of the Toy Falling Off

Although we have warned you that the penis sleeve may fall off during sex if it is not fastened correctly, this doesn’t mean that you should allow it to hamper your movements. Instead, behave as if you’re working with your standard equipment. Moving too cautiously will only lead to a less than stellar sexual experience.


As you can see, a penis sleeve or penis extender is designed for many different purposes, and it can lead to quite a bit of pleasure in the bedroom. No matter the reason behind purchasing and using this enhancement toy, make sure that you have fun with it. Otherwise, sex will seem like a chore – and no one wants that! So, give your partner an erotic ride on the “Penis Sleeve Pleasure Train,” and feel free to enjoy your ride as well.

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