4 Ways to Extend Your Penis Naturally

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4 Ways to Extend Your Penis Naturally


First off, your penis is fine! Great, even. Then again, your opinion is what matters most, so if you feel like it’s too small at times, we’ve got some simple, natural solutions to help out. Maybe you have your eye on some extra penile length, or maybe more thickness or girth is what you’re after. In either case, you’d probably like to know how to extend your penis to a size you’re happy with, right? 

What follows are some suggestions that have a great track record of working to help naturally size-up your penis. There are many different ways, from penis sleeves and stretching to help with erect length and penis girth to overall penile enlargement.  

As always, if you have any medical issues or serious concerns regarding your penis, please speak to your doctor. If not, you can look at some natural options.


1) Do Some Stretching

Stretching isn’t just for the gym! It can be possible to increase penile size using penile lengthening stretches? If you want to know how to lengthen your penis without having to see a doctor or take any kind of medication, then some stretching exercises might be worth trying. Yep, we’re serious. Penis stretching can help penile length! There are many stretches that you can do (carefully, of course) to slowly but surely add some crucial length and girth to your penis.

If you are interested in this penis enlargement method, here are some suggested stretches, all of which must be done while your penis is flaccid: 

  • A Simple Stretch: Grip your penis from the head and gently and slowly pull it upwards, holding it in place for ten seconds. Then, pull it to the right and hold it for another ten seconds, and then to the left, again, holding it for ten seconds. Relax for 30 seconds before repeating the motions one more time.
  • Jelq-ing A Penis: This stretch is called the jelq. Grip your penis from the base with your thumb and forefinger as if you were to begin masturbating. Instead of stroking up and down, squeeze the base of your penis between your fingers and hold it for ten seconds. Follow this by moving your thumb and forefinger upwards, keeping that same amount of pressure very slowly until you reach the head. Relax for a minute and then repeat the motions. (using lube can be greatly improve the comfort of this stretch.)
  • Grip and Pull with the Testicles: Another option is to place one hand at the base of the penis and the other at the head. Pull down on the balls while at the same time, pulling up at the head or glans, until you feel a slight stretch. Hold this position for ten seconds. Then, pull your penis to the left and do the same stretch, again holding it for ten seconds before repeating it to the right. As with the other stretches, relax for 30 seconds before repeating the stretching motions.


The stretches are not meant to be painful so pay attention o your grip. 


2) Creating an Optical Illusion

Is penis stretching or a penis exercise not what you had in mind to increase penis size? Are you wondering how to extend a penis without doing stretches or taking medications? You’re not alone, but luckily, there’s a useful trick that creates an optical illusion that does make the penis look larger. You just have to carefully remove all of the hair from your genital regions, particularly the hairs that grow on your testicles. 

How does this make your penis look bigger? Well, the hairs that naturally grow in that area cover the base of the penis, obscuring just how long it really is. When those hairs are removed, there is nothing left to cover the base, making the penis look larger, or at least, its natural length.

The only thing to worry about here is the fact that shaving this area takes some time and care, lest you end up with a very painful razor burn or a series of small cuts. Using good shaving cream and a sharp safety blade helps your manscaping efforts quite a bit.


3) Proper Use of a Penis Pump

Austin Powers definitely popularized the penis pump! Even though this device is used for laughs in the movie, penis pumps really work when it comes to enlarging the penis.

Penis pumps can help with erectile dysfunction and make the penis larger on a temporary basis. You just need to insert the tube over the penis, create a vacuum inside of the tube using the pumping device (this increases the blood flow in the penis, making it harder and longer), and then placing a cock ring or special restrictive rubber band over the base of the penis to keep the extra blood flow in place. And voila, now, you’re ready for sex!


4) Bring Out the Sex Toys

Sex toys are always a crowd-pleaser. And the even better news is that there are many different adult sex toys that can lengthen the penis or at least make it look bigger by forcing the blood to engorge it. For example, penis sleeves and extenders, as well as cock rings, can all get the job done. You just need to know how to use a penis sleeve and other sex toys correctly.

  • Penis Extender & Sleeves – So what is a penis sleeve exactly? A penis sleeve makes a natural penis longer by covering it entirely, adding length to the end and a little bit of width. There are two main types of penis sleeves – full ones, which cover the entire penis including the glans or head, and partials that allow the glans to peek out. Both can stretch the penis, making it longer, and fasten around the testicles, holding the toy in place during sex. A penile extender sleeve is a great choice for someone who wants to increase erect penis length for the illusion of a bigger penis.
  • Cock Rings – A cock ring can temporarily make the penis larger and thicker. When the ring is placed tightly over the testicles and the base of the penis, it helps keep it engorged with blood. As a result, the penis may be wider, longer, and firmer. Of course, as soon as the ring is removed (and it’s not good to leave them on for longer than 20 minutes at a time), blood flow will return to normal, and the penis will return to its natural size.


See, like we said, if you’re not happy with your penis length or girth, you’ve got options. Using one or more of these four methods, you won’t need to wonder or worry about how to extend a penis. If you’re wondering “Do penis sleeves work?” make sure you experiment, because something that works for someone else may not work for you! Think about what option bests suit your needs and get ready for some of the hottest, most pleasurable sex you’ve ever had! Because let’s be honest, when you feel bigger, it’s just better.


More information on how to stretch safely, the effectiveness of penis stretching and the effectiveness of penis enlargement products here.  


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