Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Bigger?

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Does Apple Juice Make Your Penis Bigger?


In a world that seems to constantly tell people that bigger penises are better (which is not actually true, but that’s a whole other conversation), it can be tempting to listen to folks who say that you can increase the size of your penis simply by consuming something found at every local supermarket. With that in mind, the internet seems to have seized onto a myth (yep, it’s a myth!) that apple juice can somehow increase penis size. 

Today we’re going to talk about where this myth comes from, and how it is not at all accurate.



The origin of “does apple juice make your penis bigger” myth is, in short, the internet. It’s a combination of clickbait headlines on viral videos, a satirical article, and a whole lot of memes. That’s really it. The idea that drinking apple juice can lead to penis enlargement seems to be an invention of the internet. And, as we know, the internet has the ability to turn into a poorly executed game of telephone with information being spread, one person to the next, without ever really being fact-checked. 


Fact vs Fiction

Brass tacks: there is no beverage or food that will make your penis bigger and there certainly is not any evidence that anyone really believes in the endowment expanding properties of apple juice. Frankly, apart from surgery, there really isn’t anything that can be done to permanently change the size of a penis. There are some props or exercises to make your penis bigger and there are definitely grooming choices that can maximize the appearance of the package, but when it comes to drinking something to make your phallus larger? That is fiction. 


What does the research say?

In short, there is no research that points to apple juice doing anything but raising your blood sugar. If you do some googling on this topic you will probably come across an article published by the satirical site Empire News in October 2014. This article cites a “Boston University study” that linked drinking apple juice to an increase in penis length but here’s the thing, as Empire News is a satire site, we should not be surprised that the study is fictitious. No such study exists and both the professor credited with conducting the study and the journal in which it is said to be published are completely made up. 


What about Apple Cider Vinegar?

Another male enhancement claim that has been growing in popularity-- largely due to some advertisements that accompany online porn-- is that apple cider vinegar can help make the penis bigger and lead to a stronger erection. The advertisements vary with some advising applying apple cider vinegar to the penis and others advocating for soaking tampons in ACV and inserting them in the anus. The methods for using apple cider vinegar for penis enlargement may be different but they have a couple of major things in common:

  • They will do NOTHING to make your penis bigger or a stronger erection.
  • They could actually cause you physical harm. 


The skin of both the penis and the anus are delicate, and vinegar is acidic. Applying apple cider vinegar (an acid) to your penis could lead to burns and serious irritation. Also, just to be clear, there is absolutely no evidence supporting the idea that ACV, used in any way, will increase penis size. Keep the vinegar in your salads and away from your most sensitive body parts, please. 


What Can Change Penis Size

It’s important to remember that penises come in a whole wide range of sizes. The one you have is awesome. That said, if you find yourself wishing there was something you could make yours bigger, longer, thicker, whatever, you are not completely without options. There are some stretching exercises that some believe will make your member a bit bigger. Additionally, using a penis pump correctly (follow those instructions, folks!) can also increase your size a bit - temporarily.. 

If your desire for a bigger penis is an aesthetic thing, you can achieve a bigger look via grooming! Trimming back your pubic hair can make your penis look bigger simply by removing a visual barrier (hair!) and exposing the base. 

A cock ring can also temporarily make your penis look larger and thicker. A ring, when placed tightly over the testicles and the base of the penis, can help keep the penis in question engorged with blood. As a result, your penis may look and feel wider, longer, and firmer. Of course, as soon as the ring is removed (and it’s not good to leave them on for longer than 20 minutes at a time), blood flow will return to normal, and your penis will return to its natural size.

If, on the other hand, you want to be bigger because you think that it will affect your sexual performance, you may want to take a different approach. First and foremost, check in with your partner, because odds are they already think your cock is great and wouldn’t change it. Additionally, as much as the media tells us that bigger penises please partners, the fact of the matter is that bigger is not always better and that extra size can actually cause discomfort. So, if you want to be bigger because you think it will benefit your partners sex life, make sure you are all on the same page. 

If you and your partner(s) agree that exploring a different size could be fun and are looking to spice up your sex life, you could try a penis extender or sleeve. A penis sleeve makes a natural penis look and feel longer by covering it entirely, adding length to the end and a little bit of width. There are two main types of penis sleeves – full ones, which cover the entire penis including the glans or head, and partials that allow the glans to peek out. While it’s being worn, an extender or sleeve of either type will increase the size of the penis in question.


The Long and the Short of It

When it comes to penis size, generally speaking, there is not much short of surgery that can permanently make a penis bigger. What’s more, your penis is awesome as it is. If you want to play with exercises and products to make your penis look and feel a bit bigger, go for it, but know that your body is already great!

Looking for some tools for male enhancement? PinkCherry’s got what you need to give your member a boost! 


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