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We all know that sex isn’t a competitive sport. A contact sport, maybe sometimes, but not a competitive one. We also know that exactly no one will be complaining when a partner looks to gain a bit of a leg up (so to speak) when it comes to performance.

Here you’ll find a carefully selected collection of top enhancement products, from the most simple beginner penis pump to more advanced tension based extender systems. We’ve also got a huge variety of sleeves and slip-ons designed to quickly enhance length, thickness and add texture. Our Potions, Creams and Lotions category is packed with topical creams, gels and lotions formulated to decrease over-stimulation and slow down a too-fast finish, add exciting warming or cooling sensation to sex or make oral sex sweeter for a partner. Finally, our supplements can help with sexual energy and overall wellness.

From penis extender toys to pumps, browse the bestsellers at the top of your search, and be sure to check out honest reviews from our customers.