What Foods Make Your Penis Bigger?

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What Foods Make Your Penis Bigger?


Have you ever heard someone make a “too good to be true” claim about the benefits of a certain food? There are a lot of these claims floating around, and it can be tempting to buy into the idea that there’s nothing superfoods can’t do for us. From making us healthier and stronger to boosting the immune system and increasing penis size, there are many claims being made about a whole lot of foods. For instance, some folks wonder Does apple juice make your penis bigger?” Spoiler: No.

If you’re like me, you are probably a bit skeptical about all of these alleged benefits. In many cases, and particularly when it comes to penis enlargement, it’s essential to examine any wild claims to get at the truth. So, today we’re going to talk about whether or not certain foods can make your penis bigger. 

Can Foods Make Your Penis Bigger?

The short answer here is absolutely not. I promise you that, no matter what you read or hear from friends, there is no food (or male enhancement pill) super enough to cause spontaneous penis growth.

The longer answer is a bit more complicated because while there are no specific penis enlargement foods, there are a bevy of foods that can support overall penis health and function. From helping produce a bigger and harder erection to giving you a bit more sexual stamina to helping prevent erectile dysfunction, there are lots of ways different foods can benefit your sex life. So today, we’re going to take a look at some foods that can help keep your penis happy, healthy, and ready for action!


Beets (and frankly all green leafy vegetables) are rich in nitrates. Your body turns nitrates into nitric oxide, which may help prevent erectile dysfunction. Research has shown that nitric oxide serves as a vasodilator to open blood vessels and helps maintain pressure in the corpus cavernosum (sponge-like erectile tissue rich in blood vessels) to sustain an erection. In short, this earthy vegetable can help you get and maintain the erections you need to have the sex that you want. 

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This yummy stuff can also help improve your sex life. First of all, chocolate just makes you feel good. That’s not an exaggeration or just the side effect of eating something you enjoy; cocoa actually contains phenylethylamine, which can produce pleasurable and euphoric feelings in the brain. Additionally, chocolate is bursting with antioxidants that can help improve blood flow throughout the whole body, including in the penis, where blood flow can contribute to powerful erections. So if you want to pair your dick-boosting benefits with a little extra mental well-being, dark chocolate has your back. 


Odds are your doctor has already advised you to include more fish in your diet, and with good reason, a diet including fish has so many health benefits, but we’ll skip right to the penis-related ones! Fish-- specifically salmon, mackerel, and sardines-- is rich in omega-3 fatty acids with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent cavernous veno-occlusive dysfunction, one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. 


Green vegetables

Green vegetables, particularly broccoli and spinach, have many health benefits but among the sexiest is the one-two combo of anticoagulant effects and dilation of the capillaries, which come together to improve blood circulation. That improved circulation can help give you rock-hard erections as well as increased stamina, and that’s fun for everyone! So, grab some spinach and get ready to get powerful! Hey, it worked for Popeye, right? 


Olive oil

Studies have found that the well-established cardiovascular benefits of olive oil can also pay off in the bedroom. The high-quality fats of extra virgin olive oil plus antioxidants are awesome for your arteries, contributing to less bad cholesterol, more good cholesterol, and fewer atheromatous plaques in the arteries. What does this mean for your penis? Olive oil can help combat erectile dysfunction and keep those erections hard and strong! All that and it contributes to heart health. Seriously, Researchers have found folks who eat more than half a tablespoon of olive oil each day have a 15% lower risk of having any kind of cardiovascular disease and a 21% lower risk of coronary heart disease. 


More than just a way to add a bit of flavor to your savory dishes, onions are another food that can help increase blood flow to the penis for bigger, longer, stronger erections that last. Red, yellow, white, vidalia, whatever kind of onion you prefer, incorporating some of these bad boys into your diet can give you a boost in the bedroom. 



So we’ve all heard oysters referred to as an aphrodisiac (Fun fact: no studies have ever actually shown that they affect sexual desire) but what you probably haven’t heard is that oysters and crustaceans, in general, are rich in zinc. Zinc is a mineral that contributes to prostate health and plays a vital role in testosterone production. So do your sex drive and your prostate a favor and incorporate crustaceans into your diet!



Okay, so tomatoes have a lot going for them! They have a very high lycopene content. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can improve libido and raise testosterone levels. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the antioxidants in tomatoes also improve blood circulation; consequently, they can help make erections last longer.

Speaking of testosterone, your testosterone level can influence your body, but does testosterone make your penis bigger? Read up on that topic in our linked article.



Probably not the kind of “nuts” that come to mind when you think of sexy time; pistachios bring a whole lot to the table (or bed, as it were). First off, they contain a lot of arginines, an amino acid that helps preserve the flexibility of your arteries and improves blood flow. Plus, the arginine, nitrates, and citrulline found in these little green wonders help facilitate the endothelial production of nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator.


Fun fact, your penis is made of protein! If you have ever tried to build your muscle mass, you know that eating protein is super-helpful in that process. Well, your penis is no different from the rest of your body in that if you want to bulk it up by building penile muscle mass, you need adequate protein. So get your protein to help your whole body-- including your penis-- get swole! 

Can foods help increase penis size?

So, as we said initially, no food can actually grow you a bigger penis. Nothing you can eat will add inches to your member. That being said, the foods we have discussed here can help support blood flow which can, in turn, make for super-strong erections that make the absolute most of the penis you have. Additionally, with bonus benefits like extra stamina and helping to prevent erectile dysfunction, these foods offer more support to your sex life than an extra inch or two ever could. Consider incorporating some of them into your diet to improve circulation and support cardiovascular health, as well as to build rock-hard erections and give you the power to go all night. 

Wrap Up

Healthy foods are great, and while they can’t make your penis into a behemoth, they can give you the circulation, testosterone, endurance, and general penile fitness to help up your bedroom game. Pick a couple that work for you and get ready to reap the bedroom benefits!

While we’re busting penis enlargement myths, let’s take care of a few more. We know that foods won’t directly increase the size of your penis, but does masturbating make your penis bigger? No, but it’s a healthy and pleasurable thing to do! If you’re looking for some stretching stretching exercises to make your penis bigger, know that there are  some that may help, when done properly and regularly.

Does your penis get bigger when you lose weight? More on that in our linked blog, but it’s true that losing weight can help make your penis look larger by getting rid of any belly fat that may be hiding it.

When it comes to penis size, generally speaking, there is not much short of surgery that can permanently make a penis bigger. What’s more, your penis is awesome as it is. If you want to play with penis enlargement exercises and products to make your penis look and feel a bit bigger, go for it, but know that your body is already great!

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