Does Your Penis Get Bigger When You Lose Weight?

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Does Your Penis Get Bigger When You Lose Weight?


When it comes to penis size, a lot of folks seem to believe that bigger = better. Now, hopefully, you know that this isn’t true, but that doesn’t stop size anxiety from weighing on some people. If you’re someone who gets stressed out about the size of your package, you might be asking if there’s anything you can do about it. Believe it or not, there is a way to add some visual length to a penis, and for some folks, it can be very effective.

What is this magic route to a bigger looking dick? Losing weight. 


Does Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger?

Okay, so this method is not magical at all. Truth be told, it won’t actually change the size of your penis -- it does not really get bigger, so to speak-- but rather, it’ll make sure that everything you’ve got is more visible. Basically, if you’ve got some extra thigh, pelvis area, and belly fat, losing it could legitimately make your dick look bigger. 

How does this work? Simply put, excess fat can “hide” the penis. To break down the numbers, 30 to 50 pounds of excess fat can hide about one inch of visible and usable (in a penetrative sense) penis. Losing that excess belly fat will expose that hidden length. 

So how do you know if losing weight will make your member look bigger?  Well, first things first, for weight loss to make your penis look bigger, you’ll actually need to have excess weight, to begin with. For someone who is already slender, losing weight isn’t going to do much for the penis, size-wise. When we talk about ‘losing weight’ to make the penis look bigger, it’s important to note that we are specifically talking about losing excess pubic fat. There are ways to technically “lose weight” -- as in making the body lighter -- including shedding water weight via diuretics or eliminating muscle mass, but that won’t change the appearance of the penis at all. 

Consider your body weight and take a look at your pubic area. Some folks have a layer of fat on the pubis, and this layer, depending on its thickness, can conceal some of the penis shaft. To gauge the thickness of your own pubic fat layer, press firmly into the fleshy area directly above your penis. If your finger sinks in quite a bit, you probably have some excess, and shedding it could reveal some additional penis length. 

People with more body weight to lose will often notice more significant changes in the appearance of their penis because more penile length was hidden to begin with. 

Your Penis Before and After Weight Loss

For folks with a lot of extra fat around the thighs, stomach, and pelvis, there can be a visual shortening of the penis as the fat layer blocks some of the length at the bottom. After losing some of that fat, the penis will appear longer without it having changed in length at all. 

Losing weight makes the penis appear larger as it increases the ratio of, frankly, your package to the rest of your body. This makes the penis and testicles look more substantial, which, for some, can provide something of a psychological boost when it comes to getting busy in the bedroom. 

This is similar to the age-old trick of removing pubic hair to make the penis look larger. In that case, it is hair rather than fat that is hiding some length but in both cases removing whatever is concealing the base of your member will make it look a bit longer. But, one more time because I cannot stress this enough, none of these things actually change the size and girth of the penis. 

How to Increase Penis Size

You might have already looked into what foods make your penis bigger or wondered if apple juice makes your penis bigger, but, let’s get real, there’s not actually much you can do to permanently make your penis larger. You have what you have. With that in mind, please remember that there is a huge range of penis sizes out there. Also, remember that your body is great and you don’t need to change anything. 

Now, knowing all that, if you still want to make your penis appear bigger, longer, thicker, whatever, you have some options. For instance, exercise. Also, proper use of a penis pump can make your pecker stand a little prouder but please be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the pump safely. 

By the way, you can find out more about exercises to make your penis look bigger and answers to questions like does masturbating make your penis bigger? in our linked blogs!

Additionally, cock rings, which are placed tightly around either just the base of the penis or around both the testicles and the base of the penis, can temporarily provide a bigger, thicker appearance by holding in the blood that causes an erection. Think of it as a supercharger for your hard-on. Be aware that it is best to wear a cock ring for no more than 20 minutes and that once you remove your ring and the blood flow returns to normal, your penis will return to its typical size. 

I also invite you to consider what is making you want a bigger dick. For some folks,exposure to pornography-- which often features performers who were hired on the basis of their massive penile proportions-- can lead them to believe that they have a too-small penis because it’s not super-sized. In reality, the average penis length is about 5 inches long with plenty of variation in either direction. 

For others, it’s the belief that, when it comes to pleasing partners, bigger is better. If this is the case for you, I first advise you to check in with your partner(s) as there’s a very, very good chance that they already think your dick is great and wouldn’t change it. Additionally, for some folks, a bigger phallus can actually cause discomfort. So, if you want to be bigger because you think that’s what your partner(s) want, make sure you are all on the same page. 

If, after thinking about all of that, you still want to play with a bigger size, check out penis extenders or sleeves. There are two main types of penis sleeves – full ones, which cover the entire penis including the glans or head, and partials that allow the glans to peek out; these are designed to add length and a little bit of width to an existing penis. 


The Skinny on Weight Loss and Penis Size

As far as the size of your member is concerned, short of surgery, there’s nothing you can do to make it permanently bigger. But, if you are a larger person with more body fat, there might be a bit of length hiding under it and losing that fat might leave you with a penis that looks a bit longer. So, to sum up, losing weight won’t actually cause your penis to grow but it will allow more of it to show!

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