How to Anal Douche Safely

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How to Anal Douche Safely


So you’re getting ready to indulge in some anal sexy time and you want to make sure your behind is as clean as can be? When you get to thinking about how to prepare for anal  penetration or anal sex,  something you will probably start thinking about is how to use an anal douche.

Anal douching is a practice that involves ridding the body of any lingering fecal matter by flushing out the rectum with water or a prepared solution. As with anything you do with your body, though, you are going to want to make sure you do it as safely as possible. We’ve got you covered! Today we’re talking about anal douche safety including douche ingredients, safe douche practices, and more!


When it comes to what is in your anal douche, you have options and it’s important to know what’s what before you put it in your butt.

Why? Well, the body has a delicate balance of electrolytes that help keep it functioning properly. When you’re using an anal douche it’s vital to use one that’s least likely to throw off that balance. Some cleaning solutions can actually damage your large intestine and cause serious problems, such as an increased risk of infection.

When douching, be sure to only use plain water or a saline enema solution. Saline solution is a water mixture with  the correct amount of sodium electrolyte to match what is in your body. This is what you will find in something like a Fleet enema but you can also prepare it yourself at home by adding one half-teaspoon of salt for every cup of water you use. 


Let’s talk about how to stay safe when you’re anal cleansing

Begin With a Clean Douche

Start with a clean rectal douche, tip or nozzle to avoid spreading any bad bacteria. This is especially important if you’re using a reusable douche or enema kit. Make sure it’s clean before you put it in your body. 

Lubricate the Douche

Lube is crucial anytime you’re penetrating your butt or partaking in anal play, and douching is no exception. The anus can be very tight and the skin there is very delicate. It’s super important to lubricate your douche nozzle to help it slide in smoothly without causing any pain, friction, or injury.  

Go Slow

When you are squeezing a douche bulb -- which is what propels the water or douching solution into your anal canal -- you want to go super-duper slow. The anus and rectum are very sensitive and sudden water pressure is not a good idea. If you are using a shower douche kit (more on that in a minute) be extra careful. Begin with the lowest setting possible and spray around the outside of the anus rather than directly into it. 

Don’t Get Burned

Typically when we wash things --  from dishes to our bodies -- we think warmer water is good. This is not the case when it comes to anal douching! The skin on the outside of your body can handle heat but the mucosal lining of the colon and intestines is SO MUCH MORE SENSITIVE! When you are preparing your enema, test the temperature with your hand and aim for a little cooler than lukewarm. That will be safe for your rectum.  

Don’t Over-do it 

When it comes to anal douching, more is not necessarily better. Even if you do everything 100% safely with the cleanest equipment, the ideal liquid, and the perfect temperature, too-frequent douching can still damage that sensitive mucosal lining we just talked about. If that happens, your risk of infection skyrockets. So, how often can you douche? This will depend from person to person but a good rule of thumb is to do no more than 2 to 3 douche or enema sessions per week, no more than one session per day,  and no more than 3 flushes per session.


The first step in safe anal douching is choosing the right tool for the job. There are several different types of anal sex toy cleaning equipment that can be used to clear any lingering fecal matter, take a look at this list and see what sounds best for you! 



A reusable anal douche typically features a big squeezable rubber bulb. You load up the douche with clean water or saline solution by squeezing the large douche bulb and placing the tip in the fluid. The douche suctions up the fluid, and then it’s ready to be inserted into your anus. Gently squeeze the ball to release the fluid, and you’re ready to douche in a snap!

When it’s time to clean the cleaner, simply pop the nozzle off and run it under warm water. You can use a tiny amount of soap as well to get rid of the bacteria, but make sure to rinse it all off before the next time you use it.



If you’re looking for something a bit more thorough, consider opting for an enema, as opposed to simply douching. Technically, an enema is a more in-depth form of douching, in that it uses a cleansing fluid to clean your insides out, but the method and equipment used are somewhat different.

An enema kit consists of a large pump bottle, long hose, and small nozzle. These can hold a decent amount of fluid. You fill the bottle and attach the hose and nozzle for use. While a traditional anal douche simply cleans out the rectum, a small section of the large intestine, an enema goes deeper and cleans further into the intestine. If the enema comes with a bag of solution, you squeeze the bag to push the contents into yourself.

If you have more questions like, “what is an enema?”, “do enemas hurt?” or “what’s the difference between a colonic vs enema?” read our linked blogs!


Shower Kit

 If you are committed to cleaning out your bum as part of a regular practice, one of these shower-mounted kits might be your best bet. They are easy, convenient and always ready to go. Remember though, when using a shower kit, you need to be very aware of both temperature and water pressure so as to not burn your sensitive intestinal lining.  That said, a shower kit is also convenient because it can deliver an effective rinse without actual insertion just by aiming it at the anus from the outside.

Prepare the Anal Area for Insertion

Once you have your tools and you’ve followed all the safety precautions we have already discussed, it’s time to get ready for insertion. Find a comfortable position: Many people prefer to put one leg up, either next to the toilet, on a shower bench, or the side of the tub, to allow them easier access while others choose something akin to a yoga pose with the butt elevated. Find the position that feels most comfortable for you.

To make sure insertion is comfortable, you may want to massage the anus with a lubricated finger to help it relax. Then, when you feel ready, start off by placing the lubricated tip next to the anus, take a deep breath, and insert the tip as you exhale. It may feel a little weird (especially if this is your first time) but it should not, under any circumstances, hurt. If you feel resistance or pain, stop what you are doing and reassess. 


How It Feels

Once you have slowly emptied the contents of your douche into your butt, you want to try to hold the liquid in for a few minutes. Some people like to lay on their left side with the knees drawn in toward the stomach as this can help the flow of fluid. This might feel strange and you will almost definitely experience a sensation of fullness. When you start to feel like you really need to let it out, head over to the toilet. 

Then What Happens

It might go without saying, but when you arrive at the toilet you can release the liquid, then, if you want,  you can take a look and see what has come out. Some folks like to repeat the process a couple of times until the water comes out clear. This is fine as long as you don’t exceed 3 flushes per session as that could cause irritation. 

Clean Up

For post douche clean-up you can hop in the shower or simply wipe thoroughly. Generally it is recommended that you wait 30 minutes to an hour after douching to engage in anal play both to ensure all liquid is out as well as to allow any tissue irritation to subside, and can give a body time to adjust. That said, some folks prefer to wait several hours just to be certain all the liquid is gone and the body is comfortable. This is entirely up to you. 

Staying Safe After Getting Clean 

After you have taken all this time and made the effort to get your booty clean, please remember that cleanliness does not protect you from STIs or an HIV infection. Please be aware of the many types of protection available to keep you and your partners safe in whatever activities you are planning on. From condoms, to gloves to dental dams, there are a whole bunch of options for preventing infection and, if you are still concerned about the possible appearance of poop, keeping an extra layer between partners and anything that comes out of the body. 

Anal Douche: Keeping it Clean and Safe

Sex is fun and hot and romantic and primal and also, sometimes it’s kind of messy. Fluids and spills and messes happen and post-sex clean up is totally normal. Anally douching might help you feel a bit more comfortable and able to relax and let go and that’s great but please make sure you keep your douching safe. We talk a lot about potentially damaging the sensitive lining of the colon and the delicate skin of the anus and it’s important to remember that that damage could leave you more susceptible to STI transmission. So please be sure to be conscientious in your cleanliness practices and don’t let the fear of messes cause you to compromise your safety. No go forth and keep it clean and safe!

If you are ready to explore anal douches, enemas, and shower kits, look no further! Pink Cherry has you covered. Check out our selection of anal douche & anal enemas for everything you need to keep your booty in tip top shape. And while you’re stocking up for clean booty duty don’t forget to grab some lube to keep things gliding along!

If you want to learn more, or still have questions like, “what is anal douching?”, “what are the best anal douches” read our linked blogs!


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