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How to Discreetly Buy Sex Toys Online | PinkCherry


While some people are free as a bird about their sexuality, the topic of adult sex toys (using them and purchasing them) can seem a little “hush, hush” to others.. Maybe you’re one of the more sexually secretive types, and that’s completely fair! Whether you don't want your significant other to see your vibrator purchase listed on a bank statement or you worry about nosy neighbors catching sight of some dildo packaging, it often makes sense to keep sex toy purchases discreet. 


When walking into a sex shop seems too risqué, it's time to go online, a perfect option when you're concerned about how to discreetly buy sex toys. If you’re looking to keep your sexy accessories secret, there are some things to look for in an online sex toy shop. Everything from the shipping package to the company name can have an impact on how discreet your sex toy purchase will be.


Find a Reputable Online Store

The first step in buying sex toys discreetly is to find an online shop that's trustworthy. Things to look for include:



Check sites like Trustpilot and Google to see if anyone has had a bad experience with the sex shop you’re looking at. Keep in mind that many of these third-party sites are filled with people who are either 100% satisfied with their purchase (so you'll see glowing reviews) or are incredibly dissatisfied. Often, few who are in the middle of the road will take the time to leave a review. But you should see a good mix of both types of reviews. If they are overwhelmingly negative, then shop elsewhere.


A Detailed About Us Page

Almost every online shop has an About Us page. The problem is that some stores don't have enough information. If you only see a phone number – and it's a random 1-800 number, with no other information listed, then the site may not be legitimate. You can look for an online sex toy shop that has a full address, a headquarters’ location, or at least a state listed, along with a customer service email address, and a phone number.


Make Sure the Site is Secure

If you're wondering how to buy sex toys online safely, then a secure website something to keep in mind. That little lock next to the URL that sometimes turns green on certain browsers is a sign that your private information will be protected by the website. Shopping a non-secure URL can leave your credit card information vulnerable to hackers and thieves.


Look for Discreet Shipping Policies

In addition to finding a trustworthy online sex toy shop, you’ll need to find a store that ships their items in discreet packing. When you’re a private person, receiving a package that displays the name of a sex toy shop in large letters is probably not what you want. Understandable! You don’t need your neighbors to know that your sex toys have arrived.


Instead, check to make sure that the shop’s website uses discreet packaging. Ideally, you’ll want your sex toys shipped in a plain, brown cardboard box or mailer with no telling company name on the shipping label. A good discreet label might use the company’s initials or even just read "distribution center" instead of having the actual name listed. Either way, you won't have to worry about your shopping habits being noticed by anyone.


Check the Merchandise Packaging

Exterior shipping packaging is definitely important, but interior, or merchandise packaging can be key to a discreet shopping experience, as well. Look at it this way – a vibrator that's loose in a padded shipping envelope will be fairly obvious, but one that's in a box in that same mailer has a better level of discretion.


If possible, check the shop's website to see what their item packaging looks like, flipping through all of their available photos to make sure that everything is as discreet as possible. However, if you don't see this information or any related pictures, contact customer service. They should be able to get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, which you can also use to judge their overall level of service.


In Summary - Ask Questions

Speaking of asking questions, if you don't see the information that you're looking for on the company website, ask them! Call their customer service number, send an email to their customer service address, or use the online contact form. Valid questions include:


  • Do you ship in discreet packaging?
  • What does your company show up as on my bank statement?
  • What return address and company name do you place on the mailing label?
  • What does your item packaging look like?


A reputable sex toy company should respond to these inquiries quickly, helping you gauge just how good their customer service is and how discreetly you can purchase items for your sensual pleasure. In addition, the responses to those questions, which should include information about the packaging, company code name, and anything else you ask, will give you a better idea of how easy it will be to keep your sex toys a naughty little secret, whether from your neighbors, spouse, or anyone else with wandering eyes. If you receive the answers that you're looking for, then you're all set to discreetly buy your sex toys online and start enjoying some erotic fun of your own. 


For more tips on keeping your sex toys a secret, learn how to store sex toys and how to hide sex toys well. If you’re ready to expand your sex toy collection, browse dildos, anal toys, and vibrators for sale at PinkCherry.


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