4 Best Ways to Discreetly Hide Your Sex Toys

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How to Hide Sex Toys: 4 Discreet Ways | PinkCherry


While there is something to be said for being proud of your sex toy collection, not everyone wants their grandmother or the local electrician to catch a glimpse when they pop over for a visit or show up for a repair. For some people, it is about hiding them from children who don’t need to know what mom and dad get into when they are asleep. Just like we wonder how to discreetly buy sex toys, how can you discreetly and safely hide your adult sex toys?

Hiding your sex toys doesn’t need to be a huge, complicated problem: there is a sort of acceptance that silently states that we don’t look in each other’s bedside drawers as adults. Still, children and teenagers are curious, and proper sex toy storage can help to keep your toy safe, clean, and ready for usage.

From a butt plug to a cock ring or bullet vibrator, there are a few different ways to keep your sex and adult toys hidden other than your bedside table or an old shoe box:


1) Hard Sided Cases Help Soft Toys Keep Their Shape

Your first option is to use a hard-sided case that helps soft toys keep their shapes. These harder cases are also great options for toys that have smaller parts that can easily bend or break. For example, this is a great option for rabbits so that the “ears” don’t pop off. These storage cases usually zip or snap closed to keep out dust and debris, as well as keep your sex toys hidden.

Hard cases are a great option if you are planning to travel with your sex toys as well: they keep everything safe and protected. There are even some toys, like discreet vibrators and wands, that come with hard cases that have compartments for charging cables, attachments, cleaners, and more. 

Be sure to keep these cases cleaned, as bacteria can grow in them without a lot of air circulating.


2) Softer Cloth Bags Are Easy Options

Wondering how to store sex toys while keeping it hush hush? A somewhat easier option for most people is just a soft cloth bag. These are usually silky and easy to clean, should they get dirty or dusty. They do a pretty good job to protect the toys, though they are somewhat easier to open than other harder cases. If your collection of toys includes larger pieces, just be sure that you get a soft bag that is big enough so that nothing pops out the top – allowing bacteria in.

Just be sure to regularly clean these softer bags with gentle laundry detergent or follow the instructions on the tag of the bag.


3) A Locking Case Keeps Everything Hush Hush

If you are particularly worried about someone looking into your bedside table for your favorite toy - or you have toys that you’d rather other people not find - consider getting a locking case. You will have to hide the keys somewhere else (but keep them nearby for those spur-of-the-moment uses) for this to be effective. A locked case just asks for someone to open it, so be sure you keep it hidden as well.

Consider putting it behind some books on a shelf, in your closet, or somewhere else people won’t automatically see when they walk into your bedroom.


4) Some Furniture Doubles as Storage

If you have a larger sex toy collection and you still want to keep it discreet, consider using furniture that doubles as storage as a hiding place. Your bed may have hidden or floating drawers, and benches or ottomans can have internal storage as well. Sometimes even nightstands will have “hidden” drawers. These are the best option because the fact that they are storing your secret sex toy stash isn’t always obvious.

There are also sex pillows, boosters, and other apparatuses that you use during sex that have storage components as well.


How to Keep Them Hidden

To keep your collection hidden, you have to keep yourself disciplined. Always try to put them back where you got them from as soon as possible. When you are spent or jelly-legged, there is a tendency to just let your sex toy sit on the sheets or throw it to the ground, but that isn’t safe, nor does it keep them hidden.

Get in the practice of cleaning it and putting it back where you found it, and it will soon become second nature. It helps if you keep them hidden near the bed or somewhere between your bed and the bathroom.


Keeping Toys Safe While Hidden

As mentioned, there are some things you need to think about when it comes to storing and hiding your sex toys safely as well as discreetly. Throwing your vibrator in a sock drawer or underwear drawer actually isn’t the best way to keep everything clean. Why? You can get dirt, lint, bacteria, and more on your toys, particularly the soft ones, and if any of that gets inside your body, you could get an infection. Another popular question: Can you get an STD from a sex toy? Make sure to keep your toys out of reach from someone who doesn’t have permission to use it.  

So, before you put your sex toy back in its hiding spot, make sure that you:

  • Thoroughly clean it and dry it off
  • Keep the case itself clean and dry
  • Store it away from excess moisture


From g-spot dildos to rabbit vibrators, sex toys are absolutely a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their sex life spicy and fun. However, discreet storage can be a bit problematic if you aren’t careful - or if you just have a pretty extensive collection that doesn't fit in the bedside drawer. Luckily, PinkCherry has plenty of sex toy storage options to keep your sex toys hidden and discreet.


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