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How to Store Sex Toys Safely | PinkCherry


So you learned how to discreetly buy sex toys (or maybe not so discreetly, the choice is yours)! Great. We can probably go ahead and assume that the main reason you have, use, and love your sex toys is because they bring you lots of pleasure. That’s great! We’re also going to assume that  you’d like to keep your favorite vibrators, clitoral stimulators, dildos and other erotic accessories in great condition. Fact: a properly stored sex toy will last much longer than one that is tumbled into your nightstand after playtime’s over!  So, if you’re wondering how to best store your favorite adult toys, read on. 

Proper sex toy storage involves a number of different steps, from cleaning your toys, to removing any vibrator batteries or unplugging charging cables, to placing them in individual bags or containers to prevent damage. Once your toys are prepped and ready for storage, you’ll want to source the best, safest, and, depending on your level of sex toy secrecy, the most private possible place to keep them.


First Things First… Clean Your Toys!

Can you get an STD from a sex toy? Maybe, but definitely clean your sex toy more often. Before you store your sex toys, you’ll need to make sure they’re squeaky clean. Now, after some feel-good fun and a few orgasms with your fave vibrator or butt plug, cleaning is probably not high on the list of things you want to do, true. So, enjoy the afterglow, but then, clean your toys! Storing your sex toys without properly cleaning them can encourage the growth of bacteria, which, needless to say, is something that you do not want! 

The right cleaning method will depend on the material that each toy is made of. In many cases, the material(s) making up a particular rabbit vibrator, anal beads or clitoral stimulator will usually be listed somewhere on the toy’s packaging. Sometimes, you’ll need to look for an instructional insert. If you’re not sure, you can check the toy manufacturer’s website, or, if you purchased your toy online, you can check the shop’s website for more info.  


Quick Cleaning Guide

  • Most vibes, dildos, plugs, nipple clamps etc., can be cleaned safely using mild soap and warm water, or a good quality sex toy cleanser. 
  • Many waterproof, non-vibrating silicone, glass and steel or aluminum sex toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher. 
  • If your toy is not waterproof, be sure to keep any water or cleanser away from battery compartments, charge ports, and any mechanical parts. 
  • If your toy is battery operated, remove the batteries before beginning the cleaning process.


After cleaning, make sure that your toys are thoroughly dry. Use a soft, lint free cloth, or let air dry. Storing your toys while they’re still wet or even damp will not only allow moisture into your storage space, but can also encourage the growth of mold or mildew. Ew.


Bye Bye Batteries and Cords

If your toy runs on batteries, you’ll want to remove them before both cleaning and storing sex toys. This sounds like a pain, but it’s important, especially if you’re planning on keeping your vibrator, clitoral stimulator or vibrating dildo dormant for longer than a few days. Unused or damaged batteries can corrode and leak, and that could damage your toy, as well your storage area.  

These days, many, if not most mechanical sex toys (anything that vibrates, thrusts, rotates or sucks) are rechargeable, and many are even rechargeable via USB. If you’ll be storing a rechargeable toy, disconnect any cords or cables before both cleaning and storage. The cords and cables that come along with rechargeable sex toys are crucial to their operation, and your enjoyment, so be sure to tuck them away somewhere safe.


Find a Secure Storage Place

Wondering how to hide sex toys? Even if you live with a like-minded partner who loves sex toys are much as you do, it’s still a good idea to have a special spot for your toys. Let’s be real, when you’re looking for the nail clippers and find a butt plug hogging the drawer, even the best of us might feel a bit annoyed - after laughing, probably.

If you’ve got kids in the house, or are living with a roommate or your parents, it’s doubly important to find a safe sex toy storage spot. You can set aside a drawer in an inconspicuous area, find a nice box, bin or chest, or make some room on a tucked-away closet shelf. There are even specialized sex toy storage systems available, some featuring separate compartments, locks and and even UV cleaning abilities.


Don't Store Your Sex Toys Together

Okay, so your toy’s batteries have been removed, it’s nice and clean, and you’re ready to store it. Great! Wherever you store your toys, it’s important to give them space. It can be tempting to toss your vibrator in with your dildo, or your butt plugs in with your clitoral stimulators, but please don’t. 

Most toy materials, particularly softer materials like TPR (thermoplastic rubber), elastomer (TPE) and silicone do not play well with others, and should not be stored together.  Jelly and realistic skin type sex toys may stick or congeal when in prolonged contact with other soft toys, and it’s normal for silicone toys react with other silicone toys, causing them to ‘melt’ into each other. 

You’re safe from strange chemical reactions with firmer, nonporous sex toy materials like glass and steel, but you shouldn’t store sex toys made of these materials together, either. Glass toys can chip or crack when stored with other glass toys, and steel, metal and aluminum toys can scratch or even dent each other. 

Obviously, you don’t want any of these things to happen, so leave at least a few inches of space between stored vibes, probes, plugs and other sexy accessories.


Store Each Toy in a Cloth Bag Whenever Possible

A nice breathable storage bag that’s appropriately sized for your particular toy will make storing your sex toys easy, neat and clean. Some toys come with a storage pouch, but if not, try to source a bag made from breathable, natural fabrics. A lint-free cloth, flour sack cloth, or hand towel will also work, just neatly roll it around your toy. Bonus points for padding! 

You will have already removed the batteries or charge cables, as we talked about above. Store them in a separate bag or small box. If you want to get really organized, you can even label the bags so you always know what goes where, battery and cable-wise. 


Store Safe, Play Safe

Now that you know how to store adult toys properly and safely, you’re free to enjoy them to the fullest of your orgasmic abilities!  When you properly clean your vibrator or anal beads each and every time you use them, remove any batteries after use, and keep your toys safe in a cloth bag or other soft, padded pouch, you’re adding potential years to their pleasure-giving life. That translates into more orgasmic fun for you and/or you and your partner, and that’s something we can all get behind!  So, enjoy, clean, store, and repeat – as often as you’d like!


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