Most Realistic and Best Sex Dolls

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5 Most Realistic and Best Sex Dolls


When it comes to sex, you’ve got your sweet solo time (with or without a fun sex toy), real sex with a real person, and then you’ve got the world of sex dolls. For some, a realistic sex doll is the ultimate sex toy; it may or may not vibrate, but a lifelike real sex doll can simulate the experience of real-life sex, supercharging your sex life. 

If you’re in need of a new doll lover or just want to spice up your sex life with some sultry silicone fun (the perfect female sex doll or male doll), the quality and craftsmanship of real-life sex dolls have entered a whole new era. 

Picturing the old-school inflatable sex doll that some people used as a fun sex toy and others used to put in their passenger seat so they could use the carpool lane? We’ve got news for you: The adult sex doll industry has surpassed the inflatable doll and evolved

Getting a real life sex doll with a realistic face, skin, and realistic vagina is not only possible now, but there are even some dollmakers who will custom-make a doll to your desired specifications, based on photos and videos you submit.

What are the best sex dolls around?

First, let’s talk about sex doll categories. Depending on what you consider a sex doll, you’ve got a wider variety of options than you think. 

• Are you looking for a life-sized person?

• Are you just looking for the most exciting of the naughty bits (i.e. a torso sex doll)? 

Maybe you’re only into oral, and that’s all you want your new prospective partner to do. You can search for sex toys and sex dolls by what orifices they have. 

If you’re just into, say, women bending over and don’t want to deal with anything else, you’re covered there too — one of the best sex dolls you can get is a doll that’s just a big, juicy ass and vulva from behind. Think about it -- if you’re into doggie style and you’re looking for the best cheap sex doll, what could be better? After using a sex doll, you will be thanking the person who made sex dolls.  

Ultimately the best sex dolls are the ones that get you the most revved, and that help you to explore your own sexuality. A lot of couples also bring sex dolls into their relationship in order to heat things up; if you’ve ever wanted to explore a threesome, for example, you can do so safely and ethically with a sex doll in a way that could be more complicated in real life.

What are the most realistic sex dolls?

While there’s some debate in doll forums as to the very best luxury sex doll brand, there’s also some agreement. If you’re looking for the most natural-looking or lifelike sex doll, most experts agree that you want a TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll.  

In general, TPE sex dolls are less expensive than silicone dolls. This isn’t necessarily because silicone is a better material; it’s got more to do with the fact that it’s more costly to produce silicone. Basically, TPE dolls cost less because of advances in technology. Both materials are great — you’ll be satisfied with a sex doll with either a TPE or silicone head, since their face will look realistic (especially for those amazing blowjobs you’re about to get). 

The best sex dolls are made by companies that specialize in making them. Well-known luxury sex doll brands like YL Doll, Piper Dolls, Irontech Dolls, Real Doll, and WM Doll all make high-end, luxury sex dolls with the best, safest, and most realistic materials in the sex and sex toy industry. Their designers pride themselves on creating realistic sex dolls with soft skin, beautiful curves, and all kinds of ribbing on the inside of the orifices so that it feels incredible to enter them or be entered by them. 

You may wonder what does a sex doll feel like or how to use a sex doll, but the answer depends on the type of doll you have. Given that there is now an AI sex doll available, you can even get one that will talk to you. Yes, many people count this as interacting with a sex robot, which is not an uncommon fantasy. Note that an AI sex doll can’t exactly hold full-on conversations, but they can respond to questions and encourage you verbally when it counts.

When picking your doll, be sure to check out whether or not your doll has things like a removable vagina. Aftercare is important in dolls too, and you need to know how to clean a sex doll and learn how to take care of yours. Cleaning your sex doll is essentially, and cleaning it well and in a timely fashion will keep it nice and ready to go for a long time. 

What are the best sex dolls for men?

The best one for you is going to be the one that turns you on the most! So it depends on what you want. If you’re looking for a realistic love doll, you’re going to want a life-sized sex doll. 

Note that these can end up being both pricey and large, so if you need something you can tuck away where no one in your household can see it, they may not be right for you. They can also be quite heavy — up to 150 pounds, in fact. But if you’re looking for a doll that most closely simulates sex with a real woman or man, you’ll want to invest here. 

With a life-sized, realistic sex doll, you can have sex in any position you want, anywhere. You can bend your silicone doll over the couch or do it on the kitchen table. She or he can give you a blow job out on your deck (depending on whether you want your neighbors to see!), or you can penetrate your doll anally right in your living room. Anything goes with a sex doll, which is part of the beauty of it.

If you’re looking for something a bit more discreet, you may want a mini sex doll. Another advantage of a mini sex doll is that you can feel huge and powerful while banging it — whether it’s a torso doll or a full-on mini “person,” there’s something titillating about your giant cock (or strap-on) getting all up in there. You’ll also have an easier time storing it. Looking for an anime sex doll? No problem — many manufacturers offer one, or allow you to customize your doll to exactly how you want it.

If you’re a man who has sex with women, it goes without saying that a female sex doll will never replace a real woman — and the same is true for women who have sex with men. Whoever you like to bang, the truth is that a sex doll can’t replace true human connection. However, if you’re in a sexless relationship, a doll can help with the feeling of loneliness that comes from not getting your sexual needs met by your partner. Or it can just be a fun toy that brings you joy!

What are the best sex dolls for women?

If you’re a woman who has sex with women, all the same things apply in terms of female sex dolls. Whatever turns you on the most is what you want to go for — and remember that you can experiment to find the best sex doll for you. It might be the most realistic sex doll on the market, or it may be a mini doll that you love more than any of your other sex toys!

If you’re looking in particular for a male sex doll, you can get ones that have both a flaccid and erect penis (you can swap them out). You can also get different styles of man: do you want him to be of a specific race, or have a specific hair color? Big cock, medium-sized cock, small cock? Again, it comes down to your preferences — what turns you on? 

What are the best sex dolls for gay men?

If you love getting head, you may want a male sex doll with a luscious and realistic face and lips that get you going. If you’re more into anal, you can choose a doll with the cutest little butt you ever did see. 

Sometimes the best choice is a mental one, and knowing you’re fucking an exact replica of your favorite pornstar’s delicious asshole can be a real wild thrill. If you’ve ever wondered what your boner feels like inside Bailey Rayne, while it’s not an exact replica, this might be the sex toy for you.

What are the best affordable sex dolls?

If you’re looking for some hanky-panky with a special love doll of your very own but don’t want to break the bank, you’re in luck. There are some great, cheap sex toys on the market.

Some of the most affordable options are inflatable. Where luxury, highly realistic love dolls can run you thousands of dollars, inflatable dolls like these can be less than $50. The best blow-up sex dolls are those that bring you pleasure, full stop. 

Medium-priced options include sex dolls that are just torsos (no legs or arms). The Kendra Lust Life Size Vagina Stroker, is a great example of an adult sex doll on a budget. In general, a male masturbator is a great option if you’d rather save the thousands of dollars it takes to snag a luxury, high-end sex robot.

How about something with a little more pizzazz?

If you’re looking for something with a little more oomph but not quite the most realistic doll in the world, you might want to try the LuvDollz Vibrating Doggy Style. It’s a great female sex doll that combines a hottie with a body with a vibrating effect -- what could be better than the combo of a sex doll and a sex toy, amirite? 

This TPE doll has a nearly life-sized sex doll torso and bottom half complete with two separate, richly-textured, penetratable channels (vagina and anus). Her big, bouncy breasts are fun to play with, not to mention her rounded, ultra-spankable booty, and lovely, lifelike pussy. 

What’s extra cool is that with a sex doll like this, you can add in vibration anytime — just insert the included double bullet vibrator into the slots around the back. Plus, she comes with a hands-free phone holder to allow you to watch whatever stimulating material you want to on your phone. And since all good sex includes good cleanup, she comes with her own deep-cleaning douche, so you can cleanse her top to bottom at the end. 

Want a life-sized companion that will get as hot, warm, and sexy on the inside as she is on the outside? Check out Bianca, who is soft TPE exterior, and study frame allows her to accommodate a multitude of exciting positions. 

The fact is, the most realistic sex toys and best sex dolls are only going to expand in capacity and realism. The integration of virtual reality and artificial intelligence will continue to bring even more possibilities to the forefront, and hopefully help not just with sexual gratification, but connection and, dare we say, love? After all, if a sex doll can help you feel more connected, less lonely, and more sexually confident, then it stands to reason that it will help you connect even more deeply with your current or future partner, or even prospective partners. Self-love and the love of others are intimately connected, and if a sex doll can help with that, there’s nothing it can’t do.


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