How to Clean a Sex Doll

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How to Clean a Sex Doll


Whether you’re looking at investing in a luxury sex doll, BBW sex doll, inflatable doll, robot sex doll, or some other kind of love doll, they’ve all got to be cleaned and maintained. Sex doll maintenance changes based on what materials your doll is made of (in particular your doll’s skin) which we’ll get into. 

Whether you’re playing with a torso doll or a full-sized sex doll, read on for the best ways to make your doll-derella forever young:

What’s the best way to clean a sex doll? 

In order to talk about how to clean sex dolls properly, we’ve first gotta talk about what sex dolls are actually made from.

Most high-end sex dolls — including almost all custom sex dolls — are made of either a silicone sex doll material or TPE (thermoplastic elastomers). Both silicone and TPE sex dolls are generally safe and non-toxic, which is reassuring, given all the different ways you’re going to be, ahem, interacting with your lifelike real doll. 

TPE is a popular material for some of the best sex dolls because it’s supple; TPE skin feels very realistic, and the overall doll is very flexible (allllll the sex positions, amirite?). Plus, the breasts and booties on TPE sex doll toys are fun and bouncy. Who doesn’t love a good ole slap on the butt to get things going? Even better when it feels extremely realistic.

Essentially there are two major things you want to do when cleaning a sex doll: cleaning the outside (doll skin, etc.) and cleaning the inside (the doll’s orifices, including the doll’s vagina, anus, and/or mouth. Some dolls have removable orifices, like a removable vagina, while others are fixed.)

The biggest thing to note when it comes to cleaning a realistic sex doll is that TPE skin is a more porous material than silicone. This means your TPE doll is quite vulnerable to humidity — you want to be extra careful when cleaning it, and it’s wet or damp. You should also know that your doll’s clothing might leech into the doll’s skin; this is more likely to happen with a TPE doll because it’s a more porous toy.

Let’s get into the details:

What type of lube should I use with my sex doll?

So, what does a sex doll feel like? First, you need to know that you can’t have sex (good sex, anyway) with your love doll without lube. In addition to that not being very comfy for you, this can actually damage the textured openings around your doll’s orifices, so be sure to use lots o’ lube every time.

You also need to use a lube that’s safe for your doll’s material, especially if it’s a realistic sex doll with beautiful, lifelike skin. The wrong kind of lube can damage your doll over time, which means that no matter how well you clean it, it can still get messed up.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t use silicone-based lube with a silicone doll. However, there’s a bit more complexity to that subject. Some experts say that as long as the materials used in both the doll and the lube are high-quality, your sexy friend shouldn’t experience damage or degradation. Do your own research but know that it’s probably just easier and safer to avoid using silicone-based lubes altogether. 

Because they’re oil-based, you also shouldn’t use baby oil or other mineral oils as lube with sex dolls. 

Basically, you want to stick with water-based lubes.

What type of cleaning agent should I use?

Here’s the basic list of what you’ll need to clean your doll:

  • Soapy water (mild antibacterial soap is best) 
  • A soft cloth, soft sponge, or soft paper towels
  • Cornstarch or some other kind of bath powder
  • Mild shampoo (if your doll has a wig that needs washing)
  • Vaginal irrigator (if your doll has internal orifices)

When it comes to both the soap and kind of cloth you use, the rule of thumb is that you don’t want to use anything abrasive; when it comes to cleaning, sex silicone dolls and TPE sex dolls like it soft, as it turns out ;). 

Cleaning the outside of the sex doll is pretty straightforward: use warm, soapy water and a soft towel (you can also use sex toy cleaners if you want). Don’t use hot water, just warm, and you can put it in a spray bottle if that makes things easier. And be gentle as you’re cleaning — no vigorous rubbing. 

In addition to caring for your doll’s skin, you’re going to need to clean out its various “channels” (fixed vagina, anus, mouth) really, really well. Bacteria build-up is the biggest thing you’re looking to avoid when maintaining your doll, especially if you cum inside the doll. Fortunately, most realistic sex dolls come with their own cleaning kit, which usually includes a vaginal irrigator, so you can get all up in there. Some dolls also have detachable vaginas, which makes cleaning even easier. 

If you finish inside the doll’s vagina, mouth, or anus, you’ll have to clean the doll with the same mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water (not hot -- warm). This will prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your doll safe for you. If you have sex with your doll bareback repeatedly without cleaning it, it’s possible you could give yourself some kind of infection. Now, if you want to make cleanup easier, you could use condoms. This would prevent bacterial buildup, and you could cum inside the doll without having to thoroughly wash out the orifices. 

Whether it’s the skin or the inside, use water sparingly. Do not dunk your sex doll in water; don’t put it in the bathtub, and definitely don’t submerge the head (we’ll come back to this). 

How to dry your sex doll?

First off, we can’t overemphasize how important it is that you do get the doll dry. When its skin is wet, it’s way more likely to tear, even accidentally. Dry skin is the best way to protect your doll when it’s going back into wherever it’s being stored. 

To dry it, use a gentle cloth, and focus mainly on patting, not rubbing. Vigorous drying can cause abrasions on the TPE, and unlike your skin, your dolls’ skin doesn’t have the ability to heal itself (fingers crossed as a future feature set!). You really just want to remove the water; the doll won’t be bone-dry when you’re done patting it down, and that’s OK. 

Much like pets, it’s quite important that your doll is fully dry before it roams around. Seriously, though, it’s critical that your sex doll dries naturally — never use a hairdryer to try to speed up the process. This can damage the TPE or silicone. The best thing to do is to pat your doll down and then leave it for an hour or two to let it fully dry on its own. 

What to do after drying your doll

First, it’s good to know the skin of many TPE or silicone dolls can feel sticky or oily to the touch after they’ve been cleaned, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. 

Now, this part is important: if you want to keep your doll’s skin as nice as possible, you’ll want to powder your doll once it’s dry. However, you don’t want to use talcum powder or baby powder, since that can be a skin irritant. Instead, use cornstarch or a care powder your doll may have come with. You should make sure to actually read any instructions that come with your doll so that you do this part correctly. Powdering your doll after it’s fully dry is nice, too, because it gives it a clean fragrance and, most critically, keeps the skin supple and soft. 

How to remove stains on your sex doll?

According to sex doll manufacturers, one of the biggest issues when it comes to both TPE and silicone dolls is staining. Both TPE and silicone have a strong tendency to absorb color from clothes, meaning those sexy red booty shorts could stain your male sex doll, or that cute little miniskirt could stain your female sex doll.

The fix is pretty easy — make sure to wash the clothes you’re going to put on your doll before dressing them up, and be sure the clothes are absolutely dry when you dress your doll (damp clothes are more likely to stain). It’s also helpful to use clothes that aren’t likely to transmit color. Bonus: neutral colors will make up for all the other naughty activities you’re going to get up to later on.  

Any more tips on maintaining a sex doll?

Yeah, there are a few other things to know: 

1. Be careful about the cleaning products you’re using. We recommend keeping it easy and using warm water and a simple, mild soap; if you’re not sure about something, ask the manufacturer. They’ll be happy to help.

2. Keep your sex doll away from anything sharp! This is a big one — TPE is super delicate and tears easily. Having a TPE sex doll is kind of like having someone with super sensitive skin around; they want everything around them to be soft and gentle. Even the sharp corners on a cardboard box can tear your doll’s skin, so be careful, especially when the skin is damp at all.

3. Be very careful to keep your doll’s head out of water. This is especially true for robot sex dolls that have voice boxes of some kind. It’s pretty obvious, but your sex robot wants to be dry; save the water play for some other toy.

4. Have a freakin’ blast. 

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