How to Use a Sex Doll

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How to Use a Sex Doll


There are all kinds of reasons to use a sex doll: simple curiosity; wanting to simulate the real thing (sex toys are great sometimes, but who hasn’t wished they could feel someone’s skin against their own?); to try out a different kind of sex act than one your partner is willing or able to perform, or to just blow off some steam. 

Sex dolls can also be a great way of exploring sexually for those without a lot of experience. According to Justin Lehmiller, a PhD research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, “[I]t seems to be the case that when people have difficulty establishing the types of sexual relationships that they want with other people, many of them seek out alternative forms of sexual fulfillment that don’t necessarily involve other people.”

In other words, sometimes it can be easier to seek out and explore sex and pleasure with a doll’s vagina, breasts, anus, cock, or mouth than to attempt to connect with a real person, and ask for what you really want. You may be wondering how much is a sex doll? There are different types of dolls at different price ranges so you can find the one that is right for you.

Whether you’re interested in the ultimate of the adult toys — a super sexy sex doll — to spice up your sex life, gain some experience, or just try something new, here are some of the ins and outs for how to use sex dolls to do the dirty: 

How to assemble the sex doll

1. Wash your hands. It might sound obvious, but you don’t want to get your new doll dirty right away, right? You should also just know that the product might have gotten dusty in transit, so you may need to clean it.

2. Whether you get female sex dolls or a male sex doll, they usually come in a cardboard box, which you usually open with scissors or a knife. Be careful here — don’t ruin your female or male doll by slashing it before you’ve even gotten busy with it.

3. Once you’ve safely got the box open, remove the doll from its packaging, and if it’s inflatable, spread it out carefully. Sometimes the material can stick; no biggie, just use your hand to smooth out all the wrinkles or folds.

4. Depending on the size of your new love doll, it might be heavy — some weigh up to 150 pounds. You’ll want to have a nice open space for assembly (clear out some space so you can unpack the doll with care and layout all the parts).

5. Be smart and actually read (and follow) the instructions for your new toy, whether it’s a Japanese sex doll, a silicone sex doll, a TPE doll, or whatever else you’ve treated yourself to. 

6. Most of the time, the sex doll’s head is packaged between the upper thighs; you’ll want to unpack that first, put it on the floor, then get out the other parts. Don’t throw the bag that the doll’s head is in away — you can use it later for storage. 

7. A lot of sex dolls (especially luxury dolls) allow for customization, so if you prefer your love doll to have pubic hair, red hair, or a specific body shape, you can get that. Dolls that come with outfits usually require you to dress them, as well as to put on the wig. So at this point, you’ll want to take out all the accessories, like clothing, wigs, and cleaning tools, and put them in a separate section. 

8. Now it’s time to lift out the doll’s body and put it down next to the sex robot head, if there is one.

9. If your doll’s body has a head, bring it close to the neck and screw it on. Then just pop on the wig, and voila! You’ve got your realistic sex doll ready to play with.

How to have vaginal sex with the sex doll

For many men who have sex with women, vaginal sex is the most pleasurable part of owning female sex dolls. Some of the best sex dolls come with removable vaginas, which means you essentially get a two-for-one: a realistic doll that mimics a real woman, and a pocket pussy. (Mini sex dolls can also be stimulating in a whole other kind of way.)

Either way, sex doll designers have spent a lot of time and energy making the orifices (aka channels) on sex dolls realistic, so you’re probably going to love the way your doll’s vagina feels on your cock. You might be wondering what does a sex doll feel like?  Just put your love doll in the position you want, put plenty of water-based lubricant in and around your doll’s vagina, and go to town! Sooner or later you will be thanking the individual who made sex dolls

How to have anal sex with the sex doll

Ever wanted to get hot and heavy with some anal play? A real person may not always want to indulge in anal sex, but your sex doll is raring to go. The ass channel is tighter than the vaginal canal on many sex dolls, so it hugs your cock in all the right ways. 

Just like with vaginal sex, simply position your doll in your favorite angle, pour on the water-based lube, and get it in the back. It’s going to be realistic, stimulating, and glorious.

Oral sex and blowjobs with a sex doll 

One of the nice things about a realistic sex doll is that your doll’s skin will be soft and supple. This can make it even more pleasurable to get a nice blowjob from her or him, since you can stroke their face as they do the deed. 

Another fantastic thing about getting oral sex from a sex doll is that a doll doesn’t have a gag reflex, so you don’t have to hold back — you can do whatever you want. Their mouth is solely there for your pleasure. Plus, they can suck your cock from any angle; no stiff neck for them! 

Lubricants and your sex doll

The basic rule of thumb here is to always use lube, and plenty of it. And if you’re dealing with silicone or TPE sex dolls, you only want to only use water-based lubes. This is because silicone-based lubes can damage silicone and TPE dolls.

Sex doll brothels

Intrigued by the concept of highly realistic sex dolls but got a fear of commitment? You might want to check out a sex doll brothel — yes, these are real and only likely to continue to expand in popularity. Sex doll brothels are exactly what they sound like: places that allow you to come in for a “session” (some charge ~$120/hour) with whichever doll you find the most pleasing.

If you’re not ready to go all the way in terms of purchasing your own sex doll, or you’re considering purchasing a more expensive, luxury doll (some can be upwards of $5,000), you could see whether there’s a sex doll brothel in your area. And if not, maybe you could engage in some safe sex tourism! 

About condoms

If you’re going to a sex doll brothel, you should wear a condom. While ethical, quality brothels are very careful about cleaning and disinfecting dolls between clients, you really don’t want to pick anything up. The safest option is always to wear a condom if you share a doll with anyone, but especially a brothel scenario just due to straight-up volume.

How to clean the sex doll

First of all, you absolutely, positively need to know how to clean your sex doll (whether it’s a TPE doll or not). Every time. Both the doll’s body and the doll’s face should be cleaned, if you were playing with both, because let’s get real for a minute: If you don’t clean your sex doll well, it’s going to get nasty fast … like the next time you want to get busy with your love doll, you’re going to smell things you wish you hadn’t. 

Some sex dolls come with all the gear you need to clean them. These can include a vaginal irrigator, which basically helps squirt soapy water (it’s a good idea to use antibacterial soap) all up in there, where it counts.

Basically, the protocol is this: Spray the inside of your doll with a mix of warm water and mild soap, taking care to cover it in different directions (you want to get everywhere). Don’t use hot water; just warm. Then use running water to flush out the insides, which’ll remove any gunk left in there. Finally, pat the inside dry with a towel — don’t rub vigorously; just pat it dry.

Then be sure to read the instructions for your particular doll. A lot of TPE or silicone dolls have body parts that will feel sticky or oily to the touch after they’ve been cleaned. Your sex doll may come with a powder to use to help with this, or you can use cornstarch. Don’t use talcum powder or baby powder, since that can cause irritation and, some say, actually be toxic to you. 

Essentially the powdering process helps the material not lose moisture, which helps it to stay soft and not harden. (By the way, don’t use baby oil to keep your doll’s skin soft, either. Baby oil should never be used with toys made from latex, silicone, rubber, or plastic. Why? Because baby oil has petroleum in it, which degrades these materials.)

How to store a sex doll

If you’ve got a silicone or TPE doll, be sure to store it in a room-temperature area; don’t leave your doll out in the garage in winter, for example, or it could damage the material it’s made from. Likewise, you don’t want to leave it somewhere where it gets extremely hot. If you’re comfortable, your sex doll will be, too.

If you’ve got an inflatable doll, it’s up to you whether you deflate it every time. 

Have a ball with your doll

Final tip? Allow yourself to enjoy everything about the experience as a proud new sex doll owner! As Lehmiller put it, “We know that human beings are titillated by novelty, and we’re always seeking out new and exciting ways of fulfilling our sexual desire.”

While conducting research for his book, Tell Me What You Want, Lehmiller interviewed over 4,000 people and discovered that ~15% had fantasized about sex with a robot … which isn’t that different from sex with a sex doll, especially since some AI sex dolls can actually talk.

Let your sexual fantasy run wild — this sex doll is all about your sexual pleasure, and you get to fulfill that in any way you wish. People get adult toys for all kinds of reasons, and sex dolls, in particular can be a safe way of spicing up your sex life. You get to experiment with whatever sex position you want, whenever you want, and come back for more. So get going! Visit PinkCherry today to explore our extensive collection of realistic vagina and butt sex toys, featuring sex dolls, pocket pussies, and more!


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