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If you can’t have sex with a real person, what’s the next best thing? You know it — sex with a real sex doll! The Modern sex doll has come a long way since the inflatable dolls of the past. And while extremely lifelike sex dolls are on the market now, there are some mid-ranged sex dolls that are also pretty magnificent (this can help if you’re not quite ready to drop several months’ salary on an expensive sex doll). Heck, even inflatable dolls have come a long way. 

The point is, whether or not you get a high-end sex silicone doll from reputable and modern sex doll manufacturers like WM doll or Real Doll, it can be incredibly pleasurable to have “someone” to be sexual with. Sex toys are awesome, and sometimes you just crave a lil bit more to hold on to, if you know what we mean. While your love doll will probably never replace a real person, it can be stimulating in a different way … and we’re all fans of the right kind of stimulation, right? Yet you’ve likely got lots of questions. Should you commit to a luxury sex doll? What kinds of features come with a high end sex doll versus a mid range sex doll? Let’s dive in.

What are the different tiers of sex dolls?

You may be wondering how to use a sex doll, and it really depends on the type of doll you choose. Sex dolls vary widely based on a few major feature categories: type of material (i.e. a silicone sex doll or TPE sex doll), how realistic the features are, whether it’s a full-body doll, a mini sex doll, or just a sex doll torso. How much material is used also matters; is your doll a BBW sex doll, standing at a delicious 6’3 and thicc AF? That’s going to be more expensive.

Here are a few of the major categories:

1. Blow-up dolls

These inflatable doll options will be very cheap on your wallet … but also very cheap on realism. Cheap sex dolls in this category have come a long way, but most simply don’t measure up to the experience, realism, and feel of more robust silicone or tpe dolls.

2. Partial Body Dolls

These dolls are going to be low- to medium-range sex dolls, and likely not proportional to what you’d expect from a real partner (especially on the lower end of the price scale). That said, some torso dolls or hip/lower half dolls can have some serious realism, and both come with usable orifices (i.e. vaginas, anuses, and mouths). If you’ve got a favorite position and one of these partial dolls fits it (#DoggieStyle4Evr), these will be great options for the cost-conscious. PinkCherry has a wide assortment of realistic vagina and butt sex toys for you to experiment with.


3. Full-Body Dolls

Now we’re getting into the real meat and potatoes. A realistic sex doll in this category can vary widely in price, from ~$500 on the very low end to upwards of $10,000 and more for expensive dolls if you’ve got a customization need in mind. 

What are the price points for each tier?

So, what does a sex doll feel like? Well, it depends on the type of doll you get. Let’s delve into the dirty details — what type of Mrs. or Mr. Clause can you get with that Christmas bonus??

Sex Dolls under $500

To start off, the cheapest sex dolls will be partial body dolls, such as torso dolls, or what are often known as “male masturbators” that are solely hips, legs, feet. While not technically in the sex doll camp, these sex toys offer a robust, sex-doll-like experience on a budget.

Generally ranging from $300 - $500, toys such as these are generally made with high-quality materials. For example, the Kendra Lust Life Size Vagina Stroker With Ass is made with TPE doll skin that’s oh-so-realistic, and makes a very satisfying sound when spanked. ;) 

You’re extremely unlikely to find a full-sized and realistic sex doll within this price range, and if you were to successfully find one, approach it with caution. 

$500 - $1000

Low- to medium-end sex dolls can be purchased for $500 - $1,000. This is the lower end of the scale with sex dolls; if you’re on the fence about whether or not Inanimate Abby is the right companion for you, this is the price tier you want to be playing in. Better to figure out if this is your jam before spending upwards of $2,500 on a sex doll only, to have to then figure out how you’re going to get rid of it. (You’re probably not going to be able to just list a sex doll on Facebook Marketplace, though you could just buy even more dolls and start up a sex doll brothel, but we digress …)

Now we’re getting into territory where a full-sized sex doll is viable. It might not have all the bells and whistles (dolls don’t literally come with bells or whistles … yet), but it’ll have at least one orifice within which to get busy. So at this tier, you’re not going to be able to get a doll from a luxury brand, but you’re getting there. Dolls in this price range will be a good option if you’re wondering whether sex dolls are your thing.

Keep in mind that within this price tier, the best sex dolls will probably be smaller (less material means less cost) and will probably have less realistic doll features in areas such as the face, eyes, hands, and feet. If you’d like some solid realism, you and your wallet will need to continue further into Doll Wonderland.

$1000 - $2500

In this price range, dolls start to look a lot more real, and if you’re lucky you might find a vendor with some customization options, though they’re probably simple things like swapping out eye color and not custom doll art. It still means that your new boo can be green-eyed or blonde-haired if your manufacturer has those customizations on hand. 

Another thing you begin to get at with this mid-range sex doll tier is the size and robustness you might expect in comparison to a real man or woman. There’s enough room in this price point to allow for more TPE or silicone material, robust internal skeletons that allow you to put the doll in more varied sex positions, and details on your doll’s finer features, such as face, eyes, hands, and feet. No more mini-dolls with the vague suggestions of hands. Real hands!

At this price point, your doll will also likely have all orifices available for your exploration, with more attention on a  unique texture and feel; sex doll designers spend a lot of energy and effort making things like vaginal or anal canals feel real when you’re penetrating them. There’s still more room to grow into the luxury feature set, but this is a fine spot to be if your only desire for your Busty Betty is sex and not companionship.

$2,500 - $4,000

Now we’re getting into highly customizable ranges and continuing to approach more realism. How about how your doll’s labia, areola, hair, nails, or feet look? All these options become possible as you delve deeper into the luxury side of sex dolls. 

Dolls here have more moldable internal structures, allowing for poses and positions that lower-end dolls might not be able to achieve, allowing you and your playmate to get into the fun world of doll boudoir photography. You may find yourself wanting to start purchasing fancy new tops, bottoms, shoes, leggings, etc. here, and it is your right to go to town.

Once nice thing here is that your doll can have removable body parts, such as a detachable vagina (female dolls) or penis (male dolls), which allows for easier cleaning. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean your sex doll, we’ve got you covered; who wouldn’t want to keep Tantalizing Tawnya in her cleanest and cutest shape?

$4,000 - $5,500

As your wallet continues to open wider, so do the possibilities around what your Rare and Realistic Rachael can look and feel like. Are you ready to be extremely particular about whether your doll is 5’4” or 5”6? Do you want your doll to have darker or lighter skin? These are questions you’re going to have to ask yourself once you’ve settled on this level of custom sex doll investment. 

Another item of import to note is that around this price range, companies start offering doll insurance for TPE/silicone repairs if you’ve unfortunately put your Heather in harm's way. 

$5,500 +

Once you’re in this price range, the realism of your sex doll is approaching uncanny levels and you will be thanking the person who made sex dolls. Think Hollywood Wax Museum, except soft, supple, and oh-so-fuckable. There are customization options galore here: head shape, eyebrows, nails, feel, breast size, nipple type, vulva choices, pubic hair grooming, head hair cut and color, detachable penis, extra penis, hard penis, not a hard penis. 

You could probably recreate your favorite person in doll form. If you want Doll Brad Pitt, you can have Doll Brad Pitt — and see just how much Fight is in his Club.

$10,000 + 

You might be wondering, “Can I really spend more than $10,000 on a sex doll?” Dear reader, let me ask you a question: Are you turned on by robots?

Still very much in development, robot sex dolls are becoming a thing. Realistic sex dolls are fine and dandy propped up in their sexy poses, but there’s something extra special about a sex doll that will respond verbally to you. Some sex robots can blink and move their mouths and eyebrows, turn their heads, and moan loudly when their custom, anatomically correct, hand-crafted lady- or man-bits are fondly caressed.

It’s a crazy sex robot world out there, and if you’re interested, you can definitely find the beep boop Betty Boop that suits your fancy.

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