Myth Busted: Inhibition Means Fewer Female Orgasms

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PinkCherry Myth About Inhibitions and Female Orgasms


When you're in the heat of the moment making love to your partner, nothing is better than firing on all cylinders and delivering a performance like no other. As your partner begs for more pleasure after their first climax, you see them inch closer and closer to another mind-blowing orgasm. But, it never comes and your partner is completely finished with sex, even though they didn't "finish" again. Now, you're left wondering if you may have said or done something wrong to hold your partner back from having multiple female orgasms


While this is an understandable reaction, it's one that's rooted in a silly myth that says a person must be feeling sexual inhibition if they don't have more than one orgasm. Fortunately for you, this isn't the case — but what happens if a woman doesn't climax multiple times? We're here to crack the code. In this article, we'll debunk this common myth surrounding multiple female orgasms and explain why each woman experiences climatic ends to sex differently.

3 Reasons Why Some Women Don't Have Multiple Female Orgasms

We get it — it can be extremely discouraging when you can't get your partner off more than once. You start to get in your own head and question if you're able to adequately please them, especially if they have multiple female orgasms while having sex one night and then only last through one bedroom session another night. You may even begin to believe that they're experiencing some form of anxious sexual inhibition that's holding them back from intense and blissful climaxes. But, it's important that you comprehend that a lack of multiple female orgasms stems (mostly), from psychological factors that have nothing to do with a sexual inhibition involving fear or opposition. Let's look at three examples to understand what happens if a woman doesn't climax multiple times.

1. Your Partner Is Tired 

Have you ever tried to have sex while feeling completely exhausted? Chances are, you either postponed these plans to the following evening or attempted to give it a half-ass shot (pardon the pun). After all, the show must go on, right? Sometimes, exhaustion is the key ingredient to a lack of multiple female orgasms. In fact, once some people climax, they're officially done for the evening, even if they're still turned on. 

2. You Didn't Use Enough Lube

If your partner isn't erupting with multiple female orgasms, or even one climax, it's likely that a lack of lubrication is the culprit. When a person's vagina or anus is properly lubricated, both erogenous areas become much more sensitive to the touch. This makes it easier for that person's partner to hit all the right spots more quickly and effectively. So, before you start having some hot, kinky sex, make sure you load up on the lube!

3. Your Partner May Be Overstimulated

This may be hard to believe, but you can accidentally stimulate your partner too much to the point where they don't have an orgasm. This is why people experience orgasms much differently than each other. While some get off from the roughest, fastest sex, others need slower and more intimate lovemaking to really reach those blissful, multiple female orgasms. Or, their stimulation has to come from other areas such as nipple massages or backdoor play through the use of anal sex toys. Always check with your partner to see exactly what they like during sex.

What Happens if a Woman Doesn't Climax at All?

While some women may not experience multiple female orgasms, a small percentage of others do not experience orgasms at all. In fact, a significant amount of women may need their partner to go the extra mile by using a dildo or giving them clitoral stimulation from oral sex to achieve an orgasm. But this is perfectly okay! As we discussed, psychology plays a significant role in how often we get our O-faces on. 


A condition called anorgasmia is sometimes the culprit in terms of why some women don't orgasm. Anorgasmia means a person can't achieve orgasms and it can occur for a number of physical reasons, including injury on the spinal cord or menopause. However, anorgasmia is heavily focused on psychological, subconscious cues, such as having a fear of exerting the noises or movements associated with climaxing, or having depression or relationship issues. However, even if they can't come with a partner, people living with anorgasmia can still have an orgasm while masturbating solo with toys like vibrators

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Whether or not your partner experiences multiple female orgasms, the important takeaway of this article is to tend to their needs and give them the pleasure they deserve. Whether you need to speed things up, slow your momentum down or add some couples sex toys to the mix, you can always find a way to make your partner happy. Check out our products at PinkCherry today and push your partner to their sexual limit!

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