Myth Busted: Sex Without Penetration Isn't Real

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PinkCherry Myth About Sex Without Penetration


There are many reasons why people love to have sex. Some enjoy sharing intimate experiences with their partner, while others simply enjoy having casual sex with their friends. But regardless of why people have sex, there is one thing that makes people crave it: the tantalizing, blissful pleasure we get from it. When we start having some steamy bedroom fun, one of the best moments is getting down to the nitty gritty and enjoying some full-on, penetrative sex. Let's face it — hitting a home-run is exciting and what many people think about when hooking up with a partner. But what about sex without penetration? Is it...really sex at all?


It's a common misconception that penetration has to occur for sex to "count," and this is far from the truth. In fact, you can still have wonderful orgasms and sex without intercourse. Are you intrigued yet? In this article, we'll debunk the myth that sex without penetration doesn't exist and show you five ways to enjoy some sexy time regardless of whether or not you "get it in." 

Five Ways to Achieve Orgasms With No-Penetration Sex

Whether you're a virgin or an experienced lover, nothing is more frustrating than hearing your buddies say "it doesn't count" when you divulge any details about sex without penetration. But, unfortunately, this mindset has existed for ages, and a good amount of people truly believe that sex isn't real without entering the downstairs. We're here to prove those people wrong. Here are five hair-raising, toe-curling methods to have sex without intercourse:

1. Partake in Mutual Masturbation

Sure, you can masturbate solo, but if you want to have some great sex without penetration, it's time to invite your partner to the party. Similar to viewing a sexy video, mutual masturbation allows you to watch and tease each other until you both erupt in simultaneous joy. Don't get us wrong — there can be some penetration involved if you or your partner are using vibrators or sex toys for anal play. But, there's no intercourse between you both, making this a perfect, "technical" option for no-penetration sex

2. Have Fun With Sexy Games

Did you know that you can purchase tantalizing sensual love games to play with your partner? There are many different types of card and dice games to choose from and enjoy, each with its own unique set of rules. Many of these types of adult games have instructions that require the player on the receiving end to obey a command, ranging from kissing your partner's neck to stripping off an article of clothing. As long as you offer each other your full consent upon playing, the possibilities for no-penetration sex activities are endless!

3. Dry Hump or Grind On Your Partner

Dry humping your partner, or engaging in "outercourse," is not only a classic method of teasing, but it's the closest thing to sex without penetration. This extremely pleasurable experience can be done with or without clothes, but is often most fun when your partner is teasing you even further by wearing some naughty lingerie. Just remember that if you do wear any clothes, they should be comfortable and unrestricting to leave yourself room for that explosive climax. 

4. Sext With Your Partner

Often used by folks in a long-distance relationship, sexting can be enjoyed by couples of all types. You can strip and masturbate to each other on a video call, send risque pictures, entice each other with dirty messages or even have some good, old-fashioned phone sex. As the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder," and sexting each other while you're not together will only make your partner crave your immediate, face-to-face attention the moment they see you again.

5. Treat Your Partner to a Sexy Massage

Lastly, you and your partner can give each other a long and invigorating massage that is sensual but doesn't involve penetration. You can caress various areas of your partner's body, from their back and feet to their more private parts, that'll have them trembling with pleasure. Although it's not pure sexual bliss, massages provide deeply satisfying joy. 

Products to Enjoy Sex Without Penetration

No matter which method you follow to partake in sex without intercourse, there are a variety of products that you use with your partner to achieve the utmost bliss. Whether you try clitoral stimulators during mutual masturbation, add a twist to your bedroom with advanced nipple suckers or roleplay with some sexy costumes, you can count on PinkCherry for a wonderful selection of products to make the most out of no-penetration sex. Let us penetrate your bedroom today!

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