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Swing Into New Levels Of Pleasure By PinkCherry


Feeling frisky? Then it may be time to get crazy and experiment with all new levels of pleasure! How you ask? It might be time to bring part of the playground right into your bedroom. Do you want to merge blissful pleasure with nostalgia? Do you want to try a thrilling new sexual experience? Did you see those photos of celebrity couple Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson unloading a sex swing in their driveway and think, “Wow, where can I get me one of those?’ 

Sex swings prove that the fun you can have with sex toys doesn’t always have to be handheld. Your hesitations will be as suspended, as you are, when it comes to taking this wild ride. Here are some tips to get you in the swing of things without breaking the bank (or, more importantly, your back)!

What is a Sex Swing?

Get ready to be WOWed! A sex swing is a weightless way to experience sex in some “oh-so-erotic” positions that would be downright impossible otherwise. It is an innovative combination of bondages and restraints that come together to create a gravity-defying play toy for both you and your partner. There are a few different types of swings, but the two most common are a sex swing and a door sling

Don’t Be Swayed by the Set Up

Put in the work to enjoy the pleasure! Assembling a new sex swing for the first time can be extremely intimidating. Sometimes, just pulling a tank top over your head can result in getting tied up, and those only have two straps! However, these unconventional toys are actually quite easy to set-up. So, let’s take the “fear factor” out of the assembly process, so you can see just how fun swinging into a pool of erotic pleasure can be!

DOOR SLING - If you aren’t ready to make this toy a permanent addition to your home, then the door sling is a great choice because the only hammering it requires is between you and your partner. All you need to do is place the straps over the door frame, close, and lock it behind you. It’s really that simple! Soft padded thigh straps and padded grip handles can be adjusted to your preferred height quickly, making it easier for you or your partner to lift and position legs and hips just right. These types are usually not a full suspension device and are more limited on the positions you can try. But the sensual pleasure is still limitless!

SEX SWING – Grabbing the old toolbox and sweating a little will only heighten your pleasure ride. For some of the more suspended options, you only need a hammer and stud finder (no not you boys!) to get started on your erotic adventure. These open up the door for new position possibilities, whether you are interested in something classic or want to use your imagination! Don’t let your last trip to IKEA deter you! These sex swings are incredibly simple to assemble and usually include detailed easy-to-follow instructions – since most couples don’t like to venture out to ask for help! A sturdy torque bar helps stabilize you and/or your partner, and soft padded supports for back, butt/thighs, and feet or calves abound.

Get in the Swing of Things

Let’s do this! Once your swing is set up, it’s time to swing into Pleasureville for a quick visit! Relax, you aren’t signing up for Cirque du Soleil - sex swings might look complicated, but they are actually amazingly simple to navigate. Make sure you have followed all the safety instructions for a sturdy set-up. You definitely don’t want to ruin the mood with a “not-so-hot” malfunction (or injury).

Trust your partner. If your sex swing adventure is full of bondage and restraints, being suspended off the ground can feel dangerous if you are in the wrong hands. Make sure you have clear communication in case you twist or shift into an uncomfortable position.

Be playful and seductive! One of the biggest benefits of a sex swing is you and your partner’s ability to experiment. Being suspended in the air allows you to discover new positions you never would have dreamed possible. The only limit to the newfound pleasure is your own imagination. So, let that bad boy go wild! 

Safety First, Sex Second

When it comes to sex toys, there are plenty to enjoy alone; however, sex swings are meant to be used with at least one other partner. Each swing has a set of manufacturer instructions to provide the safest pleasure ride possible. Make sure you read these rules to ensure your safety, which includes a weight limit as well. You want all the poppin’ and lockin’ it, but NOT the droppin’ it! 

Most importantly, if you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable while using a sex swing, don’t force yourself to enjoy it. Even though it’s not as extreme as bungee jumping, it’s understandable that certain people just prefer to enjoy their escapades with their feet on solid ground, which is 100% ok! Don’t push yourself. Everyone has different experiences and preferences when it comes to sex toys. What’s most important is that you always have a clear line of communication with your partner while indulging in this blissful adventure together. If at any point you feel as if you are loosening your grips on the restraints or slipping underneath a butt pad, you should always feel comfortable speaking up and adjusting when necessary. Communicate, indulge, and enjoy!

PinkCherry is Here to Get You in Full Swing

We want to welcome you to a wide variety of sex toys that make you feel comfortable and excited to take that thrilling next step (or swing!) If you are a beginner or have taken a sexual swing ride before, there are plenty of options to push you from humdrum in the bedroom to letting it all hang out. Some of our favorite swings include Door Jam Sex Sling , Door Swing, and WhipSmart Pleasure Swing .

Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Swinging into seductive bliss has never been hotter!


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