What Does Anal Feel Like?

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What Does Anal Sex Feel Like


It’s easy to imagine: you and your partner getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, whispering sweet nothings and secret fantasies to one another. Then someone mentions anal and you begin to wonder: what does anal sex feel like? Well, wonder no longer! We’re going to give you all the oh-so-erotic details about what to expect when you explore the sensual world of the back door in your sex life!


For Men Only?

There is a common misconception that anal sex is exclusively for men because they’re the only ones who can really enjoy it. But guess what? That’s not true! The main difference is the presence of a prostate, a small gland found in people assigned male at birth. Though its main purpose is to help make semen, it’s also extremely sensitive and feels great when stimulated. 

Because the prostate gland responds to sexual activity, the blood flow increases its size and sensitivity when aroused. Besides feeling insanely good when stimulated, it may take some people feel like they have to pee, even if  they don’t. Your prostate is near your bladder, so any swelling can activate the feeling of needing to pee. It’s completely normal to feel that way, so don’t worry if you experience this!

However, many people without prostates find that butt sex feels great-even without having that particular gland,  and some even learn how to have an anal orgasm


The Best Parts About Anal

Let’s start with the good news – because everyone loves good news! Even without a prostate, everyone has quite a few nerve endings in the anal area that feel amazing when played with. Below are just some of the common reasons why people love the feeling of anal: 

  • The G-spot can be indirectly stimulated through the anal canal, as can the A-spot. both of which are sensitive erogenous areas located inside the vagina
  • Many people simply love the sensation of fullness in their butt. 


When combined with oral sex, stroking and clitoral stimulation, a little anal attention can be completely mindblowing, pleasure-wise. 

If you’re nervous about complete anal penetration, or it’s your first time, there are plenty of activities which can feel just as great to ease you into it! Here are some tips to follow so your first anal experience feels good: 

  • Use a finger to stroke the anal area, inside and out, to gauge your own sensitivity. (We recommend using lube on your finger for a smoother experience.)
  • Make sure that everyone’s fingernails have been trimmed and cleaned beforehand.
  • You can wear gloves to avoid any possible mess.


If your partner is willing, quite a lot of people enjoy rimming or having a partner use their tongue on their anus. It’s an intimate experience, to be sure, but one where no one needs to worry about injury or extra lubrication. As long as you’ve washed up before oral-anal encounters, you both can get “down and dirty” without having to really get dirty.

Many couples love to incorporate anal play into sex using fingers, butt plugs, dildos, vibes or strap-on toys. If you’re planning to switch between anal play and vaginal play, make sure to switch to a fresh condom or wash your hands and toys thoroughly first.  No one ever wants to hit pause in the middle of working on your “night moves,” but a momentary interruption can save you a lot of trouble in the future. There’s plenty of bacteria in the anal canal which can cause some issues in the vagina. Even if you’ve cleaned yourself, anal douching and all, there will be remaining particles that you definitely don’t want anywhere else! As we say, just say no to possible infections!


What Makes it Uncomfortable? 

The anal area, especially directly around the sphincter, is extremely sensitive and contains tons of nerve endings. Having anything coming in where you’ve only had stuff coming out can feel somewhat uncomfortable, especially at first. Also, if you’re not properly prepared, lubricated, and relaxed, it can be extremely painful. So, to avoid potentially uncomfortable feelings, be sure to consider the following recommendations: 

1. Use a lot of lube. And re-apply often.

2. Stroke the area and get nice and relaxed before inserting anything larger than a finger or small toy.

3. Carefully open yourself up beforehand using fingers, small toys, or a tongue.  

The tissue of the anal canal and the rectum are very thin and tear easily, so more precautions need to be taken with anal sex than vaginal sex. Any kind of tearing or perforation is not only incredibly painful, but can also lead to serious health issues. Play nice with your booty! 


The Most Common Initial Feeling of Anal

Trying to define how anal sex feels can be a bit tricky. People who have some butt play experience will probably describe anal sex as feeling ‘like something’s in your butt!’ While that’s a very literal definition, it’s not terribly helpful for beginners. First things first, anal sex and penetration should not be painful. If it is, stop immediately. Anal penetration can feel a little weird if you’re not used to it, but that’s all. It should not hurt.


It Can Feel Like Pooping

That said, some people describe the sensation of butt sex as ‘pooping in reverse’. Now, we know that may not sound very sexy, but really, it’s the only natural comparison humans have when trying to describe the feeling of having something in our butts! When removing a toy, or fingers, or a penis from our butts, it can feel a lot like pooping, but not to worry! If you’ve gone to the washroom (ie: dropped the kids at the pool) recently, you won’t need to worry about the real thing happening. 

Some people really enjoy anal stimulation and penetration, and some don’t. If you do, great! If not, that’s great too! There are tons of sexy activities that don’t involve the butt. It’s important to be honest with a partner (if one is involved) about your preferences, and to be respectful of theirs.


Trying Anal With A Sex Toy

Maybe you’re flying solo or your partner doesn’t have a penis. Either way, there are tons of anal training kits and toys available, tailor made for your derriere, to spice up your sex life. Often times, many people use some of the following toys to stretch themselves and prepare for the main event: 


A sex toy can be a great way to learn about your body and explore what feels pleasurable and what doesn’t. Then, if (and when) you decide to have anal sex with a partner, you’ll already know what you want and what to try. Some toys even provide dual penetration, for the front and back. Whether that means a cock ring in front or a silicone penis depends on you, but, either way, you’re sure to have an amazing pleasure filled time between the sheets!


The Bottom Line

As you can see, everyone will find the experience somewhat different, depending on your own levels of sensitivity, but if you take care and go slow, you’re much more likely to reach a positive climax. Remember, it isn’t a race! Even in the throes of passion, take a breath and practice patience when navigating the sensitive waters of anal sex! 

Now that we’ve cleared up how anal will feel, you might be eager to try it out, either on your own or with your partner. Ready to experience anal pleasure? We highly recommend checking out our blog on how to prepare for anal sex to make sure that everyone stays safe and satisfied and check out some starter anal toys to get your booty ready. So, get excited, get some booty action going, and enjoy it!


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