Anal Douching 101: Cleaning Your Back Door

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Anal Douching 101: Cleaning Your Backdoor


So, you and your partner have decided to make the leap and try anal intercourse. Congrats! Maybe it’s something you’ve been wanting to experiment with for a while, but now that the reality is upon you, you’re finding things a little nerve-wracking. What if your partner is grossed out? What if something accidentally exits when you’re preparing for a sexy entrance? A million thoughts may be flooding your mind!


Unfortunately, that kind of thinking can lead to a very unsatisfying time for everyone involved. Your partner will likely pick up on your own nervousness, and it’ll take longer to get down to business. Anal sex should be fun and comfortable. But not to worry! Because we’re coming to the rescue with all the information you need to start with a clean slate – yes, we’re talking about anal douching – to help make your backdoor action even more enjoyable.


What is Anal Douching?

While most of us are fastidious in the shower about cleaning our bodies, usually it doesn’t occur to people to clean their insides as well. Anal douching, or rectal douching, is a method by which the rectum, a small part of the large intestine closest to the anal entrance, is cleaned out by using water or other cleansing fluids. Squirting a small amount of fluid inside allows you conveniently rinse out any leftover fecal matter from your last bowel movement. 


Typically, the reason for anal douching is for clean hygiene prior to anal play with a partner or anal toys. And when it comes to intercourse, it’s one of the first steps we recommend when learning how to prepare for anal sex.


What Equipment Does Anal Douching Require?

Luckily for everyone, anal douching is a fairly simple procedure and there isn’t much equipment needed. With that said, there are different types of equipment that can be used.



You can think of an anal douche like a syringe or cooking baster. That may be an odd comparison, but it’s a simple one to make. After purchasing one, you screw the douche nozzle onto a pump ball. You load up the douche with clean water by squeezing the large douche bulb and placing the tip in the fluid. The douche suctions up the fluid, and then it’s ready to be inserted into your anus. Gently squeeze the ball to release the fluid, and you’re ready to douche in a snap!


Then, when it’s time to clean the cleaner, simply pop the nozzle off and run it under warm water. You can use a tiny amount of soap as well to get rid of the bacteria, but make sure to rinse it all off before the next time you use it.


Fleet® Enemas

The easiest most common douche to use is called a Fleet® enema which is already filled with a saline laxative. They also have pre-lubricated nozzle tips, so they can slide in with ease. The instructions on the package explain exactly how to use them and how much liquid should be used for maximum safety. It’s a pretty simple method!



If you’re looking for something a bit more thorough, consider opting for an enema, as opposed to simply douching. Technically, an enema is a more in-depth form of douching, in that it uses a cleansing fluid to clean your insides out, but the method and equipment used are somewhat different. With an enema, because you’re getting a deeper clean, you should be prepared for a lot more fecal matter to come out, so we recommend doing this over a toilet, if possible.


An enema kit consists of a large pump bottle, long hose, and small nozzle. These can hold a decent amount of fluid. You fill the bottle and attach the hose and nozzle for use. While a traditional anal douche simply cleans out the rectum, a small section of the large intestine, an enema goes deeper and cleans further into the intestine. If the enema comes with a bag of solution, you squeeze the bag to push the contents into yourself.


How to Anal Douche

Ready to do this thing? Ok, let’s get down to the details! As with other types of rinsing, the process of anally douching includes squirting water up and into your rectum. This washes out particles and bacteria that might have been left in there after a good shower and your last bowel movement. 


1. Begin With a Clean Douche

Start with a clean douche to avoid spreading any bad bacteria and water that is lukewarm, but slightly cooler than room temperature. Your intestinal lining is extremely sensitive, so it may sound appealing to use warm water, but resist the impulse. Trust us on this one!


2. Lubricate the Douche

Lubricate the douche nozzle to ensure that it slides in without any friction or pain. Even if it’s very small, you shouldn’t underestimate how tight the anus is. You can choose whether to douche in the shower or over a toilet, but make sure your derriere is located somewhere convenient for whatever surprise comes out. 


Pro Tip: Many people prefer to put one leg up, either next to the toilet, on a shower bench, or the side of the tub, to allow them easier access.


3. Prepare the Anal Area for Insertion & Proceed

If you’re worried about pain, you can use a lubricated finger to relax the hole and tease the area. Getting in a little fun before the main event never hurt anyone. Then, place the tip next to the hole and breathe out while inserting it. This may feel strange, especially if it’s a solid, plastic tip. That’s completely normal, but it should never actually hurt — it it does, stop immediately. 


4. Squeeze the Douche Bulb

Once inside, squeeze the douche bulb to propel the liquid inside. The key is to squeeze very slowly because the water pressure can be alarming in this sensitive area. And remember when removing the bulb, to hold it tightly squeezed after releasing the water inside the rectum. This will help prevent any water from being backwashed back into the bulb during the removal process.


Try to clench your buttocks and hold the liquid inside for a few moments before letting it out. The douche process can be repeated a couple more times until the water comes out clear. It’s suggested not to exceed 3 flushes per session to avoid irritation.


And it’s recommended to wait 30 minutes to an hour after douching to engage in anal play. This will ensure all liquid is out, allow any tissue irritation to subside, and can give a body time to adjust.


5. Wipe Up & Get to It

If you’re in the shower anyway, clean-up is made easy. Otherwise, wipe thoroughly. Some people like to wait for a few hours to make sure everything is out before a romp in the hay, but it’s really about your own level of comfort, and your partner’s of course!


Important Safety Tips for Anal Douching

Safety first! What you use to cleanse your rectum and how often you douche can greatly affect the safety of the process. 


  • Be Cautious of Your Cleaning Solutions: Many kinds of cleaning solutions can actually damage your sensitive large intestine and cause serious problems, like an increased risk for infections of all kinds. Make sure to only use water or commercially approved substances to get that good, clean feeling without potentially hurting yourself.
  • Practice Douching Before Enema Use: If you’re considering using an enema, or practicing anal douching on a regular basis, try using saline enema solution. It’s somewhat more gentle than normal water because the electrolyte balance has been specifically calibrated to be safe for your large intestine. 
  • Limit Your Frequency of Douching: Limit your douching to around three times a week and definitely not more than one session per day. After all, your body is naturally protected by its own bacterial environments, and douching can disrupt your intestine’s bacterial cultures if performed too often.


Why You Should Anally Douche Before Anal Sex

Of course, you don’t have to anally douche before engaging in anal play, but the act provides peace of mind to squeamish people and helps reduce your, and your partner’s, nerves beforehand. Douching is a deeper clean than a finger in the shower and that can help everyone relax, which can be a good thing. Relaxation is a key part of enjoying any kind of sexual activity and anal intercourse is no exception.


Your rectum is specifically designed to hold your feces high up in the intestine until you’re ready to release, so the likelihood of any poop making an appearance during sex is very low, whether you’ve recently douched or not. However, it provides a level of comfort which can allow everyone to fully immerse themselves in the erotic experience and fully relish the sensations. It’s hard to have an orgasm if you’re too busy worrying about something else coming out, after all. And, trust us, whatever you can do to facilitate that elusive anal orgasm is completely worth it!


Why Hygiene Doesn’t Replace Protection

With the exception of the currently theoretical rectal microbicide, no amount of anal douching or use of enemas can protect your precious booty from STIs or an HIV infection. Depending on what you and your partner are planning on, there are several types of protection available. Besides condoms, there are gloves and dental dams to consider. In addition to protecting your booty from a potential STI, they can also provide an extra layer between your partner and a potentially icky situation, so they also serve as a source of comfort.


The Bottom Line for Backdoor Fun

Keep in mind that, like all types of sex, anal sex is inevitably going to be messy. No matter how sexy everything seems in movies and erotic books, the reality is that there will be fluids, and after the throes of passion have ended, some clean-up will be required. However, by ensuring that your back end is as clean as possible beforehand by anally douching, you can cut down on much of the mess and possible ick factor on your sex toy or partner. Everyone can be more comfortable with this newly found fun. Not to mention, your partner will be more inclined to get up close and personal when you’re reporting fresh and clean for booty duty!


Now that you’ve learned how to anal douche, it’s time to get on to the fun! Check out our top tips on how to have an anal orgasm so you can get the most from your anal adventures.


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