Knuckle Up Vac-U-Lock Accessory in Black

4.83 Based On 24 Reviews

Knuckle Up Vac-U-Lock Accessory in Black

Based On 24 Reviews

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Best Accessory (Jillian)

Awesome! Fun to look at, kind of kinky, and adds major grip. Easy to attach to my vac-u dildos.

The whole vac-u system is great! Easy to build an extensive collection, with endless possibilities, on a budget, without quality compromise.



excellent control and good for giggles (Anonymous)

Bought this with an 8'' jelly dildo for the sheer hilarity of owning dildo brass knockles, but the funniest bit is that it's actually a great tool for manual stimulation: using your clenched fist allows you perfect speed, rotation (don't underestimate those corkscrew motions) AND angle control through a simple flick of the wrist. Great for vibrating too, again from the wrist, especially with a flexible extension. Would recomment to anyone who likes to use a toy on their partner.

Product description

Ensuring an absolutely perfect grip on your favorite Vac-U-Lock dildo, plug or probe, the Knuckle Up is completely unique, extra user friendly, and a truly great addition to the Vac-U-Lock family. Taking the shape of classic brass knuckles, the firm ABS plastic grip fits through the fingers and provides a solid handle for ultra precise maneuvers once a compatible toy has been attached to the universal plug up top. Simply slide your penetrator of choice on, and enjoy. Fits most hands.

SKU: DJ-1010-12-BX | UPC: 782421011277 | MPN: 1010-12-BX (0)

SKU: DJ-1010-12-BX | UPC: 782421011277 | MPN: 1010-12-BX (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Must have (K)

Must have for any vac u lock accessory. Wife loved the intense motion with the 8 inch ur3 we have.

Excellent find (Anonymous)

This knuckle up is great, my wife loved it. In the past she's had a hard time holding on to the dildos with the lube all over. With this attachment she was able to lube up the Jeff stryker and me. After that she was able to hold on with ease and really give it to me good without slippage. Must have tool

vac u loc must have (Anonymous)

A necessity for your vac u lock play.

amazing (Anonymous)

It was a birthday present to a friend and she absolutely loved it! I was worried about the shipping but it got here two days early and that just made it the best. I wasn't stressed about my gift arriving late. and she said is was the best thing to use

Fantastic for brutal play (Rivver)

I bought this toy because I like to play mean. More specifically, I like it when my trusted partners play mean with me. I used this with my boyfriend (who is also my Dom) and it was amazing. His hand was right there, pounding the flesh of my butt and jabbing the extension into me. My advice is to get an attachment or off-brand sheath that's short enough not to hurt you when the toy is shoved right up to your body. Honestly, we just threw a glove finger on it, as is, for the first try. The ridges rubbed my g-zone like wut. My partner and I had an awesome time with this thing. Lots of pressure and sensation, no pain, plenty of play-fear. As he put it, this thing has a brutal energy. Enjoy!!

unique (charlie)

my partner and i have tried a lot of toys and accessories but this might have been the first where she gave an audible "wow" when i showed it too her. it's a great design, comfortable to use and just so unique. i love that you can swap in any of the vac-u-lock compatible dildos with this handle. great item.

Yes please (CareBear)

I bought this product for solo playtime for use with my favourite dilly. I absolutely LOVE vac-u-lock products, especially this one! I like it fast and hard and this allows for more control than just using the suction cup the dilly came with. Ten stars✨

Great pounder! (Uncle Bud)

Works fantastic with all the doc Johnson vac-u-lock toys. Might be a bit difficult to remove the toy for the ladies but if the Mr is doing the work it's all good. Just grip it and rip it!

Very nice. (Lex)

This gives my boyfriend the perfect grip to pound me. I like that I can put several attachments on it to change things up.

Great accessory (Mike)

Excellent accessory. Great grip and cool design.

Good accessory for Vac-u-lock toys (Uncle P)

This certainly allows for hard, fist-pumping action, though the vac-u-lock system is not quite as convenient and user friendly as we hoped. It is sometimes difficult separating the various toy attachments from the accessories like various plugs and handles, even with the use of the powder. This handle was not as difficult to remove as some because of the grip you can maintain.

Good buy (J)

I bought this to use with my other vac u lock toys. My partner was initially intimidated by it, but once we got going she loved the control I had with the toys.
Definitely good to have around!

Another winner (Anonymous)

Yet another great item in the vac u lock line of products.
A bit big for me to use entirely comfortably (medium sized female hands) so perhaps looking at buying the handle as an alternate to try, see if it's any easier to hold onto.

HOT ! (Anonymous)

Hotter in real !

Excellent (Tim)

My wife like to play a while before giving me a good pegging. Sometimes she bring this out and gives my ass a good pounding. I love the way she really gets into it not to mention how good it feels. An excellent choice for a lot of fun! An easy 5 stars.

FUN! (Anonymous)

Some days, you wanna f**k someone really fast and hard and pegging feels like too much effort but holding the base of a regular dildo in your hand is too awkward.
This contraption is for those days.
I got this and a Vac-U-Lock silicone dildo and it is SUPER FUN. Not only did I give my partner his first prostate orgasm with that combo, it's also great for whacking him across the face with (BEFORE putting it in his ass, not after. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE).
Now I'm shopping for another, smaller dildo to use with it because I have other partners who are...not so size-queeny. :D

Great accessory! (Anonymous)

Fantastic accessory for the vac loc toys we have. Gives greater control and let's me drive the wife wild!

Omg so hot! (Mrs A)

Brutal play at his best! You have to add this one to your collection <3

Love it (Jessica Dark)

Great tool if you use vac-u-lock dildos and play with a partner. Much more ergonoically correct then not having a handle.

Fun and powerful (steve)

Awesome toy Great control and a good work out if your partner is a speed freak.

Glad I got this (S)

This is very easy to hold onto which is something I was looking forward to with my hands frequently lacking fine motor skills due to issues beyond my control.