Crystal Premium Glass Eggs in Clear

Based On 31 Reviews

Crystal Premium Glass Eggs in Clear

Based On 31 Reviews

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Great Quality & Kept My Kitty Lush Down There (Pearl)

Love the glass shape, would prefer a different design (but that's very minor), & definitely felt them inside. I had them in for so long it took ages to remove the last one. 5/5 would buy again!☺

Great weight (Lily)

These little beauties are 36 grams, that's just a little heavier than the typical ben wa ball (small) that tends to be 25 grams.
The shape makes them easy to wear, even if your PC is a little weak, if you make sure the thick end inserts last.
Easy to wear all day long!

All around great! (Marivier)

Nice heavy weight, stimulating shape and great looks. Would buy again!

Product description

The classy, high end ns novelties line brings on Premium Glass Eggs, a great take on an ancient sexual practice. These smooth, deliciously shaped, subtly weighted spheres are worn internally to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which in turn leads to more control over pleasure and even stronger orgasms. Toned PC muscles can also change the intensity of orgasms, allow for more control over sensation, and let you squeeze your lovers penis or fingers sensually during sex and foreplay. Used throughout history for everything from penis enlargement (in men) to simple pleasure, their main use now is as a kegel tool. Once inserted, you'll need to flex your muscles to keep the Eggs inside, which is not only a great exercise in itself, but also helps you to isolate the muscles that need to be worked out when you aren't wearing the balls. If you're a beginner, start off with one, and add the second when you feel comfortable. Made from a deliciously weighty borosilicate glass, the Eggs are perfectly hygienic and completely hypoallergenic, they won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Not only that, but glass feels amazing. It's incomparably slick and incredibly temperature sensitive, it'll quickly and naturally warm to match body temperature with touch and insertion. A detailed manual with lots of tips and tricks is included, along with a silk storage bag. Each ball is 1 3/4 inches long and 1 inch across (45mm x 27mm).

SKU: NSN-0703-11 | UPC: 657447090349 | MPN: NSN-0703-11 (13)

SKU: NSN-0703-11 | UPC: 657447090349 | MPN: NSN-0703-11 (13)

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eggceptional (DJC)

I live the way these feel, the weight is nice they work well if done with the flexing of the keagles. My husband can tell a difference after just a few times. I had a baby a year ago, hopefully thwybwil get me back to prebaby game. (:

Eggcellent Product!! (Frank)

this is the second set i bought for my wife, she absoloutely loves the egg shape! would definately recommend this product

Good (K)

My 1st set are on a string and silicone with weights, needed something heavier...those pairs are easy to insert, but not as heavy as I wanted. Great quality

Amazeballs (Doran)

Wow. My pelvic muscles have never been stronger. Amazing. Shipping was so fast and easy. Love it

Love them (Anonymous)

They feel and work great! Would definitely buy them again.

Good (Anonymous)

Just wish they had a larger, heavier set.

Work well (Elaine)

They work well

Excellent (Anonymous)

Excellent product. Accidentally dropped one and it didn't break or crack. Highly recommended.

So gorgeous! (Anonymous)

I love these eggs! They’re so cute and feel great inside, too. Unfortunately I chipped one a while back, but I‘m delighted to see these in stock again!

A quality item. (JF)

The product is very nice, attritive in apperance, soft a well made. Obviously avery high quality product. It comes with a small carying pouch, just large enough, which prevents movement of the two eggs when stored, personally I think a small seperation would have been nice. The only limitation of these is they are very light.

Taught Me Something New! (Jenny)

I bought these to see what the fuss was about. I couldn't feel them, and had a hard time removing. Did some internetting, found out your kegels can be 'too strong' and could be causing glute issues and is probably the reason squats don't do anything for my posterior! Thanks, dear eggs! I still use them, but in different ways for different things now.

Very Nice (Anonymous)

These are very well made, and very pretty! Not a single bubble or blemish in the glass, and weighted quite nicely. They are definitely a great tool for working your kegels, and the shape makes them very easy to insert. The only reason I give them 4 stars instead of 5 is because getting them out was a bit tricky, lol. It was easy to get 1 out, but the second took a bit of 'fishing'. I recommend these for anyone who has used kegel balls before, but if you've had kids I would recommend a larger size to start with.

Superb! (Anonymous)

These little eggs are fantastic! Deliciously smooth, very comfortable wearing one or both, and a great workout for the vaginal muscles. Highly recommended!

My Favourite (Anonymous)

These are heavy enough to give me a slight challenge to hold them in. I love the shape, it makes them easier to take out rather than the classic sphere shape of kegel balls. I recommend these to anyone who wants to try kegel balls!

Superb (Carol)

Very fast shipping, the product was of the highest quality. I reviewed the video and inserted the egg, after awhile I went ahead and tried both, what a feeling. I look forward to my daily thrill.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Combine these two beauties with your favorite dildo and you'll experience something awesome!

Awesome (Sally)

I love these eggs. They have a lovely way of making you feel full and aroused while exercising your kegal muscles. They are super comfortable and a wonderful shape. Highly recommend!

Perfect! (Renee)

These gorgeous eggs have a nice weight. They're my first kegel exercisers and they've been very fun to use. I feel as if I have to remind myself to squeeze because they're so comfortable to wear that sometimes I forget about them! Easy to wear for hours on end, and I definitely feel improvment and muscle strength. I couldn't be happier!

Eggcellent product (Flickanelde)

Not too hard to keep in, but you definitely have to think about it and clench sometimes. A nice increase in vaginal mucus production from the constant stimulation. I would suggest anyone who has issues with vaginal dryness try these first as a non-chemical solution. Even if it didn't help with dryness it would definitely help with the slight incontinence that becomes a problem as women age.

Wonderful (flya)

These are my second kegal purchase. The glass has a great weight, the shape works well, and they are beautiful. Most pleasurable if you combine wearing them with non-vaginal stimulation.

Cool (Chris)

Leaves for a great feeling. Not as big as I thought they were going to be.

best ever (allison)

Well worth it, these babies are comfortable, beautiful and lovely to wear. it noticeable to me an my partner and i love them

Beautiful, well made (Mandy)

I bought these because of the material and the shape - definitely intrigued me. This was the first time I had purchased anything in the "ben wah ball" family and I have been pretty happy with them. The material makes me feel like this are super safe and I can fully clean.
I do have to point out that, as stated in the video these are not for pleasure. They are unlike classic Ben Wah balls, they do not have a weight jingling around inside them. If you push them up far enough, you simply won't feel them.
For those who don't find these a challenge, the trick is to wear them where they sit a bit lower - or do some exercises with them (many websites have exercises to do with ben wah balls). They are about the same weight as the heaviest Lelo Luna Bead combination, for comparison.
I'm not really sure how one goes about having sex with these in, they seem somewhat large for that but I personally haven't tried it.
I will wear these occasionally but I do feel I am ready for something heavier. Removal is easy for those who are a bit comfortable with insertion/removal of other toys. They cannot get lost! The video also describes removal techniques.

Amazing inserted during intercourse (Bellatrixie)

If you want an absolutely incredible sensation then insert these puppies and have sex. The feel of them rolling around and pressing on my g-spot makes for mind blowing orgasms and my partner enjoys the sensation on his cock.

Bit big (Brandy)

I bought these after purchasing a different set that were weighted and were on a string. I found the first set too big, and didn't have to do anything to keep them inside, these are fairly large also, but so smooth I have to flex a bit. Really, really cute.

Mixed feelings... (Toya)

This was my first kegel exerciser and I did not know what to expect. First of all, let me say that these are so pretty! That's what made me get them in the first place. I could put these in a cute little container on my dresser and NOBODY would know what they are if they didn't already see them in a store or online. I also love that they are made of glass and are therefore non-porous and extremely easy to clean. However, the first egg I inserted might as well have vanished completely. It found a comfy place somewhere at the top of my vagina and stayed there where it couldn't be felt. Oh well. When I put the second one in, I think the first one prevented it from disappearing as well and I did feel I needed to work my kegels to keep it in, so it worked in that regard. I did not really feel much pleasure from them, as the only time I really felt the second egg was when it started to slide out. Removal was a different story. The second egg in easily came out, but the first egg did not want to leave, no matter how much I relaxed and walked around. I finally managed to get it out with the combination of squatting, bearing down, and inserting two fingers to try and get under and behind it. Not easy at all, and it kind of ruined the sexy. I tried this a second time to see if I would have the same experience, and I did. Maybe next time I will get a kegel exerciser with a string like the Lelo Luna Balls or something so that they are easier to remove or possibly move them to a new position inside of me where I can feel the one on top. Still very pretty, though, and the price was reasonable.

Oh It's Been A Delight (serenesub)

I've been using these for about three months now and they are amazing. Together they are about 2.6 ounces and beautifully designed. There is not one seam or bubble in these babies and they are very effective. Not only have these made my orgasms stronger but they've made my vaginal muscles stronger as well. It's gotten to the point that mid orgasm I cannot be pulled out of because I clench down too hard. These are definitely worth a try if you've never used an exerciser before.

Awesome (Sarah)

Well worth it, these babies are comfortable, beautiful and lovely to wear.