Nipple Bull Rings in Silver

Based On 26 Reviews

Nipple Bull Rings in Silver

Based On 26 Reviews


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Love this (Jessica)

First pair of nipple rings & I love them just the right amount of pinch, love the way they look too.

Love these (Jayne)

I absolutely love these. They can be adjusted easily by either pulling them looser or squeezing them tighter. The look nicer than most nipple clamps and do a similar job. My nipples themselves are much too sensitive for them, but I squeeze them on just behind the nipple and can tug on them for great stimulation.

love (Anonymous)

I love these...they were a little tight when I first got them, but I stretched them out a little and now they are the sensation they give me and they don't fall off like other ones I've tried.

Product description

A classically sexy pair of Nipple Bull Rings from Pipedream, these big, non-piercing loops look fantastic on, while doing double duty as nipple clamps, providing a sexy pinch that holds tight through almost any sexual escapade.

Clinging securely to the tips of the nipples thanks to natural tension, simply pull the rings apart to attach and remove- perfectly spherical balls on the tips eliminate edges and discomfort.

SKU: PD-3603-26 | UPC: 603912138184 | MPN: PD360326 (61)

SKU: PD-3603-26 | UPC: 603912138184 | MPN: PD360326 (61)

Ratings / Reviews

Love,Amazing & Sexy (Anonymous)

My first purchase from this website and first pair of nipple rings, they were a bit tight but I ajusted them and they are amazing. My boo loves them he can't keep his hands off of me when I have them on. Defiantly enjoying these.

Sexy (Jenn)

Took me a bit of strength to widen them to wear it wasn't super painful but instead a nice little sting. Other then that these are super sexy and feel great.

Awesome! (Anonymous)

These were fun! A little tight but they bend apart pretty easily. I like the moving balls.

Awesome product (Anonymous)

These are awesome! They were a little tight at first but I opened them up a little and they felt perfect.

Wow (Anonymous)

These are great I love them, just the right pressure. feels great

painfully tight but adjustable (P)

At default, it pinches VERY hard and it's painful. But like others have said, you can pull on it to make the opening slightly bigger so it doesn't pinch as hard then it's perfect.

Ouch at first but then fun! (DansGirl)

Way too tight at first but then, as other reviews note, loosened them up a tad & enjoyed.
Subtle under a bra but keep the nips at attention.
Look like piercing which is cool!
Definitely would buy again.

Cute but TIGHT (Charlie)

These are very cute. However, if you try to put them on without adjusting, you'll be in for a world of pain. Adjusting was a little difficult because I'm weak.

Also, the balls on the end don't rotate or anything like a real piercing, so the jewelry doesn't swing or rotate or anything.

SOO Good (Es)

These feel amazing! They were a little tight, but easy to adjust to get the perfect fit. I get hot just thinking about wearing them!

Tight! (Anonymous)

Holy cow these are tight. I had to lose mine significantly because I'm a wuss... But they look amazing on.

Not Bad (Anonymous)

They work great but would look better if they were a little smaller.

So Perfect! (Emily)

These were everything I was looking for and more! I stretched mine out a little bit when I first got them because they come VERY tight. I wear them under tight white crop tops to give the appearance of nipple rings without the commitment haha. Love how sensitive they make my nipples without stretching them out

Fun Rings (Anonymous)

These are fun little nipple rings. The pinch is very tight and I did have to loosen them slightly however after that I really enjoyed them. I love wearing them out with thin shirts so you can see the outline of the rings.

Love love Love!! (Kara)

These are amazing! A little tight at first, but easy to adjust. Feel great on!

Ouchy but good (Anonymous)

tight and gooooooooooooood!

Rings (Anonymous)

Simple and effective. The little ball makes them dangle nicely.

They're pretty tight when new, but can be bent looser with some careful effort. I'm scared to adjust them too much.

Nice (McHale7)

Very good product, a sure way to experience nipple rings without piercings.

Good, not great (CD)

Maybe it's just my nipple because I don't have really long nipples, but they fell off too easily. When the did attach the feeling was pretty exciting. So, if your nipples are fairly lengthy and you like the feeling of prolonged pinched nipples these would be perfect.

A hit (Ashlee)

So many compliments about how great they look on. They squeeze just as tight as you want them too.

Sexy & pretty (Christina)

Was reluctant to purchase them because of the name, but sure glad I did! They look feminine, pretty enough and very tight. First time users will have to adjust the tightness to their own comfort level, will stay tight enough for that pleasure/pain effect and for a bit of pulling without them coming off. Would definitely order them again if I need too.

Love it (Anonymous)

You can flex and change these to fit your comfort/tension that you enjoy.
Shipping was amazing and I received overnight! Awesome

Love love love! (Mandy)

These look great and felt even better! Like others have said they are very intense but do loosen up a bit with use,

Ouchy nipples (Serena hedrich)

I like the idea of non piercing nipple rings, but these were a little too tight for my comfort. I will modify them a bit and they will be perfect.