Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps in Pink

Based On 18 Reviews

Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps in Pink

Based On 18 Reviews

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Pleasurable (Anonymous)

This has the right tightness and vibration !! Love this

Take these clips for a dip! (Brad)

My girl enjoys these clips a lot, the little vibes on the ends are quite strong. Love the fact that their waterproof. Made for some fun times in the pool!

Amazing (Anonymous)

Clamp nicely, don't fall off. The vibration is Phenomenal.

Product description

Providing a thrillingly pleasurable pinch along with steady, ultra stimulating vibration, Nipplettes lend lots of deviously unique sensation to all sort of playtime endeavors.

Completely wireless, each Nipplette can be perfectly adjusted to suit nipples of all sizes and levels of desired pinch intensity- a simple screw mechanism widens or decreases the space between two comfortably broad clamp tips. Once in place, a push button at the base of each activates one reliable, unrelenting mode of steady vibration.

In firm ABS plastic coated in velvety smoothness, the Nipplettes clean easily with simple soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation. Each 2.5" (6.4cm) clamp requires 3 LR44 cell batteries, which are included. Fully waterproof.

SKU: CE-2589-04-3 | UPC: 716770049391 | MPN: SE-2589-04-3 (32)

SKU: CE-2589-04-3 | UPC: 716770049391 | MPN: SE-2589-04-3 (32)

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Just what the Dr. ordered (Anonymous)

Good vibrations to the nipples. Clamps are adjustable.

Amazing (Stephanie)

Perfect tightness perfect vibration one of my favorites now

Great! (L)

I really enjoyed these, I think they are great for easing into the world of nipple clamps. The vibration is great, they could clamp a little harder but for the price they are definitely worth it!

Not bad (Anonymous)

Used these on my wife she enjoyed looked painful but she said it didn't hurt at all. I had them clipped on my rim and it was also nice it didn't hurt but stayed in place. Only reason not a five is vibration could be stronger

Good (Anonymous)

These are great, only issue I have is that they fall off somewhat easily

She loves them (Anonymous)

They have a pretty strong vibration, the only thing I could recommend is a little bit stronger clip. They tend to fall off pretty easy

amazing (phob)

Amazing. She loves having them. Also the vibration from them is quite strong as well. :)

Different (Anonymous)

Wife seems to enjoy the intensity

wow (Anonymous)

never really think about doing anything with the nips, but what a great little toy! So glad I ordered it! Stimulates
enough to get arousal for whatever
else you have in mind.

mechanic girl (Anonymous)

This was my first time using nipple clamps buy I was pleasantly surprised at how strong they actually are. I would definitely recommend these. And I can't wait to try them in the pool.

Worth the price of admission (Piglet44)

I LOVE my little vibing clips. For those that dont think the clamping is hard enough... i used some small elastics around it to make it really hard.

The only other issue is finding lots of the little batteries. Make sure you can get them by the case first

Pretty good (Anonymous)

The vibes were good but the clamp could be a little tighter.They seemed to work better the more we used them (where the spring connects to the clamp was a little tight so the plastic was rubbing together and kept it from closing tighter ).Maybe just had to be broken in .A fun toy.

Awful (Anonymous)

The spring on these clips is terrible and barely stuck to my finger let alone a nipple. The vibe motor is alright.

Should be 3.5 stars but better to err in favour (Kink)

Great product overall but.... a little weak on the vibe and to reiterate the above sentiment, "I would have liked it better with and (sic) aggressive clamp to it"
Of course it's simply - to each their own.

Nipple vibe (Anonymous)

This toy is great vary soft to the touch. The only reason for the 4 and not a 5 is that I would have liked it better with and aggressive clamp to it. The vibe part to it is vary stimulating.