Please Sir Flogger

Based On 30 Reviews

Please Sir Flogger

Based On 30 Reviews

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First time ever with a flogger, it seems light duty but this baby has sting!

She loves it!!!! (Anonymous)

Awesome flogger. My wife simply loves it.

anonymous (Anonymous)

so hot ,she loves it and so do I

Product description

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection

He skims the strands against my body at an aching, languorous pace. "Have you had enough yet, Ana?" Christian whispers in my ear. "Oh, please." I beg. The flogger's sweet sting bites into my behind. "please what?" I gasp. "Please, Sir."

A key piece from the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection, this gorgeous flogger more than satisfies Ana in a sizzling scene from the erotic novel trilogy of the year, and it's just the thing to bring to life some sweetly stinging fantasies of your own.

Sturdy and tightly braided at the handle, the 15 inch Please Sir is extremely maneuverable, providing a fantastic grip for precise wielding of the hefty handful of velvet-backed faux leather silver strands. Lightweight and comfortable, the Flogger can be trailed teasingly over sensitive skin body-wide, or flicked firmly for more of a bite.

SKU: FIFTY-819534 | UPC: 5060108819534 | MPN: 40181 (0)

SKU: FIFTY-819534 | UPC: 5060108819534 | MPN: 40181 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Great for light or rough play (J Wright)

The tails are soft enough for a nice tickling sensation and sturdy enough to leave a lasting sting if you get some nice momentum behind it. Also a nice surprise gift for any FSOG fan with the branding.

Actual product try out (Anonymous)

needs longer material straps

Small but ok (Coco)

Need to be more intimidating. Just for fun.

Small (Sabrina)

i found this very small, its better as a tickler then a flogger

Great quality (Anonymous)

Can't wait to use this more. It's my second whip and I love it

Fun Love (Adrienne)

I was very happy with my product.

we have been trying ways to open are love life and pinkCherry has always been there for us.

Ideal for all play (Anonymous)

Unlike many this is very classy in appearance and can be used softly over the skin for an incredible shiver down to delivering a sharp sting.

First flogger and it's fantastic (Anonymous)

Reasonable price, beautifully made, not for hard impact but a great starter flogger and it whips softly and feels great against the skin. For the beginner or for light play.

Pretty Decent (Anonymous)

Bought this as my fiance was interested in it. We tried it out and its pretty fun. Can have a lot of different sensations dependent on how hard/light it is used. The bundle of leather strips isn't as full as I had hoped for or had seen on similar products, but otherwise was a good product.

Good quality (Anonymous)

Well made and easy to control

light b&d toy (private)

nice looking flogger suitable for both light play, or harder if desired

Great flogger (Anonymous)

A nice toy, a little on the light weigh side but overall a great starter flogger to use and a decent quality so far. Fun to use

Recommend for beginners (Anonymous)

Good for beginners, but, longer strands and heavier would be better

in love! (Anonymous)

This is amazing! It tickles nicely but also leaves a decent sting if that's what your looking for. It's vary cute too! Perfect little size!

please sir, can I have some more? (Cassandra)

Good quality. It's good for lightly tickling and also can deliver a sting if you're looking for it.

Soft and Rough (Anonymous)

The perfect length for a loud crack but not too hard. The handle is sturdy and feels like it will last a long time.

Bigger would be better (Anonymous)

A good start for beginners who want to discover the joys of a flogger.
The only problem is the size and average quality.
The 50 shades of grey's riding crop is, in my opinion, far better!

50 Shades (Anonymous)

Hot and very soft

spanking good time (Anonymous)

Great deal, for such an awesome product! Will be using it for years to come :)

Flogger (2O7)

A 50 Shades of Grey product with the high quality the name implies. This light flogger it a delight to use on breasts and genitals.

Good and happy (Anonymous)

Great for the price and happy with the purchase. Adds to the bedroom fun. Happy with the quality

Happy Master (Happpy Master)

This is a great tool , My wife is begging for it.

awesome (Anonymous)


cheap (Anonymous)

Im kind of surprised at the rave reviews here... When I received this is was very cheap looking. The item is described as having "velvet-backed faux leather silver strands" which sounds slightly luxurious. However in reality it is just tacky plasticky fake leather with the fabric weaved backing. If you're looking for light play and are on a budget, this is fine. Not what I was expecting though.

A great starter piece (Yaeli)

This is a nice introductory play piece. For the price, it is very good value. It seems to be well constructed, like all of the FSOG items. The item itself is quite lightweight, and short which is in keeping with the novelty of the item. I would love a heavier piece, with longer fronds like the FSOG Red Room Collection flogger but could not justify the price. Until then this little beauty will have pride of place in my toy box.

Great for Beginners (Haley)

This was a great introduction into this type of play. I love how the range of the toy allowed us to start with light tickling and build up to something a little more exciting. Defo spicing things up in the bedroom!

Great for light or hard play (Anonymous)

This was the first item of this type that we purchased and I'm impressed. It can deliver a quick light sting or a lasting one. Also feels great just being ran over your skin