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Was There Always A Connection Between Sex and Lingerie?

Nothing sets the mood for a night of hot sex like lingerie. The choices are endless – racy and daring teddies, sultry babydolls and chemises, curve-hugging corsets and bustiers, bold and beautiful bra and panty sets and whatever else you need to drive your partner wild. Shop our selection of sexy lingerie and find pieces to surprise and delight your lover.

Sexy lingerie is not a modern development by any means. But, lingerie as we know it today had a more functional purpose in the past. The earliest forms of lingerie can be traced back to ancient Greece. Women back then would wear pieces of cloth that was wrapped around the breasts and secured with pins in the back. It was pretty much the first version of a bra. This next part gets a little crazy. Luscious lady lumps weren't shown much love in ancient Rome. Larger breasts were considered to be unattractive back then. In an effort to minimize them, women wore tight support garments to reduce the size of fuller breasts. These garments would also be worn during athletic and dance events, so at least there was one plus to this restrictive way of thinking.

Chemises popped up during Roman times and became even more popular in the Middle Ages as men and women wore them to protect their garments from sweat and body oils. Despite being around for about 4,000 years, corsets also soared in popularity during the Middle Ages because they created the illusion of having larger breasts and a smaller waistline. Corsets are believed to be the first undergarment that was designed for looks instead of just practicality. During the Victorian era, corsets became must-have pieces for both women and men. One popular version was the S-curve corset. It was designed to push the breasts forward and arch the chest back to make the hips more prominent. They weren't the easiest to wear, but they were all the rage back then, especially with wealthy women. But corsets started to lose their appeal in the United States once bras were introduced in 1914 — specifically during World War I when the War Department made a plea for women to stop buying corsets so the steel used to make them could go towards the war effort.

Crotchless panties weren't used as sexy lingerie back in the day. Instead, they were designed to make it easier for women to use the bathroom. Ladies wore a lot of garments and undergarments back in the 18th and 19th centuries – corsets, petticoats, skirts and chemises. The process was quite a struggle. With crotchless panties, women could just peel back the layers and pop a squat. Not the sexiest thing to think about, but very necessary.

There you have it. Those are just a few interesting tidbits in regard to the origins of lingerie. It's very interesting to see how far things have come over the centuries. And when you browse our selection of sexy, sweet and kinky lingerie, you can shake up every encounter and give your partner many nights that are sure to go down in history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Sex Lingerie

As you shop our sexy lingerie collection, you might have a question – or 10. That's perfectly fine. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the pieces we offer.


How Do The Sizes Run for Your Sexy Lingerie?

We have pieces that cover a wide range of sizes. The best way to know if the sexy or kinky lingerie you're interested in is the right fit is by checking the size chart that is listed for the product. Keep in mind that we carry standard sizes as well as curvy-size sexy lingerie. Double-check the measurements before you order to ensure that you'll get the right size.


What Kind of Kinky Lingerie Do You Have?

Kink is in the eye of the beholder. You might be going for the naughty nurse look, or you might want to be a total Domme. That's the beauty of shopping at PinkCherry. We have sexy lingerie for every mood. Shop around and explore the categories on the left side of the page to see all of our scandalous and kinky lingerie options.


What's the Best Way to Clean My Sexy Lingerie?

We always recommend following the care instructions on the label to keep your lingerie looking and feeling good. But if you don't have one or you removed the tag before wearing it, here are a few tips:

  • For very lacy or delicate pieces, wash the garment by hand with gentle detergent in room-temperature water. You can even let it soak for a few minutes before working the suds through the fabric. Then, rinse with cool water and allow the piece to air dry.
  • For panties, if they are extremely sheer or have a lot of details like ruffles or trim, wash them by hand. Nylon or silk panties can be machine-washed with gentle detergent in a lingerie bag. To ensure they don't rip or stretch out, allow your panties to air dry.
  • Tights, thigh highs and bodystockings need to be washed by hand. To do this, you can fill the sink with cool or room-temperature water and add gentle detergent to it. Allow your hosiery/bodystocking to soak for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water and allow the garment to air dry.

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From panties and crotchless thongs to cheeky role play lingerie sets, luscious bustiers and to-die-for babydolls, we've got it all. Up your sexy lingerie game by selecting a category from the drop-down menu. Search for your perfect pair of stockings, discover the next big thing in teddies, or find some booty-boasting boxers for the dude in your life. Once you're in, you can refine your lingerie search by bestseller, featured, new arrivals or price. We've also separated our selection into standard and curvy lingerie sizing, so it's always easy to find your perfect fit. Happy hunting and if you need assistance in your search, contact us.