Galileo Glass Butt Plug

Based On 25 Reviews

Galileo Glass Butt Plug

Based On 25 Reviews

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LOVE THIS PLUG!! (Anonymous)

This plug feels amazing. It is a bit larger than I anticipated when ordering, but I was very pleasantly surprised upon inserting this gem in my ass. The bulb is just large enough to really feel it going in but no pain. The stem wowww I can’t say enough about how full and open I feel. The weight is fantastic. I love that it’s so super easy to clean and the fact that it can easily be warmed or cooled before inserting. I’ve never loved anal as much as after this baby comes out and a rock hard cock goes in.

Very Nice (Anonymous)

Great glass butt plug--well made--and looks good in my girlfriends butt.

Wonderfully full (Anonymous)

This is the largest plug I've ever used. It's big enough to give a great stretch, but not too big to hurt. It's heavy, which feels great, and it holds me wide open wide while it's inside so I never forget it's there. It feels wonderful and forces a nice sway in my walk when I'm wearing it. I've already worn it to bed and all day more than once. My new favourite accessory :)

Product description

A handcrafted piece of pure luxury, the Galileo Butt Plug hails from an incredibly beautiful line of handmade, hand-blown glass offerings, each created individually and designed thoughtfully. Presenting a perfect opportunity for anal players to experience not only the unique pleasures of backdoor penetration, but also the incomparably sensation of glass, this mid-sized plug suits a wide array of experience levels and stimulation desires.

Classically shaped, and scaled down to a manageable size, the Galileo features a gradually increasing taper flowing from a softly pointed tip- glass' notable firmness allows for extremely precise control over insertion and manipulation, a definite advantage for beginners. Inexorably widening the anal opening and staying sturdily in place once positioned, an extra wide base finishes a longer neck, eliminating the possibility of too-deep penetration.

Aside from its incredibly slick, pleasantly weighty, and decidedly smooth texture, glass is also incomparably hygienic, it's perfectly nonporous and absolutely seamless, presenting numerous possibilities for cleansing. The Galileo can be safely boiled or bleached for total sterilization, which makes sharing possible, plus, it wipes clean with simple soap and water or a good toy cleaner. For an extra simple approach, it can even be run through the dishwasher. Glass is also amazingly receptive to temperature, warming naturally to meet body heat on contact, and able to be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to play, if desired.

Ideal for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, glass is hypoallergenic and non-irritating, plus, it can be enjoyed with any type lubricant, massage oil or otherwise. To keep your Glas piece blissfully functional over the long-term, simply store carefully, and avoid abrasive surfaces that could scratch or chip the surface.

  • Length: 3.5"
  • Insertable Length: 3"
  • Girth: 5.5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Color: Black, Gold

SKU: EE-063408 | UPC: 4890808063408 | MPN: GLAS-76 (20)

SKU: EE-063408 | UPC: 4890808063408 | MPN: GLAS-76 (20)

Ratings / Reviews

Filling (Anonymous)

Second glass plug purchased. This particular one had just the right length and girth for that perfect "filled" feeling. Great for all day wearing.

Good price, quality product (BadBob)

This is a high quality piece at a very affordable price. I was worried that glass might not be the way to go, but I must admit it works better than any other material. It stays lubed longer than rubber or pvc and never irritates.
I plan on replacing my whole collection with glass.

Big and beautiful (Anonymous)

I love this company's plugs for the very pretty design and the fantastic quality. The Galileo plug is definitely not for beginners and I strongly recommend getting a smaller plug to prepare yourself for the size of this one. It's a little strange to walk around wearing it due to the weight and size but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon. It doesn't need nearly as much lube as silicone plugs to go in and I find it to be much more comfortable. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Great feel! (Anonymous)

Love how smoothly this slides in and out. I have now changed to only glass plugs. Great for everything but a little big for double penetration.also ascetically pleasing to look at.

Feeling it out (Kar_wreck)

I have been unsuccessful getting this into my ass so far, but I'm enjoying the practice.

Love Everything About It!! (Anni)

It takes some effort to get it inserted, but once it is it's a perfect fit!!! I love when my boyfriend makes me wear it in public it doesn't move around and keeps me stretch out perfectly and always ready for him!! Best anal toy I've ever purchased!

Perfect! (Anonymous)

This plug is just about perfect! The nice long stem and big round bulb help this plug stay in place for longer term wear. Surprisingly comfy given the thickness of the stem.

As others have said, the colouring is nothing like the photos, just some light blue swirls around the bulb and a black base and stem. But it still looks great IMO.

Comfortable Fit! (Annie)

This is my first glass butt plug and I have zero regrets buying it!! Takes a little work and patience to insert but once In it has a very nice snug fit!! My partner has made me wear it in public and it stays nicely in place. And the feeling of having it inserted while having vaginal intercours is mind blowing!!

Perfect but not as pretty (Anonymous)

Perfect for it's intended use, but it's not as pretty as it is in the pictures or on the box. The design is quite pale and sparse. Otherwise perfect.

feeling good (Anonymous)

I use two different size glass plugs before this one' and then I feel like the only thing that could feel like it is the real thing

Great plug! (Anonymous)

I have to get warmed up by using a smaller tapered plug, but after that it's the perfect size! It's at the point where it almost feels like it's going to be too big, then it pops in!

wonderfully filling (johnny)

This is definitely not a beginner plug. I managed to finally get this plug in me on my third session. The sensation when it finally slipped home was incredible and the feeling of being filled completely was awesome. I had the most incredible orgasm jerking to my favorite fap.

The problem I had was trying to get it out when I was done. I could not get it to pop out of me. I tried for almost an hour to no avail. I finally had to drive myself to emergency to get it removed. What a humiliating experience.... good thing my wife was out of town.

WonderFULL and heavy (Anonymous)

The bulb is quite large and feels amazing upon entry. Just enough pressure without being painful when inserting. It's thick stem keeps me feeling wide wide open and ready for what comes next. It stays in place without sliding out and the base is comfortable. Requires much less lube than silicone plugs which is a plus! Play with warm vs cold for extra sensations. Also because of the thick stem, a little twisting action and it's better than an expensive anal juicer (and no handle to get in the way). This beauty is worth every penny.

Great product (Anonymous)

I absolutely love glass toys especially ones used in the rear! Easy to clean! This plug is large, I actually said "Oh boy" when I opened the box! This is perfect for what I need but not everyone will need a plug this large! I love it and am certain it will meet my needs!

Wow. glass and classy (Anonymous)

this was an awesome purchase. smooth, cool-looking, and big without being intimidating. The base was a bit worrisome initially, but it stayed in place nicely. good for extended play, and incredible fun.

Satisfaction! (Anonymous)

Not only is this plug comfortable it is a work of art as it sits on my desk. I would like something a little deeper but that will be another toy.

Satisfied! (Anonymous)

I bought this as an upgrade from the large Crystal Premium Glass plug in charcoal. It's definitely heavier but it stays in place really well and it's very comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Also, it's super easy to clean. Only downer is that it's not as colourful as the picture.

Anonymous (Anonymous)

Definitely not a beginners plug,good quality ,worth the price ,it gives me a wonder"full" feeling,I love the pizazz it gives me upon entry,the coldness is a rush in itself an all around good sturdy plug ,happy with my purchase

Nice and heavy (Ghost)

Beautiful, heavy and simple to clean; it's now a favourite in my collection. I wouldn't recommend this to amateurs or for long usage unless you're really feeling adventurous.The best picture to gauge the size by eye is the one where it's being held in the hand.

There was some light fingerprints on the item but just give it a good wash before use (like all your toys, I hope.)

Love it !!! (Becky)

I love this plug. It is the first one that i have ever owned. Very comfortable, and easy to keep clean. :)

Heavy! (Anonymous)

This plug is bigger than I anticipated, meaning it is nowhere near a beginner's toy. Insertion is half the fun with a plug this firm, and it's comfortable to remove. As mentioned above, I wouldn't recommend wearing it especially long, simply because of the weight.

Cute little heavy plug (Anonymous)

The picture is deceiving, the length of the plug is short but the bulb is quite large comparatively. I wouldn't recommend it for long wear as it holds you open very wide because the stem is wider than normal plugs. Otherwise, it's really heavy and does make you feel pleasurably full!